7/16 Trade rumors

The Trade Deadline is July 31 and there are plenty of rumors regarding the Cubs. FOX Sports’ Jon Paul Morosi reports the Dodgers and Tigers are among the teams most interested in Ryan Dempster. Dempster, 35, currently leads the Major Leagues with a 1.86 ERA, and has thrown 11 scoreless innings since coming off the disabled list. Morosi also is reporting the Blue Jays had two scouts at Sunday’s Cubs game to watch Matt Garza, 28, who threw seven shutout innings against the Diamondbacks. The Dodgers, Tigers, Rangers and Angels also are believed to be interested. Cubs GM Jed Hoyer said he’s been getting more phone calls, but the team isn’t going to move the pitchers unless they receive young talent in return that can have an impact.

— Carrie Muskat


If the Cubs cannot get the talent in return for Dempster or Garza, no problem. Dempster stays with the Cubs, and if he signs elsewhere, Cubs get a draft pick. More money in the draft pool.

Garza has another year with the Cubs before he files for free agency. Same with him as to draft picks.

Theo & Jed will not give away our guys. If the Tigers don’t want to pay the price, then let them watch the playoffs at home in October. Tigers spent allot on Prince, and Tigers fans will be angry if their GM does not pull the trigger on a Garza trade.

Demp and Barney to detroit for Nick Castellenos + fillers………. Garza, B. Jackson, Vitters + fillers for Dbacks’ Justin Upton………… those are 2 deals I want to see get done. Then if we can pawn Soriano off on someone to save a couple million I would do it.

You do realize that Dempster is pitching extremely well and Barney is a top of the line defensive 2nd baseman with developing offensive skills right? One player and fillers? There is no way anyone will make that deal. And if Garza is everything everyone makes him out to be (I really don’t agree) then he should be enough for Upton and a couple lower level prospects.

By the way, I didn’t mean to sound snide. I just strongly disagree with the suggestions.

You do realize Dempster is a FA after this year. Trading him now is the best thing the FO could do because 1) His value is the highest it ever has been right now 2) more teams are fighting for the new playoff spots 3) WE ARE GOING NO WHERE THIS YEAR!!!!!!! having him now means nothing and doesn’t give Demp the chance to pitch for a contender 4) if we trade Demp now and get something for him we can still resign him this offseason for next year……. thats a no brainer Mat come on….. Barney is a great defender but average offensively if Demp and Barney net us NC who is projected to be a ABOVE AVERAGE 3B plus 2 or 3 arms with potential its worth it. Barney is replaceable. As for the Garza trade you do realize Justin Upton would be under control for 3 more years unless he wanted a new deal to waive his NTC while Garza hits arb next year one last time. Justin is only 24 and has been over 5 war in a season thats VERY valuable ESPECIALLY when he comes in as a good value. Again we don’t need Garza this year we pack it in and try to get that #1 draft pick next year while buying some TOR pitching this offseason.

I didn’t say don’t trade them. I just want more than one player + fillers for an everyday 2nd baseman and a 1 or 2 starter. Again, I’m not as sold on the value of Garza as everyone else is, but if he is that valuable I want more than one player, especially when you give up two of the Cubs top prospects + fillers. That’s all I’m saying.

You want to give up a # 1 or 2 starter (Garza) a potential starting 3rd baseman, a potential starting outfielder, and more throw in players to land a right fielder who has 7 home runs & 37 RBIs in 299 at bats and has 3 errors in half a season in right field. I just can’t justify that trade, especially after what Garza cost the Cubs.

Matt, like your thinking. Can’t see trading Barney with the defense he’s been playing. I also believe that his batting average will finish higher. It seems like we are going to trade players that are performing at a high level for unproven players who will take time to jell.It is going to take two to three years to rebuild this team. it is exciting to see the Cubs bring along some of this young talent. Go Cubs!!

Matt, you are all over this, completley agree about all you said about Upton not being worth ALL of those players. Upton is good but hasn’t shown anything GREAT this year to justify even targeting him. You are spot on and show much sense.

