7/22 Cubs lineup

Steve Clevenger will be behind the plate Sunday for the Cubs series finale against the Cardinals. After hitting .304 (34-for-112) with runners in scoring position in the first 14 games this month, the Cubs are 0-for-6 with RISP in the first two games of this Cardinals series. Still, the Cubs are batting .288 (34-for-118) with RISP in July after producing just a .199 average (39-for-196) with RISP in June. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus CF

Castro SS

Rizzo 1B

Soriano LF

LaHair RF

Clevenger C

Barney 2B

Valbuena 3B

Wood P

— Carrie Muskat


Reed Johnson should be in RF.

No, left field.

i kind of feel like dale sveum killed bryan lahairs mojo. lahair was raking early in the year, and there was a point when he was statistically the best first baseman in the league, even ahead of joey votto. then sveum more or less said to him and everyone else, ‘i have no faith in this guy’s ability to ever hit a left-hander,’ and lahair was in full-on platoon (and still is).
now the fact is, dale sveum is absolutely right. bryan lahair can’t hit left-handers, nor can he really hit right handers much anymore. what i wonder is how much of it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, and whether the prophecy might have turned out differently if his manager had shown more faith in him.

Agreed, LaHair has dissapointed vs. left handed pitching but I wouldn’t say Lahair can’t hit right handers, he does seem to maintain a good average and a good OBP. He did get two hits off of Lynn in St. Louis. If he is relagated to a platoon position with Johnson that would be better than a full time Soriano. It is however obvious that LaHair does not figure in the long term plans as he is not known as a very good outfielder anyway. At least he had A CHANCE to prove his worth, let’s give Hoystein and Sveum credit for that. I was really pulling for the “kid” to break out in the bigs but I think the move to the outfield and Rizzo up for good is handwriting on the wall.

i thought he was platooning LaHair with Baker. Seems like Johnson more replaced Campana’s occasional start.

Johnson’s hitting prowess, defense and speed is far superior to Bakers rare power displays. Baker no longer has (ever had?) the defensive skills that make him a quality bench player and his hitting is limited to lefties. I can’t see him hanging around much longer and wonder why he is pereceived as ahead of Johnson? But I do hope we nurse Johnson along through next season to help with his defense and pinch hitting.

hey i hope we keep johnson and lose baker. it just seemed like those two were the two switching off in right. Seems like Johnson was more platooned with DeJesus. Also why haven’t they just sent Campana back down to the farm so he can get to the plate more? It’s not like speed off the bench can help us right now and sending him down isn’t going to hurt any value he may have.

Agreed. Campana doesn’t even exist anymore. A platoon of Johnson/Campana would have benn much better in CF than DeJesus, and still would be. It seems that the outfiled of Soriano, DeJesus and Lahair is just waiting (and begging!!) to be completley replaced.

..yeah with Jackson, Johnson, … and melky cabrera. lol.

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