7/19 Cubs lineup

The Cubs face former White Sox ace Mark Buehrle in the series finale against the Marlins. Paul Maholm enters with a 3-0 record and 0.81 ERA in his last four outings dating to June 29. Today, he will try to record a career-high four-game winning streak for the fourth time, and for the second time this season. He also did so April 21-May 9. Here’s the lineup:

Johnson CF

Castro SS

Rizzo 1B

Soriano LF

Baker RF

Soto C

Barney 2B

Valbuena 3B

Maholm P

— Carrie Muskat


Soto (especially after his run down flub) is starting to make Koyie Hill….LOOK GOOD. YIKES!!!

Barney is looking better and better!!!!!!!!! Great play last night on the
put-out. He must like his new bat! Getting good hits AND the home run.
He is a winner!

I told you! He is great!(:

Isabel – I have always known he was great. I have watched most of his games
since he started at Oregon State! He has always been a winner.

Isabel – I have always known Barney is great. I have watched most of his games
since he started at Oregon State. He has always been a winner.

AWESOME! Ive also seen his games in Oregon State!

Barney is a keeper, fits the description of the type of players Hoystein is seeking. I hope they are not tempted to trade him.

lol I heard Epstein say that if someone wanted Barney, they would have to get a solid 2B prospect in return. Isn’t that what Barney is?

Yes that is what Barney is. More than solid – he is the best! Sveum has
had nothing but praise for his ability. Why would anyone want to replace
the best. Yes, he is a keeper. Go Dar!

Barney is a good piece now… as long as he plays defense and is cheap… but he may need to be upgraded at some point. If we can put him in a deal that gives us back a haul of specs (like Castellanos, Turner, filler, filler) then I say DO IT!!!!!! We actually got a few guys in the minors that could turn out to be great.

Our players are Cubs who are also husbands, fathers, etc and are not just
“pieces”. How do you think you can upgrade when you already have the
best defensive player on 2nd? We got “great” in Barney.

lol i agree with second part of the second sentence, but if he was putting up Cano like numbers I would be willing to sacrifice a little bit of defense. Also that first part is nonsense whether or not a player has a family has nothing to do with how they perform or whether they should be traded for someone better. They’re doing a job, and if they don’t do it well enough, they’re gonna be replaced.

What I object to is a player being called a “piece” as if they are inanimate
objects. Thus my pointing out that they are family men, etc. – not robots.
I know – sigh, sigh.


OMG, I don’t think ANYBODY means any dis-respect when referring to a player as a “peice”, just talkin’ the business of baseball is all. Barney is very good for this team right now and I like him very much and I hope Hoystein is not INTENT on trading him as there is no reason to do so…EXCEPT as mentioned….for players that can’t be refused. But really, all this is moot because although Barney is very good I doubt he is coveted by many teams, possibly interesting to some teams but not to the point of giving up EXCELLENT prospects. Let’s rebuild WITH Barney, makes sense. Spend the money on some RBI guys in the outfield and 3B, 2B/Barney is good to go at his age and salary.

Reed Johnson is amazing. His fielding is great to watch and his bat is
strong. He is fun to watch and is becoming more and more of an asset
to the team. Keep him.

dude we can’t keep everyone cause they play good defense and hustles…. we need production granted Reed is on a tear but he is nothing more than a good quality backup.

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