7/24 Extra bases

* Monday’s 2-0 win was the Cubs’ eighth shutout, third-most in the National League behind the Giants (11) and Mets (10).

* Paul Maholm takes the mound Tuesday night. He is 4-0 with a 0.92 ERA in his last four starts, and has thrown at least six innings with one or no runs in each outing. Since 1918, no Cubs left-hander has gone five straight starts with at least six innings pitched while giving up one or fewer runs in each outing.

* With Jeff Beliveau making his Major League debut on Sunday, the Cubs now have used 42 players, second-most in the NL. Of those, 11 are rookies.

— Carrie Muskat



Latest Cubs trade rumors with teams…..

Garza…..Rangers, Angels, Red Sox, Royals
Lahair…..Orioles, Dodgers, Nationals
Baker……Rangers, Braves
Johnson…Rangers, Braves
Soto…….Rays, Angels
Maholm….Orioles, Nationals, Pirates
Marmol……Rangers, Giants
DeJesus…..Orioles, Braves

Wow, it would be such a statement of failure to trade DeJesus before his first year as a Cub ends. Don’t get me wrong, I want to unload the barely useful DeJesus but I’m just saying that he never should have been acquired. Hard to believe Hoystein got him with “trade bait” in mind. He was just another in the long line of mediocre players ushered to the fountain of Cubbie Kookaide in the hopes that the magic elixir would revitalize a career…just because “you are now a Cub!”. A page right out of the Hendry handbook. That’s the confounding part of a lot of regimes….WHY ADD MEDIOCRITY??? I was hoping that Hoystein would just take his lumps, rebuild from scratch and go for the brass ring in years to come but it seems we are still being subjected to an “in between” approach by getting DeJesus who more than adequatley slid right into Marlon Byrd’s cleats of SO-SO talent. I wouldn’t mind seeing the entire list get traded and would be ok if keeping just Johnson as one of the few “veteran” presences on the team. (Maholm too…)

Nice list Cubs Talk. I for one am intelligent enough to understand that you are JUST LISTING RUMORS…and NOT listing PROPOSED TRADES and also realize that you probably DON’T have your hopes up for the majority of those players being traded and should not be referred to as “man”. Again, nice job “Cubs Talk”!

are you serious? Pick one or two of those happening…….. don’t get your hopes up man… come on when is the last time a team made 3+ moves let alone 9 (granted there could be packages)

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