I just looked a little further into Upton’s stats. He has had seasons with 12 and 13 THIRTEEN errors. Good Lord that would make Soriano look like a gold glover. Tom, I don’t want to give up Barney either, but if it happens, it happens, and hopefully down the road it would work. I just hope the front office decides he is more valuable to the Cubs as a Cub.

As for the Upton trade, it (luckily) won’t happen even if the Cubs would give up the entire roster. Upton has a limited no-trade clause. The 4 teams on the blocking list are the Red Sox, Yankees, Indians and… CUBS.
And Dempster stated in a recent interview he wouldn’t mind signing with the Cubs again in the offseason, even if he would be traded now. So we might get some (pitching) prospects in a trade AND get Dempster back while the prospects do their time (the Epstein/Hoyer 1year “rule”) in the minors.

Dempster declaring he wouldn’t mind signing with the Cubs in the offseason is probably not helping increasing the quality of who we get in return for him in a trade.
The trading partner realizing that Dempster has deep ties with the Cubs may lead them to believe he may be hard to sign as a free agent and they may not want to risk hi-level prospects. Probably a team that is CONFIDENT of going deep in the playoffs by acquiring Dempster will tade good prospects but teams just CHANCING getting IN the playoffs may hold back.

uptons 24…. still has a lot to learn… if there is any concern it should be his shoulder issue…….. but you find me another available 24 yr RF that has put up over 12 WAR after 5 full seasons. He is a special talent and his limited NTC can be waived if Upton chooses. And with how unhappy he and the Dbacks are I would guess there is a chance he would waive that. Then our future OF looks like Soler, Almora, Upton…. that has some ridiculous POTENTIAL……. as for loosing Vitters and Jackson…. sure these guys look decent in our farm system but Vitters is average to slightly above average projection at 3B with his defense being horrible. Surprised you guys aren’t jumping all over him for that. Jackson is k’ing at a ridiculous rate right now and looks like he could end up Pena 2.0 (at the plate at least)….. sorry but I don’t want that. If you get back one of the top 3B prospects (Nick Castellenos)and some arms with potential that helps our team out. Barney can be replaced……….

So, you’re ok with Upton committing 13 errors in the outfield, but you’re not ok with Vitter’s defense? We’ve lived with Soriano’s poor defense for the last several years in left field. I don’t want to have to deal with the same thing in the other corner.

am I ok with a 23 yr old making 13 errors? Yes why? Because one he is only 23, two his production at the plate far out weighs his production in the field which is why he had a WAR of 5.7 the year he had 14 errors… and also why he finished 4th in the MVP vote and also he won a freaking silver slugger award…….. did I mention he is only 24???????????? Vitters defense hurts his value (WAR) much more than Upton. Its not that hard to figure out……… its called stats…. try to use them sometime

Teams won’t be trading for Dempster to keep him long term…. him maybe coming back to the Cubs has nothing to do with his value. The team trading for him is just going to use him as a rental and they know that. The value will be the same. The cubs will pay most of his contract so it won’t cost that team much. The value of Dempster could actually be HIGHER than previous years due to the fact there is more playoff spots.

Upton is going to be a pirate by the end of the month. It is important to remain patient and remember to view these trades while keeping in mind that this season is a wash. Here’s reality in my mind. Dempster will be moved but, will be a cub again by opening day 2013. Garza is gone and will bring a couple of prospects as others see his actual value too. Soriano is the only question mark in my mind. Will he be moved or not? It would make sense to get what you can for him in the way of young talent. Remember this team is being built slowly. Soler in front of the ivy is still a ways off and MANY deals will take place before then.

