7/25 Braves still interested

Here’s Braves GM Frank Wren’s take on the Ryan Dempster situation:

“If this deal materializes, we have the framework of a deal with the Chicago Cubs,” Wren said Tuesday. “If it doesn’t, then if something else were to present itself, then they know we are going to move on to other things.

“The unfortunate part is that it got public,” Wren said. “These things happen.  But when players have no-trade (clauses), whether contractual or as a 10-and-5, it creates additional difficulties for all of us to complete because once there is a window of opportunity for stuff to get out, it’s out.  It just does.  That’s the way it is in today’s world.

“It was an opportunity to get one of the premium arms in this Trade Deadline market and arguably the guy that is pitching the best in baseball,” he said of Dempster. “That’s the positive side.  The negative side is that it hasn’t gone through as quickly as we would have liked.”

Dempster will start for the Cubs on Wednesday.

— Carrie Muskat



Unfortunately he changed course dramatically this morning, saying that the deal had “expired,” and acquiring Dempster was now “highly unlikely.”

This Atlanta deal is dead.
Theo looking at a pitcher named Webster from the Dodgers now. Look for a package deal that includes Lee.
Garza might head to the Angels or the Rangers for prospects.
Maholm increased his value (hottest pitcher in MLB now) and could bring real value back.

Dodgers traded for Hanley Ramirez. The Marlins are doing their “clean house” period again. This time, no championship happen. And they still have Zambrano!

Ozzie Gullien got himself in areal mess in Miami.

Agreed Cubs Talk, apparently the grass wasn’t any greener in Miami. Ozzie and Carlos deserve each other.

The Marlins cannot even keep the grass at the new stadium alive. They have to dye it green.

Add the name of Ryan Dempster to the list of selfish Cubs players who screwed the team at the end. Dodgers will not give anything now fo rhim. So keep Dempster and put him in the bull pen. Do not re-sign him at all. If possible, Sveum should make Dempster throw 100 pitches in relief. Just a shame how Dempster treated the fans and mgmt. after giving him everything. We lost a very excellent prospect from Atlanta.

The bullpen and 100 pitches sounds a little harsh, if not vindictive. If Dempster wanted to do “what’s best for the family” I guess that is finishing the season on a near to last place team and sqandering what could be the only chance of a playoff run left in his soon to be over career??? I guess a trade could still happen but it does appear his greed (?) stood in the way of some glory. If playing for LA and shariing a shower with Lilly was so darn important….what would have stopped him from just offering his services to LA in the offseason at a discounted, too good to refuse salary?
Like Dawson did for the Cubs. Dawson, THERE’S a respecable ball player!!!
Maybe even Dempster knows that once a free agent his services won’t look so intriguing to many teams as EVERYBODY realizes he was just a middle of the rotation pitcher, shining in the Cubs rotation…by default and not the stellar pitcher
that will push a team to a World Series.

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