7/20 It’s that time of year

Dale Sveum changed the setting on his cell phone Friday, just in case the team did make a deal regarding Ryan Dempster before his scheduled start against the Cardinals.

“It’s that time of year,” Sveum said Friday. “That’s why I kept my phone on high volume today. Obviously, you never know what could happen like that. One phone call changes the whole scenario. It can happen quick. It can happen with more than one guy.”

Dempster (5-3, 1.86 ERA) was reportedly being sought by several teams, including the Dodgers, who have made an offer for the right-hander. The Cubs were prepared just in case a deal was made. Casey Coleman was scratched from his start Thursday for Triple-A Iowa but a team official said that was done in case newly acquired pitcher Justin Germano could not get to St. Louis. The Cubs acquired Germano from the Red Sox late Thursday for cash considerations, and he did arrive at Busch Stadium in plenty of time for the game as well as a brief throwing session.

“You have to prepare for stuff like this,” Sveum said about losing a starting pitcher. “It’s never a perfect world because you never know that day or that hour when it’s going to happen.”

— Carrie Muskat


For the first time all year the Cubs are playing good baseball and the fans are getting their money-worth for attandance at Wrigley. In my opinion that is because we are finally getting good starting pitching and competent hitting.

How do we the fans let Cubs management know that we do NOT support trading away Dempster or Garza and screwing up that mixture after they already traded away Zambrano and Colvin who are having good years elsewhere….and for whom the Cubs got basically nothing, plus they let Ramierez ‘s productivity go away as well?

My family wants to see a competitive team EVERY YEAR and trading away one or both of our top starters will destroy that.

Jim -Holland Michigan

considering that there are 30 teams, and by definition it’s impossible for EVERY team to be competitive, your family has unreasonable expectations.
wouldn’t it be nice to see the cubs win a world series, rather than just being marginally competitive? do you have so little faith in cubs management that you completely fail to consider that perhaps they are trying to do what is best for the team in the long-term? or are you so short-sighted and unimaginative that this cubs team–which lost 13 games in a row at one point, and is firmly rooted in FIFTH place in a weak NL central–is your idea of the goal of a competitive franchise?
sweet jesus christ…

Zambrano is having a good year? How? By staying out of jail? I for one want to see Dempster go and Garza go and Soriano go and Baker go…..get it? We will not sustain a competitve team (exception to Garza of course) with these aging, one-dimensional, INCONSISTENT players. Some years we got a “bad” Dempster, some years a “good” Dempster, but never really a “great” Dempster unitl this year and the best way to get value from Dempster’s rare “great” year is to TRADE HIM. Soriano gave us a few good years, a few bad years and this year being possibly his best year with the Cubs ironically due to his knees (AND mindset) preventing him from going all out as an outfileder, never even approaching balls that better outfielders would at least get to let alone catch, hence his “errorless” season, yeah, right. Soriano is still scared of the wall and scared of the warm up pitching mounds. I want to see Hoystein FULLFILL HIS PROMISE AND DO HIS JOB by assembling what HE believes to be a World Series caliber team and that team quite obiously CAN’T have a 35+ year old, hot and cold Dempster and CERTAINLY NOT a rapidly aging, suspect left fielder Soriano.

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