7/17 Ryan Dempster rumors

ESPN’s Buster Olney reports the Red Sox are aggressively pursuing Ryan Dempster. As a player with 10 years in the Majors, and five with one team, Dempster has the power to veto a trade. He’s drawing a lot of interest from teams looking to fortify their rotation, including the Dodgers and Yankees. The Cubs are looking for top prospects in return. We’ll have to wait and see if Theo Epstein can make a deal with his former assistant GM, Ben Cherington.

But WEEI.com in Boston reported Tuesday that Major League sources say Dempster isn’t on the Red Sox’s wish list. Dempster also is a pure rental, which could influence what teams are willing to give up in exchange for th right-hander. Players must be with a team for an entire season in order to qualify for draft-pick compensation, so if Dempster is traded, the team that acquires him won’t get Draft picks if he leaves after this season. This is the last year of Dempster’s contract, and he will be a free agent.

FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reports the Cubs are exchanging names with teams interested in Dempster, and lists the Dodgers, Tigers, Braves and Red Sox as teams in the hunt. Rosenthal also reports the Red Sox are interested in Matt Garza, although the price for him will be high. Garza is under club control through next season. He has a career 23-15 record, 3.34 ERA vs. AL East teams.

What do you think? Should the Cubs deal Dempster?

— Carrie Muskat


Wish they didn’t have to, but this year is a bust already so why not get a couple prospects for him and try and sign him to a deal after the season for the last few years of his career. He’s a heck of a pitcher and from what i read a heck of a clubhouse guy. Should do him the same honors they did for Kerry Wood.

I totally agree, hate doing it but its best for the team and if they can sign him in the off season, its a win win.

It’s too bad his best year ever as a Major League pitcher is coming during a very down year for the Cubs in the Win/Loss column. I have the greatest respect for Dempster and really will hate to see him go… but I’m pretty sure his fate is sealed in that regard. I just hope we get something of great value in return. And, since he’s going to be a free agent they can always bring him back.

Dempster is indeed having one of his best years, but it’s not as if he was this good all his Cub career. Trade him for any prospects while he is coincedentally and magically putting it all together. Next year a different Dempster might show up. Let’s be logical and consider his great season an unexpected blessing to acquire some young talent.

Dempster is in his last/walk away year of his contract. He’s 35. And although he’s been a strong #2 or #3 starter since ’08 as well as a great stabilizing force for the Cubs rotation and staff, as a team, the Cubs need to move forward. And he is only one player. Deal him for the best offer. But I am not sure what kind of offer — level of talent (A, AA, or AAA) — you get for a “pure rental”. Anyone have a relevant precedent?

I would keep Dempster. He can be a great mentor and influence upon the rest of the staff, especially young guys.

Yes, Dempster can teach the young guys the proper way of giving a shave cream pie in the face.

Demp still has 3-4 years in him, even though he’s getting lots of gray in that beard of his. This season proves he still has plenty of gas in the tank. I think the Cubs should re-sign him and keep a veteran ace in the lineup until more proven talent can rise from the minors.

Cannot get value for Dempster, then keep him. Why help out the Yankees or Red Sox if they do not give back quality value for Dempster. If Dempster leaves after this season, the Cubs get an additional draft pick and more money in the draft pool. Better that than getting garbage from the Yanks or BoSox.

Dallas Green once said ” to get value, you need to give up value”

As for Garza value, same thing.

Theo should not be in a panic mode. Let the playoff teams get into that mode in another week. maybe one of them will put a claim on Soriano in August and Theo can let him go then.

The trading market is waiting on the Cubs and who they get in return on Dempster and Garza. Let them wait even more..

one or 2 draft picks is not as valuable as the haul we will get for Demp or Garza…. Theo will make sure of this because they do actually think deals through. Theo is not in panic mode where in that article says panic? THey want to deal Demp first to set the market and then deal Garza for even more. Also Soriano can also be traded in August because his contract will not get claimed on waivers………. we got PLENTY of time for a SOriano trade…… i think you might be the one in panic mode…… and hey if we make a deal that makes this club worse then ya we will get the #1 pick and more money to spend in the draft so really its win win

I agree with Jim Ritter. I recall when Demps was a reliever and sometimes brought his gas can to the mound the way Marmol frequently does these days. Ryan`s proclivity to issue walks gave me heartburn. I can recall one game at Shea Stadium in which he blew a 1-0 lead in the 9th due to his inability to locate the strike zone. Yes, now is the time to trade Demps if such a trade will bring top prospects like pitcher Zach Lee of the Dodgers` farm system . I`m wishing Garza can bring catcher Travis d`Arnaud from the Blue Jays. He`s a “can`t miss” prospect.

Thinking the 35 year old Dempster is part of the Cubs future is ALMOST as bad as thinking the same about Soriaono. Regardless of how good Dempster has been SO FAR this season the reality is he is having a remarkably UNEXPECTED season to date and Hoystein needs to take advantage of Dempster “showing up” at the right time….TO TRADE HIM FOR ANY REASONBLE YOUNG TALENT WHILE THE OPPORTUNITY PRESENTS ITSELF. If Dempster repeated his average year, he wouldn’t be in demand as a short term rental anyway.

As much as I would hate to see him go, trading Dempster now makes sense if we can get anything good in return. Anything. And there’s always the possibility of bringing him back as a free agent. Rent him to a contender. bring him back if possible. Get something worthwhile as “rental fee”.

Hey. This whole GM thing is simple, right? Heh.

Switching gears, how about we get a hold Cin. and offer them a “LH” power bat, who can play 1st and the out field. Looks like they could use someone like that.

