7/24 Wait and see re: Dempster

When the Cubs were in Atlanta earlier this month, the Braves got the impression Ryan Dempster wanted to play for the Braves. But that may not happen. FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reports Dempster wants to go to the Dodgers, and may reject a proposed deal to the Braves. Dempster has the right to veto any trade because he has played in the Major Leagues for 10 seasons and five with the same team. Dempster has told reporters his first preference would be the Dodgers.

— Carrie Muskat



Theo ask Ryan a list of teams he want s to go…..

Ryan gives the Braves as his second choice….

Now Ryan is complaining he did not get his first choice……..

Sound like another typical Chicago Cubs problem child player.

Chicago Cubs helped you and your family very well Mr Dempster…….now you are acting like a Spoiled Baby.

This should be Reason #1 why Ryan Dempster will never return to the Cubs.

Theo wants a “New” type of Cubs……not the Ryan Dempster types….Dempster, One Big Drama Queen.

YOU GO CUBS TALK!!! Dempster must have delusions of being Cy Young??? All the glowing talk about his sterling era and blah, blah, blah has gone to his head and affected his memory because this is the same mediocre Dempster employed by the Cubs for years right? The same Dempster that over those years couldn’t crack the starting rotation of championship calbiber teams and over the course of his career would at best be a number three starter….anywhere??? How many teams such as the Braves who need pitching are salivating over the prospect of signing Dempster for three or more years and watching a middle of the road pitcher become a back of the rotation pitcher?

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