7/23 Dempster denies a trade

Apparently, Ryan Dempster is not being traded. At least not according to him. Here’s his Tweet:

 “THERE IS NO TRADE dont know where this info came from!”
We’ll see.
— Carrie Muskat


good job Ryan!! get the best deal for you and get all you can in return for the Cubs!! i heard you said you would be a rental player only. if the Cubs wanted you back next season you would resign with them. that BOY !! Ryan get a great deal for you and the Cubs!!

Crap. Best thing would be for him to be traded for some prospect(s). If he’s looking for a three year contract next year and based on his sporadic past performance….I don’t want him back. He wants to be on a contender and people think he’ll re-sign with the “contending” Cubs of 2013 or 2014??? Hardly. Time to part ways with players entering the downside of their career….no more “Sorianos” please. Too much information exchanging hands too fast, even the pros will post too soon, it’s got to be tough to “break” a story in today’s world.

Gotta love July baseball

I think if Theo cannot trade Dempster do to his no trade clause, then put Ryan into the bullpen for the rest of the season.

Last year, I wanted to see Ramirez be on the bench after he invoked his no trade clause.

It is the Braves who wants you Ryan! A playoff team.

This is why Theo wants his ‘type” of players and not this other typical selfish Cubs players we have seen over the years.

I think this deal will still get done….

i would rather get rid of Garza Dempster is a team player. i think Dempster is just tring to get a good deal for the Cubs. i heard he said was just going to be a rental player only, if the Cubs want him back next season, he was going to come back to the Cubs.

Dempster back with the Cubs? that’s blasphemy on these threads boy. these folks don’t like that kind of talk.

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