7/23 Matt Garza update

Matt Garza, lifted from his last start because of cramping in his elbow, was feeling better Monday but most likely will be skipped in the rotation at least one start. Garza, who came out of Saturday’s game against the Cardinals after three innings, was scheduled to start Friday, but Cubs manager Dale Sveum said Monday that Travis Wood will likely start. Wood will be pitching on normal rest because of an off day Thursday.

“Garza is better today and there’s some improvement,” Sveum said Monday. “[His arm is] not quite extendable but he doesn’t seem to be concerned about it. I think [Tuesday] will be the big day to do the evaluation. That’s when we’ll have to make some decisions and line up stuff.”

Garza (5-7, 3.91 ERA) will not throw a bullpen on Tuesday. The timing of that is still to be determined. Garza also is the subject of trade rumors, and the Dodgers are reportedly interested in the right-hander. A report on Monday said the Dodgers would trade pitching prospect Zach Lee to the Cubs in a package. Garza would be under team control through 2013.

— Carrie Muskat


Please, enough of this Dodgers fairy tales…….I am going to vomit.

See how the Tigers gave up Jacob Turner for Marlins so-so pitcher Sanchez who will go to free agency this fall. And the Tigers said no to Dempster trade.. Plus, the Marlins received two other prospects for Infante.

Great trade for the Marlins.

Detroit only had the biggest offensive hole at 2B. Infante should give their offense a nice boost. Not a bad trade either way.

Rangers need a starter….they also need bench help.

Garza, Baker, Johnson for a boat load of their prospects.

That sounds good but could we get them to take Mather instead of Johnson.

While you’re dreaming…throw in Soriano and I’d be happy getting just the boat in return.

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Oh yes…Mather, a player who has bounced around in the minors can get Theo several prospects……….keep on dreaming.

Add Josh Johnson to the trade market list…….

many teams do not want to give fair trade value for Garza…..a pitcher who will be under team control in 2013 that can get them a draft pick…….while Hamels and Greinke who will be free agents, can get three or four prospects with no guarantee of signing with the club, no draft picks…….it seems many teams are playing hard nose on the Cubs and Theo………..time will tell..

Who can blame teams for playing hard nose? Theo thinks he has two studs in Garza and Dempster? Dempster is DEMPSTER and other teams are well aware that his excellent season is an anomaly and he is OLD. Garza has much to offer but still shows signs of mediocrity every now and then. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cubs don’t get as many bodies for either pitcher or get lower rated players. As long as they get something for Dempster I will be satisfied. If they wind up keeping Garza that won’t be so bad. Keeping Dempster? BAD.

agreed. trading players isn’t like trading stocks, where theoretically they could just keep going up and up and up. ryan dempster’s trade value is not going to get any higher than it is right now. period. therefore, if they want to cash in on some prospects–and delgado sounds nice–now’s the time to do it.
personally i think it will happen pretty soon, maybe within a couple of hours. sounds like dempster just didn’t like the news getting leaked before he’d formally given his approval. shame on the sports bloggers (writers? hard to call them that with a straight face) like heyman and rosenthal and mlb.com beat writers (specifically mark bowman from atlanta) for trying to be the first to report something and get their names out there. they have nearly cost the cubs the deal.

Shame on Dempster for being upset (if true…) that the trade was being talked about before his higness gave his approval or blessing, big deal. Hello? Earth to Dempster…it’s called instant communication and has been around for a while. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Really, why are so many of these highly paid individuals in baseball whether players, managers or GM’s upset by this type of thing? Because it’s the one thing they CAN’T CONTROL and if anything is right up there with loving the insane amount of money they get for doing their jobs it’s loving the control high they get as well and when they get beat to the pulpit it upsets them…Dempster is no sacred cow on this team and a lot of us are looking forward to him leaving, looking forward to his replacement and looking forward to the future which doesn’t include the middle of the rotation Dempster who never acheived anything near ACE status on this club until two months before leaving….him and Soriano, thanks for the memories (of failure) guys but now it’s too little, too late. Let your next teams try to squeeze some magic out of you.

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