7/24 Cubs lineup

While we wait for Ryan Dempster to make up his mind, here’s Tuesday’s lineup vs. the Pirates:

DeJesus CF

Castro SS

Rizzo 1B

Soriano LF

LaHair RF

Soto C

Barney 2B

Valbuena 3B

Maholm P

— Carrie Muskat


Glad to see Valbuena back at 3rd. I don’t think Mather has the quickness
needed. Same when he is in the outfield.

Malholm v. McDonald. another pitching duel maybe? Let’s go DeJesus, Soriano, and LaHair get that value up.

A bit one sided on the pitching duel but can’t complain. Nice job by the outfield getting it done today, well most of the outfield anyway. Good game. Take those Pirates down a peg.

Have to hand it to Soriano, he has stepped up his game MOST of the year and what is most impressive is his occassional opposite field hits and of course catching the routine fly balls hit within his comfort zone. Nonetheless he is much improved over his abysmal past seasons and the best thing to come of this would be him becoming a viable acquistion to another team in a the race.

well at least you finally see that he has improved…. only took you 2 months…. its ok I know you got a thick head… you’lll come around

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