7/24 Dempster’s latest Tweet

We may find out whether Ryan Dempster will accept a trade to the Braves on his Twitter account. Today, he tweeted: “Nothing official to report. You will be the 1st to know.  Thnx to all my fans for the support #RD46

The Cubs and Braves have reportedly reached agreement on a deal which would send Dempster to Atlanta for 22-year-old pitcher Randall Delgado. It’s up to Dempster to decide. He has 10-and-5 rights — 10 years in the Majors, five with the same team — and can veto any deal.

Reports that Dempster was “blindsided” by the deal are incorrect. Sources say he did know about the Braves offer, but was surprised at how public the deal became before he had made his decision. Dempster’s next scheduled start would be Wednesday for the Cubs against the Pirates.

— Carrie Muskat



ESPN & MLB.com reporting the Cubs will receive another prospect in the Dempster trade besides Delgado.

This is getting old…just like Dempster.

as are you…

i think we also need a good young thirdbaseman in the deal

We have Biaz & Vitters in the minors….but I think Vitters time is up.

Baez is still a SS at this time.. i know he could transition but who knows…. Baez does look like a stud though…….. dang the dude is raking!!!

Latest from the Dempster Camp is that he wants to play for the Dodgers instead of the Braves……anymore of this garbage, I say no trade will happen….unless Theo & Jed pulls a mega trade that involves both Garza & Dempster to the Dodgers…….Dempster would sign an extension with the Dodgers to be with Lilly and live the good life out in Hollywood…….think of that L.A. starting pitching staff.

Anyone has the top 5 Dodgers prospect names and their positions?

You are correct again Cubs Talk. It appears Dempster is not just getting old but rather conceited and bold too. Why it begs one to spew juvenile remarks such as the ever so popular “man!”, “raking!”, “dude!”, “stud!” “whatever!” poetry, shear poetry.

haha you never stop do you? Keep on posting your useless jargon joey… i don’t even know why you came at me from CT post but thats cool we all know YOUR OPINION

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Yes, “you all” the masses that share YOUR opinion petrey? Ha ha, now THAT’S funny!!! You haven’t given up on me have you Alfred? NEVAH!

idk what you mean but keep it up… its cute for a 60yr man to post like he is a tough guy

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