7/24 Holiday greetings

Jeff Samardzija had his best start on Monday when he gave up one hit over eight innings in the Cubs’ win over the Pirates.

“That was, no doubt, the best stuff he’s had,” Dale Sveum said of Samardzija, in his first full season as a starter. “He had his two-seamer working, kept the ball down, elevated when he wanted, had his split working, his slider, could get back in the count with his slider. I don’t think I’m on his Christmas list right now.”

That’s because Samardzija wasn’t happy about being pulled after he had thrown 99 pitches, and didn’t get the chance for a complete game.

“Obviously, I would’ve sent him back out there [for the ninth] if he had covered first base,” Sveum said.

The Pirates’ only hit came with one out in the fourth, when Andrew McCutchen hit a weak grounder toward second. First baseman Anthony Rizzo fielded the ball, and Samardzija was late getting off the mound to cover at first. McCutchen beat the pitcher to the bag.

“McCutchen is kind of quick, so you can’t hesitate there,” Samardzija said. “I’m sure we’ll have [pitchers fielding practice] pretty early now because of me.”

Samardzija learned from his misstep.

“How [McCutchen] hit it threw me off there for a second,” he said. “He nobbed it and I froze. I’ve talked to Rizzo before — I want him to be aggressive. That’s on me there — he made an aggressive play and I need to be on first there.”

So, is Sveum off Samardzija’s holiday list?

“He’s still on my Christmas list,” Samardzija said. “Just not tonight. The coaches’ job is to look out for the players and the players’ job is to go out and play the game. Everybody’s got emotions and opinions on things.”

— Carrie Muskat


ESPN reporting the Cubs – Braves deal is complete as of this morning.

The headline says deal is done. The story says they’re waiting for Demp’s approval, which is what we’re all doing.

Oh please your majesty Dempster, allow yourself to be traded to a contending team….? Yeesh. Let’s move on. The primadonnas are just getting old…
NOW…where’s Soriano going? THAT’s what I’m waiting for.

well said. after this dempster boulder finally rolls down the hill, i expect some more to follow (though we may have to wait until july 31st…)

AND Insvuem, we may HAVE to wait two more years for Soriano to free up an outfiled spot, depending on how desperate and ill-advised AL GM’s can be. BUT….as long as Hendry is working for the Yankees…..we can dream!!

Soriano can be traded in August… we got plenty of time for him to be moved so don’t freak out if he isn’t traded by the deadline. Reason being is his contract will pass through waivers EASILY bc who would want to claim that contract?

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