Matt B is correct AGAIN. VERY correct.

what was he right on? im lost? nothing? ok

o wait you are right why would we want a silver slugger or an MVP type player in our OF….. shut up dude…

You’re so kind. I’ll make two more points. The Cubs gave up a pitcher who has just made his MLB debut and he looks pretty good. They gave up one of their three top catching prospects, the organization’s minor league player of the year, and a player who in spite of everyone saying he isn’t an impact player, had quite an impact for Tampa his first season there. Ask any Tampa fan what they think about Fuld. Secondly, Upton’s numbers are very comparable to Soriano’s. I bet if we go back and look at all your past posts, we’ll find lots and lots of complaints about Soriano. Oh, and I won’t tell you to shut up. I’ll let you remain at your level by yourself. Have a great night and GO CUBS!

Alright I lied. I’ve got more. I thought we were engaging in healthy debate. If your best response to my very valid points is “shut up dude” well then I’ve won this battle of wits. You are right on one thing. You are lost.

Mat B. you are right AGAIN! awesome stuff you have. But welcome to my world, I couldn’t tell who petrey10 was addressing…you or me? Either way thanks for bringing up very valid points regarding the “pursuit” of Upton AND not stooping to the level of insulting anybodyas petrey10 is inclined to do on a regular basis. Nice job.
Oh, in case I didn’t make my point to you Mat B…..YOU ARE CORRECT AGAIN🙂
Hey, everyody is entitled to fawn over their favorite player and push to acquire that player, hell Jim Hendry was so enamored with Bradley and….ah…why go there?

one I made my point by replying to your first post…. its called the reply button…….. two what the heck does your first point have anything to do with the Upton situation? That we used up a lot of our spects to get Garza? Sure we did which is why we would trade garza to get some value back. Did you seriously compare Upton to Soriano? WOW they aren’t even close to same player. Even IF they were I would take Soriano in his prime because he had more production from his bat to OFFSET the defense. Look at the stat called WAR… the AVERAGE MLer is around 2.0…. anything OVER that is above average. You know how I know you know nothing about what you speak of???? Because you brought Sam Fuld into the equation implying how the Rays like him? You mean the Sam Fuld who hasn’t played one freaking game in the ML in 2012? You mean the Sam Fuld who is hitting .143 in AAA? I mean man how can the Rays hold Sam back liek that? Man they must just love that guy hitting .143!! We lost that battle didn’t we? For about a month of a flash in the pan ? Give me a break …..

All right, I’d like to move toward a truce here. We’re both Cub fans and want the best for the team. We just disagree on what that would be. I do believe that you would concede that the Cubs paid a stiff price for Garza, and the trade you propose would be a very steep price to pay for Upton. As far as Fuld is concerned, I said nothing about contributing this year. But, if you ask any Tampa fan, I believe they would concede that they would have been dead in the water early in the season in his first year there without him. So, Petrey, peace and again, Go Cubs!

NICE (and civil) try Mat B. A dead horse is a dead horse. Oh, by the way…YOU ARE RIGHT AGAIN!!! Keep em’ coming….

haha whatever man i am not conceding anything…. ask any tampa fan and they would say Fuld who???? The Garza trade worked out perfectly see where all those guys are now……….. not one of them has much value… it may have been a few of our good spects but our farm was junk then. BIG DEAL. Thats also why you build a great farm so you can make the big trades for talent just like Garza. Name me one team that won a WS with the majority of their players being homegrown in the past 10 or 15 years…… NOT TO MANY…….. let alone build a dynasty that way.

OK I’m done. Tell your family I’m terribly sorry you didn’t survive to maturity.

lol a good argument with solid points equals immaturity..? I must be way mature than cause all I ever seem to get out is rabble rabble rabble.

mariano rivera, derek jeter, bernie williams, jorge posada, andy pettite…i’m sure there were a few more homegrown players during that time when the yanks were winning championships too. not saying they didn’t add free agents; the point is that it takes a mix. you can’t just buy the whole team, and it’s pretty hard to do it all from the farm system too.
with the exception of pudge rodriguez, i think that 2003 marlins team was mostly homegrown too. that’s just off the top of my head, though i realize that’s not really the main thrust of this argument anyway.

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