7/21 Garza leaves game with cramps – UPDATED

Matt Garza had to leave Saturday’s game after three innings because of cramping in his right triceps. His status was day to day. Garza had thrown three shutout innings against the Cardinals, giving up two hits and walking two. He fell on the ground during a wild double play in the Cardinals third, but apparently experienced the cramping during his brief outing. He underwent X-rays as a precaution, and they were negative. The right-hander was making his 18th start.

“It started getting a little tight in warmups for the third inning,” Garza said. “I figured it would loosen up. I went through that [third] inning and felt all right. The first fastball to [Rafael] Furcal didn’t feel normal, but I just kept going and got out of the inning.

“I came down and went straight to the cage and tried to make a couple throws and it just started cramping,” he said. “I went straight to [pitching coach Chris Bosio] and said, ‘Have you ever had this before? Have you ever dealt with this?’ He made the call and said it was not worth the risk.”

Told that most people following the game thought Garza was pulled because he had been traded, he shook his head.

“If that’s what [people] thought, it’s going to take a lot more to pull me out of a game than a trade,” Garza said. “They’re going to have to wait until I’m done.”

There were scouts from the Dodgers, Yankees, Angels, Royals, Pirates at Busch Stadium to watch Garza. He could be dealt by the July 31 Trade Deadline but he also could be a key part of what the Cubs are trying to do, GM Jed Hoyer said.

“We’ve said that all along,” Hoyer said before Saturday’s game. “He’s a really good pitcher. We need more guys like him in the organization, not fewer. We’ve been very consistent with that all along. He’s a guy who can certainly help the team win, not just this year but next year and for a long time.”

— Carrie Muskat


Cubs rebuilding program will take some time. Garza will want a 6 year deal, worth about $16-18 million per year. Garza could be 33 by the time Cubs start contending. Cubs will not pay Garza that kind of money. That money will be used on farm system and prospects.

Time to trade Russell and few others asap.

Sox “Dragon” need a shoulder to cry on tonight.

Th Cubs Online Wrigleyville fellows must have cried over their flower garden tonight on that 12 run inning.

lol i dont think garza will be going for double salary with the away numbers hes put up this year. like a 3 year at 20 sounds a little more realistic. I’m pretty sure Garza knows he’s not CC. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they want to keep Russell for the closer role after Marmol is gone.

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