7/25 Braves have moved on

On Wednesday, Braves GM Frank Wren said the team is “moving on” and no longer trying to acquire Ryan Dempster. During an interview on 680-AM The Fan in Atlanta, Wren said the deadline had passed for a deal to be completed. Dempster has 10-and-5 rights, and can veto any trade. The Dodgers were believed to be still pursuing Dempster.

“I think it’s very highly unlikely,” Wren said. “We put parameters on the deal that expired [Tuesday]. We were moving on from the time we heard that there was the potential of another club being really where he wanted to go. And he had a lot of personal reasons for that.

“We haven’t stopped pursuing other pitchers. We’ve had scouts in ballparks seeing everyone. It’s one of those bumps in the road but at the same time we put parameters on it that expired yesterday so we’ve moved on.”

When asked about Wren’s comments, Randy Bush, Cubs assistant general manager, said: “We can let his comments stand.”

— Carrie Muskat



Now the Dempster deal is dead…thanks Ryan….can we move on to Matt Garza?

Theo needs to move on Garza deal now. Many clubs out there need pitching. Plus, Hamels signed an extension, so he is off the market. But the Marlins have Josh Johnson on the trade table who soon will be traded……………and Carlos Zambrano…okay, I just made everyone laugh……..

Forget about Greinke deal….he has issues of going to any large market teams…..Garza is a good fit for the Angels, Rangers, A’s, White Sox, Orioles, Yankees & Royals…..

Sad that Dempster killed any trade value with his attitude……some say Dempster owes the Cubs nothing….if that is the case after saving his career and giving him millions of dollars, let Dempster throw 150 pitches later on today……if his arm falls off, that is his problem…..Cubs owe him nothing…..If I was Theo, I would make Dempster sit home for October…no trade at all…..Dempster is not a young pup anymore…….I would not even give him an offer just to get a draft choice….wash our hands of Dempster for good……Dempster might take the Cusb offer and re-sign back with the Cubs…..I think many GM’s want to stay clear of players who have ego problems like Dempster…….So this year’s Cubs “Drama Queen” award goes to Ryan Dempster…..not only your career will suffer Ryan for vetoing that Braves trade, but also your Foundation…..Cubs fans do remember of how their players treated them…..another sad chapter in Cubs History.

lol you guys are silly. Do you go through this every year?

why trade Garza? Who else would we get for what he is going to cost? We can still trade him next season too. I would like to see Garza extended for 5 to 6 years at about 16 mill per year then add depth around him Maholm, and Shark… you can still add a Brandon McCarthy type pitcher this offseason and have a solid rotation again next year. We can’t just trade everyone and expect to turn it around. The Cubs do have certain pieces of the puzzle in place but we need the other pieces that fit.

To this particluar “rebuilding” Cubs team I perceive Garza as more valuble than Dempster EVER was. We just can’t go down to a couple of starting pitchers and hope for the best in what we get in return. I would hope that Garza is traded ONLY if Hoystein is overwhelemed with the offer as Garza fits the mold of what Hoystein is seeking to begin with. Again, wouldn’t mind seeing Garza traded for some VERY HIGH IF NOT ML READY players (i.e. another “Rizzo” or two) but…..Garza, Shark, Maholm and Wood….that would be a pretty good rotation in 2013 at least to start with.

Cubs would be lucky if they made the playoffs in 2014. By 2015, they should be a Wild Card team.

Matt Garza off the trade block. Theo will deal him in the off season.

i disagree… Cubs COULD be a NL Central winner next year. We are in the worst division in baseball. If we find some players that can produce for a whole season we could easily win this division. The bullpen blew it for us the first month and a half of the season and now we have gotten that figured out for the most part. Then the next month or so our offense couldn’t score runs and we have gotten better there too but still need more production. You add a quality bat and another quality pitcher to replace Dempster and you got a solid team. Not a WS contender but you at least got a NL Central Contender. After 2014 we have almost ZERO dollars committed to anyone and we will be able to buy a few KEY pieces. I expect a WS run in 2014 and 2015.

Not out of the question to contend at least in the NL Central next year but still a daunting challenge considering all three outfield positions should be upgraded and include a bonafide leadoff man in one of the three positions, an RBI third baseman is still desperatley needed, catcher is pretty much up for grabs although I still think Clevenger can take lead, two more starting pitchers will be needed to go along with Samardzja, Garza, Maholm (one could be Wood) and a shut down closer is needed. Hoystein may be able to fill all these with enough talent to be respectable but the Cards and Reds seem to be ahead of us even for next year. Can’t wait to witness what I think will be a really good effort by Hoystein however. Cubs…ASSEMBLE!

We have outfielders Jackson, Soler and Almora in the minors……plus Lake ( could be traded), Biaz and few other position players that will ready by 2014…….we do need to upgrade on catching and pitching.

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