7/24 Garza day to day

Matt Garza was headed home on Tuesday to be with his wife, who is expecting the couple’s fourth child, and will not pitch this weekend for the Cubs against the Cardinals. Instead, the Cubs will go with Travis Wood, Jeff Samardzija and Paul Maholm Friday, Saturday and Sunday against St. Louis at Wrigley Field. Garza has been sidelined since coming out of Saturday’s start after three innings with cramping in his right elbow. He’s been receiving treatment, and will continue to do so in Chicago. Dale Sveum said they would re-evaluate Garza on Friday in Chicago.

— Carrie Muskat


Theo has turn back to the Dodgers in working out a trade for Dempster. Now the Cubs lost any leverage with Dempster, and the Dodgers will offer less…..

Garza holding out for a larger contract with the Cubs with this injury?……it is not about winning, but all about the money……and how much you can get.

Maybe trade both Dempster and Garza to the Dodgers……for their top four prospects…..or call it a season for both teams…….Dodgers would be the favorites with both Garza & Dempster on their staff……Dodgers have more to loose than the Cubs if they fail to make the playoffs……..

Marlins are in the Cubs selling mode….everyone is up for trade except Reyes and Stanton………there 2012 Championship Season came to a crashing end……all that money they owe to people like Bell, Reyes and others…….Cubs are picking up Zambrano’s tab.

Brewers and Dodgers talking trade……Dodgers offering Zach Lee for Aramis Ramirez……

Looked at the Dodgers farm system…..it is terrible…..I would never even trade Garza to the Dodgers at all…………Delgado is a better option for the Cubs……and the Braves GM said the trade is still on with Dempster and the Cubs…….but Dempster said “he comes first”…….a week a go Dempster said he would help the Cubs out…..gave Theo a list of teams to go to….!. Dodgers…2. Braves…….Ryan Dempster, do the right thing…….go play for the Braves.

dempster is really very quickly souring what was once an adoring fanbase. he’s also completely cut the leverage out from underneath theo and jed. what are they going to say to the dodgers now, “please give us a good deal for dempster. he won’t go anywhere else, so you have no competition, but can you just give us some good prospects anyway?”
look, we all know atlanta’s a hole, and i don’t blame you for wanting to take your millions over to LA, but it’s just 2 months, dude. suck it up like you said you would.
christ, what a mess this is turning out to be.

yeah I’m done with anything trade related until the 31st has come and gone. No point following every rumor. Same stuff every year. People spitting out every rumor thrown out there and seasoned players getting greedy. Just wait for whatever happens and cheer on whoever we got playing for us.

dempster to dodgers is dead… as a result of them acquiring Hanley…. that Evoldi or whatever was the piece we could have got…… now they don’t want to give up Lee so its worthless…….. trade Demp to the Braves and extend Garza…. pitching is becoming VERY expensive

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