7/24 Dempster says he’s weighing options

Ryan Dempster said he’s considering his options, and may not decide until just before next Tuesday’s Trade Deadline.

“I want to look everything over before I make a decision, and I’ve got time to do that,” Dempster said Tuesday. “There’s a week before the Trade Deadline.”

Dempster, 35, who leads the Major Leagues with a 2.11 ERA, is scheduled to start Wednesday for the Cubs against the Pirates, and expects to make that start.

As a player with 10 and 5 rights, Dempster has veto power over any deal. He wouldn’t specify which teams he was considering.

“I’m just trying to look over everything and make the best decision for me and for my family and what I need to do,” he said.

As for reports that he was blindsided by the deal, Dempster said the Cubs front office has kept him up to date on everything. He didn’t expect it to be made public.

“I haven’t made any decisions on anything,” he said. “I’m looking at everything and trying to explore every option and do what’s best for me.”

His time frame?

“About seven days,” Dempster said, which would be the July 31 Deadline.

Dempster was sitting in the clubhouse at PNC Park on Tuesday while talk about him and trade rumors was being discussed on MLB Network. He kept his head down, working on a crossword puzzle. The Braves have reportedly agreed to a deal with the Cubs in which Chicago would get 22-year-old Randall Delgado. The Dodgers also are interested.

Dempster said he isn’t requesting a contract extension for next year as part of the deal, but did admit that anybody would be looking for some security.

“The Chicago Cubs will do what’s best for the Cubs and I’m going to do what’s best for me,” Dempster said.

— Carrie Muskat



Boy, the Braves must feel woderful.

If I was the Braves, i would tell Theo the deal is off. This is a joke how the players are controlling the game. If Dempster is not traded, then put him in the bullpen. Watch his free agent value go down. Cubs do not need players with attitudes like Dempster. This is the “thanks” we get as fans.

agreed hes acting like a stubborn fool

good deal Ryan. you go where you will be happiest. first thing though, get a win your next start for the Cubs. go out a winner

Two months??? He is acting like he needs to move his family lock, stock and barrel??? After the season is when he should take his time with what could be a more challenging family dynamic. For the next two months I would think a multi millinoaire can handle a few plane tickets and posh hotel rooms and yes even medical services and staff for his family. I believe Dempster may think the team he gets traded to may be his best option for a long (3 year?) contract so he wants it to be LA because if he goes to Atlanta he may not want to commit to an extension resulting in him becoming a free agent….without a high demand in the off season as the playoff race won’t be a factor and teams will realize….he’s JUST RYAN DEMPSTER. So much whining among millionaires playing a game…it’s a crime.

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