7/15 Cubs lineup

Cubs’ lineup Sunday vs. Diamondbacks:

DeJesus CF

Castro SS

Rizzo 1B

Soriano LF

LaHair RF

Clevenger C

Barney 2B

Valbuena 3B

Garza P

— Carrie Muskat


Come on Soriano!!!!! …… deadline is appraching!!!

Barney’s new bat is working!!! And his errorless streak approaches
75 games. Go Dar.

Most likely teams Cubs could be going to….

Dempster – Red Sox, Tigers, White Sox, Braves
Garza – Tigers, Angels, Yankees, Braves
Maholm – Nationals, Orioles, Giants
Marmol – Rangers, Giants, Tigers
Soriano – Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers, Indians, Rays
Johnson – Marlins, Braves
Barney – Tigers, Giants
LaHair – Pirates, Dodgers
Soto – Rays, Pirates

Do not believe those Dodgers report……Dodgers do not have the prospects to land Dempster.

Cubs have two Gems for many teams that need top notch pitching for the playoffs……Cubs need top notch prospects in return.

Not sure why the Cubs would trade Barney as he already fits the profile of players they are seeking. Young, GOOD, inexpensive and controllable. Add the fact that he and Castro are coming into their own as a very good up the middle tandem it makes more sense to leave him at second for years to come along with Castro and Rizzo. IF he is traded I’m sure Hoystein will get some good value in return but Barney will be missed…along with Johnson who I think is pretty much the only veteran outfielder on the Cubs I would want around any new YOUNG outfielders as he plays the game smart, hard and full out, i.e. NOT afraid of banging into the wall while taking extra base hits away in contrast to the “errorless” Soriano who has yet to be bruised by the brick or scratched by the ivy….just playing the balls as they come off the wall and “impressing” the GULLABLE into thinking he is a GOOD outfileder because he does not commit errors while allowing batters to get on base. BUT…he’s got a ROCKET FOR AN ARM!!!! Givem’ the gold glove NOW and increase his trade value to a desperate team.

Who wants to keep Barney? I do, I do, I do. We would be insane to
trade him. He, Castro and Rizzo are great together. AND his bat is
warming up really nicely.


If someone wants Barney in a trade that the Cubs can cash in on…then do it.

Barney will be 29 nest season.

I dont think they’ll trade him, and hopefully not!!!

Barney will be 27 next season – not 29!

27, 28 or 29 next season….he’s a good player and controllable, doesn’t break the bank and eleviates the concern for finding yet another infielder. It’s enough that third base is a black hole and it took took too long to get Rizzo up here at 1B. Leave Barney at second base and move on to filling the REST of the roster especially the outfield and THIRD BASE which is the real problem as we are getting next to no run production from run producing positions. Barney is meeting expectations both offensivley and defensivley. Time for Soriano, DeJesus and yes (I hate to say it but…) even LaHair to make room for some LEGIT OUTFIELDERS. No more “Byrds” or “DeJesuses” or “Soriaos” need apply.


If Theo can get extra top prospects if he throws in Barney in a Garza or Dempster trade….he should do it.

No he shouldn’t do it! I say he Should just trade Soriano & Dempster

I thought we were building a new young team of which Barney is a huge
part. Trading him makes NO sense at all. 75 errorless games to date.
Bat coming alive! We need to keep our young talented players.

i think there’s probably no black/white answer for keeping or trading barney. i like barney too: he plays great defense, does the little things well, seems to be a good teammate and hits well enough. plus he’s young. the FO knows these things about him as well, but if there’s some uber-prospect (say a 3rd baseman) that they can pry loose in a package with somebody else by including barney, they may be forced to do it. ultimately it’s easier to replace a player like barney than to get a young, high-ceiling, top-impact talent at a position like 3rd. having said that, prospects don’t always live up to their potential, and there’s something to be said for keeping major league talent when you’ve got it…

if someone wants garza/demp and barney for a couple of their top spects then do it! Barney is replacable… he will not win the GG… end of story…. GULLABLE huh joey? No not really I just don’t hold onto things for dear life when the games and stats say different. You on the other hand think you know something the stats aren’t showing…. he’s played hurt and yet still improved his defense…. you keep saying fluke but its been over half the season is it still a fluke? I don’t… I call it IMPROVEMENT

Anyone who wants to trade Barney can then watch him use his flawless
defense against the Cubs. He could hit a few game winning home runs to
top it off. Let’s keep him.

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