Dempster is gone now, or later. He is not going to be in Cubs gear next year.
Nice guy, but see ya…

Not sure who you mean….LaLet me think :O) No chance CIN gives up anything (or enough) for LaHair as Votto is back for 9 more years in a few weeks. But I like the idea of dealing LaHair as an all star (maybe after the STL series)

Well they have no left handed bats, but Bruce. I not saying we will get a ton in return, but LaHair is no more part of the long term gig than is Dempster. He fits as a role player for the reds because he can spell Votto and play the corner OF spots. ?? Just thinking out loud.

i can see trading Dempster as he is getting up there in age and like some have said he is pitching very good right now but the season is well from being over yet but i see no reason for trading Garza he is still young yet and i think it would be a BIG mistake to trade him for a few rookies who might never even make it to the majors for years to come besides who are they going to get to pitch with both of them gone the cubs have no one else but rookies with both of them gone Wells and Coleman are NOT the answers.

Although I was a big LaHair fan, he does seem to have settled into the “not quite good enough” area many ball players find themselves in. The Cubs gave him a shot and he failed to sieze the opportunity. Doug makes perfect sense in suggesting a trade to the Reds as a 3 week fill-in for Votto and then a role player at 1B and the outfield. If he has to go, the Reds may be the team with the most need for an inexpensive band-aid.

Yes as long as they get something decent in return for him. hes 35 and this season he is remarkable but again hes 35 we need youth not fan favorites.

Youth doesn’t always produce results though, and results are what I personally look for. We have lot’s of young prospects on the rise in our own farm system right now and I would have a hard time getting rid of Dempster at this stage just to add a few more “prospects” that may or may not amount to anything. Dempster has at least 3 good years left in him and if he keeps pitching like he has, I don’t see a huge upside to dealing him at this point.

but think of this way…. prospects also buy great ML talent…… how do you think these contenders are getting Demp and Garza? By trading the minor league talent……. when the Cubs are ready to contend they should have the farm stocked up enough to be able to trade for a big piece to the puzzle IF they need to. As of right now we don’t have the farm to really do much of anything.

I know this may be a bit old fashioned, but if there is a player on the current Cub roster who is a Cub, in the same mold as Ron Santo or Ernie Banks, it’s Ryan Dempster. Somewhere there needs to be a notice of the loyalty and spirit that a player gives the team and the team needs to respond in kind. Dempster is a CUB and if there is any respect for tradition left in this world should continue to be a CUB.

We as fans gotta take a step back and let the FO do their job. They will build us a contending team its just gonna take some planning. As of right now we hardly have any payroll on the books for 2014 and beyond……… we are going to have about 50 mill or so to spend this offseason if we so choose………. they are going to build us a contender just sit back and watch them do their thing

No they should hang on at least thru this week. I’m tellin’ you – with Votto out for at least a month, THE CUBS STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO MAKE THE PLAY-OFFS. Another 11 out of 15 streak, and they are right back in the race.. MARK MY WORDS !!!

it would be pretty funny if Cub’s FO just doesn’t get strong enough comp for our aces that we just end up keeping everyone.

We should keep Dempster and Garza. Keep our winning streak going
with our aces. Without them we could end up right back in the cellar

i just don’t understand this type of thinking. you are giving importance to something totally meaningless in the bigger scope of things–whether the cubs finish fifth or sixth–and ignoring all the long term potential benefit that trading dempster and garza brings. not only might the prospects we get from these guys help the cubs win in the future (how about first in the division instead of fifth? does that sound nice?), but in case you’re not aware of this, the worse a teams record, the higher their draft position in the next years draft. so in some ways, if you’re not going to make the playoffs, losing a lot of games is better than finishing only a few games under .500. do you know how the nationals were able to draft bryce harper and stephen strasburg? it was because they absolutely sucked for a couple years and got high draft picks. epstein and hoyer are well aware of what ‘rebuilding’ truly means, and many of us are grateful to have people in charge who are realistic about the situation and know what needs to be done.

So Dempster is a “Cub”, big deal. Until we cut the emotional ties to players we will always keep them for the WRONG reason. Since when has Dempster turned into the second coming of Jenkins or Maddux? He is who he is, a less than stellar pitcher who is having an outstanding year on a losing club at the age of THIRTY FIVE!!! Anybody who wants to keep Dempster and forsake the ONLY window of opportunity to get some value for him is not thinking straight. This can be a great opportunity to supply the system using one of Hendry’s “decent” acquisitions and actually turning a run of the mill Hendry signing into future solid players. The irony is delicious.

He IS LEADING THE ENTIRE LEAGUE in ERA so far this season. Just sayin’.

irrelevant. cubs are 16 games under 500 after that win, and 12-13 games back. do you honestly think this team is good enough to compete for a championship? take off your biased fan glasses and be honest with yourself. if this collection of players was wearing brewers uniforms would you think they had a chance at the world series? that should really be the measuring stick. too many people are duped by the hendry approach of being satisfied with a winning season in and of itself, or being close to .500. a team should be going for it all, or they should be gearing up for a future season in which they go for it all. any middle ground which leaves a team short of the playoffs is ultimately equal, and a team that sacrifices its long term interests in order to be at the upper range of the non-contenders hasn’t got its priorities straight. unfortunately they are sometimes almost forced to do this by fans who can’t see the bigger picture and demand a ‘competitive’ team now…

lol my dad’s been a little delusional about that too, but there are just too many holes in this lineup to be contenders. If Cubs can get good enough deals they need to trade him while his value is so high.

And who would have thought or predicted lil’ ol’ Ryan Dempster would have the best ERA in the entire league? Gotta trade him while he’s at his SURPRISINGLY best and strike while the iron is hot.

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