7/22 Garza feels better

Matt Garza, pulled from Saturday’s game after three innings because of cramping in his elbow, said Sunday his right arm felt better and he expected to make his next start.

“He did seem to come in with a lot better frame of mind and optimistic that he won’t have to be on the [disabled list] and could hopefully make his next start,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said Sunday.

The Cubs have an off day Thursday and could skip Garza or alter the rotation to give him more time. Garza didn’t sound too concerned.

“I think it’s a cramp that’s stiff today,” Garza said. “I had better movement today than yesterday, so that’s a positive.”

— Carrie Muskat


Time for Theo not to answer any more phone calls from the Dodgers….time to move on……..Angels looking at Garza now…….Garza/Soto trade?……Angels have been scouting Soto as a back-up.

Ms Carrie, why have you heard on the Angels?

Scratch Carlos Quentin off the trade list. Carlos re-signed with the Padres today.

Right now, Alfonso Soriano is the best power DH/outfielder on the trade block.

lol right im sure nobody is looking at Encarnacion right now. The only reason Soriano might have more potential buyers is because we’re really looking to get rid of him right now.

White Sox losing another game….they need a Dempster.
Is it me or has many teams down talk the value of Garza, Dempster and others that they want to give with the low rated prospects in return. Garza is worth high level three prospects. Maybe next year teams can trade for Garza.

ESPN Olney reporting a Cubs – Braves trade in the works with Dempster.

UPDATE – Dodgers, Red Sox and Tigers out of Dempster & Garza talks.

lol you read up too much on trade rumors. a player can jump to like three teams the last few days before the deadline.

Trading Soriano is more paramount than trading Dempster as it frees up the outfield for the rest of this season (maybe to evaluate Jackson or others?) and the next two seasons. I can’t see the Cubs beginning their sustained success run with Soriano in LF the next two seasons. The team, media and organization can hide Soriano’s deficiencies for only so long. It hurts just watching Soriano avoid the bullpen mounds and the wall, watch him miscalculate the ball off the wall as he tends to get caught in between more times than not relying on the centerfielder to come sprinting in to retrieve a ball IN LEFT FIELD. If Hoystein is allowed to pay almost all of Soriano’s remaining salary I think a trade can be pulled off with an AL team that has the option of having a bad (but DESPERATLEY NEEDED) leftfielder or a capable DH.

I think Soriano is a more than capable DH. Looking beyond the quirks he’s developed, he is still a potential HR threat and I think if he’s made a full time DH next year he could get to 400 HRs no problem. lol maybe we’ll get Melky to replace him, FA this year.

Every GM are waiting on the Cubs…..Theo is holding up the trade action…..the Cubs will help anyone out unless they get fair return on their players. Why should Theo help another team win if they are not giving Cubs on what they want. Cubs will receive a draft pick when Dempster signs next year with a team.

should say “will not help anyone”

lol you’re all about getting this draft pick for Dempster. Unfortunately, it’s not so clean cut. You only get compensation for losing a free agent if they reject a guaranteed one year contract that is equal to like the average of the 100 highest-paid players or something. So the Cubs would have to offer him a descent one year contract for him to turn down before we get any draft pick. Also, the picks are designated after the first round is over so no firsties.

Jesse, I did say Soriano would make a capable DH. I disagree he would be more than a capable DH because he remains rather undisciplined at the plate offering only some power WHEN he connects. But capable…yes. One good reason Theo should help other teams win by trading our players is BECAUSE THE PLAYERS HE WOULD TRADE WE DON’T WANT. And it frees up roster spots to finally move on with the grand plan. I wouldn’t mind seeing Soriano and Baker gone and receive nothing but the vacant roster spots. ANY prospects in return for the likes of Dempster and Soto would be good enough. Dempster is just having a fantastic SEASON, he is not a fantastic pitcher with a fantastic history and teams know this, so holding out for TOP proscpects may not be the wisest thing to do. Get SOMEBODY while Dempster at least APPEARS to have value. Who is going to bet Dempster will be an ACE during his next 3 year contract???? Not many teams (maybe the Yanks because they have Hendry….)

Either way, Dempster is not returning to the Cubs. Theo will get his prospects.

Cubs heading in a new direction, and Dempster is not part of it.

Jesse, you need to cut out that “LOL” stuff….little girls use that in tweets between themselves….not guys.

actually it’s used by both sexes of all ages as an abbreviation for laughing out loud. turd!

When you resort to name calling, it tells all about your I.Q.

HA! implying that nobody with a high IQ resorts to name calling.. lol.

The following from MLB Traderumors.com
12:59pm: The Braves seem to be close to acquiring Ryan Dempster, Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com reports (Twitter links). The Braves are believed to be high on the list of teams to which Dempster would approve a trade, Heyman notes. The right-hander, who can veto any trade, is not likely to demand an extension.

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