7/21 Dodgers on hold re: Dempster

The Dodgers haven’t given up on landing Ryan Dempster, although the tone of rumors cooled noticeably Saturday. Even manager Don Mattingly seemed to be preparing himself for the deal to fall apart.

“Other teams have agendas to build or rebuild, and to put two teams together to make a deal is not as easy as it sounds,” Mattingly told reporters in New York, including MLB.com’s Ken Gurnick. “But if we’re in position to pick up somebody that can help, we’re going to do it.”

That said, the Dodgers still are considered by many the favorites to land Dempster. The pitcher can virtually dictate where he ends up because he has trade-veto power and he’s rumored to prefer the Dodgers, where he would be reunited with buddy Ted Lilly.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers reportedly are refusing to deal pitching prospect Zack Lee for Dempster because Dempster would essentially be a two-month rental as an upcoming free agent and the Dodgers invested $5.25 million to sign Lee in 2010.  If the Dodgers trade Lee, it more likely would be for a player the Dodgers could control beyond this year, someone like Padres third baseman Chase Headley, who won’t be a free agent until 2015. The Cubs are believed to be holding out for Lee.

— Carrie Muskat


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When the Dodgers fail to make the playoffs, they can look at of not getting Dempster as their main reason.

lol now i know you crazy

Lee is a ridiculous price, but teams always ask the moon from the Dodgers while eventually settling for far less from other teams. Like the Red Sox getting absolutely nothing for Youklis. In any event, this first comment is silly…the Dodgers mostly need hitting, if they were going to trade Lee, it would be for a hitter…a hitter they would control longer than 2 months.

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