7/25 Dempster vents

If Ryan Dempster was distracted by all the trade rumors, it didn’t show. But he was upset at his outing Wednesday. Dempster served up two solo home runs and Garrett Jones hit a tie-breaking RBI double in the sixth. After he was pulled from the game, he slammed the water cooler and threw a bottle in the dugout.

Since the right-hander threw 33 consecutive scoreless innings, he now has given up seven runs on 12 hits over 12 innings in his last two starts. A free agent to be, he’s still a hot commodity on the trade market. The speculation on where the right-hander could go won’t end until Tuesday’s Trade Deadline.

“It’s that time of year,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said. “Anything can happy on any hour, any minute. We’ve still got six days [under the Deadline] and right now we just focus on what we’ve got and everybody’s in the rotation and all the hitters are still here. We don’t worry about that, we can’t worry about that. It’s part of the game.”

— Carrie Muskat


Slammed a water cooler and threw a bottle…oh my, he must have been slightlty agitated or even mildly upset. Big deal. Dempster has pretty much made himself irrelevant by showing some true colors when making statements such as (paraphrasing) “I want to do what’s best for ME and my family”. Great, the word ME speaks volumes. Maybe he deserves to spend the next two months with a bunch of untalented teammates on their way to the NL central basement all the while reducing his value both now and as a free agent. He’ll probably still be traded but at this point…what team would want to offer him a multi-year extension??? He’s risking his free agent value and may wind up on yet another team NOT destined for the World Series. A bird in hand Ryan….might have been named The Braves.

Reports out of L.A. says that the Dodgers are in control and will offer no prospects for Dempster. Also, Dempster has been in daily contact with Dodgers pitcher Ted Lilly. Yes Theo, do not trade Dempster, do not offer him a contract, do not do nothing for him and his family. The Cubs owe nothing to Dempster. As Dempster owes nothing to the Cubs as he said. Dempster is looking out for himself. It is all about a business, and not about the game and respect. That is what the players union made out of it. So what if we miss out on a draft pick on Dempster. One draft pick will not make or break this clubs future. Enjoy the rest of the summer in Chicago Ryan. Maybe your friend Ted can get you a ticket for a playoff game in L.A. this October.

GM’s are being told that Matt Garza is off the trade block. Theo will look to trade Garza this off season.

Cubs Talk…tell us how you really feel….:)

It is not a game anymore….it is a business. We can all thank the greedy players union for turning off so many fans.

To us fans fall the responsability of remebmering that is….and keeping it… a game.
Dempster is just another particular of insignificant dust to blow through the hallowed grounds of Wrigley. We are due a championship..and it will have nothing to do with Dempster.

Report is Theo will not trade Ryan Dempster, offer him a one year min. deal under the new baseball agreement so the Cubs can receive a draft pick when Dempster refuses the offer. Dempster looking at a long term deal. Hope he can find it out in L.A.

One team looking at Alfonso Soriano.

I have to agree. Dempster is a loser and trying to pretend to be a nice guy. Sorry Ryan, but it did not need to be this way. I will be in Section 228 booing you next time you pitch in Wrigley Field. What can’t you just tell the truth of what you sant and stop trying to pretend you care about us Cubs fans.

that’s what this team needs.. fans booing at games. Way to show the rest of the team they still have your support. No chance of waiting for the deadline and cheering on whoever we have playing for us?

I agree with you 100%. I think Demp forgot how bad he used to stink coming out of the pen. Suddenly now he thinks he’s Maddux or someone. Go figure.

I don’t get why Dempster got so mad. Is it because he realized he couldn’t veto Sveum taking him out of the game? Maybe management should remind Dempster of the 14 million reasons he needs to keep it together and respect his place as a ‘lame duck’ pitcher as long as he’s on this team. All this crap about being a competitor and wanting to go back out to pitch is a load of crap at this point – Dempster should stop trying to draw so much attention to himself. If he’s still pitching for the Cubs after the deadline, I’ll have no problem cheering ALL the other guys when the lineup is called, but this guy gets no love from me whatsoever.

Leave or stay, I really don’t care one way or the other. I think Dempster has seen his best days, and to get rid of him now rather than later would probably be best for the team. Our problem as Cubs fans is that we hold on way longer than we should. If players today are gonna constantly be in a state of flux, why should we get attached and drive up their value in the market?

As far as Soriano goes, he actually did himself no favor by taking off the last two seasons in a cubs uni. By mailing it in for two years, no team with any good sense will give him another contract. At most, if I had to sign the guy, I’d have incentives up the wazzu. No more “best effort” faith contracts for this guy.

Today’s Poll…..

Which Cubs Player was the biggest “Drama Queen”?

A – Ryan Dempster
B – Sammy Sosa
C – Milton Bradley
D – Carlos Zambrano

If Soriano does get traded I don’t think the new team will have any interest in extending his contract, just letting him finish the two years remaining while the the Cubs pay for most or all of it. That’s why I think an AL team may roll the dice with Soriano because of the DH. What team would buy into his “errorless” season? Ha!

According to one baseball website, only one team have interest with Soriano. After this contract ends, I doubt any team will go after Soriano. This will show Soriano that at the end, he got his money, but not a chance to returning to a playoff team.

yeah im sure that will crush him. he’ll be sooo sad about not getting that third ring. pretty sure he knows he’s not going to be putting up any more 40-40 seasons and is not the same player he once was. He’s already making it to the Hall I doubt he cares where he ends up next year.

Soriano in the HOF?…as you like to say Jesse ….LOL

Time for someone to take their meds.

Soriano in the HOF ??????…….come on people, lets get back on track and thinking straight here..

I take my meds regularly thank you. Yay for California. And yeah Fonzie will be going to Cooperstown eventually. Not like he started his career in Chicago. He’s a 4 time silver slugger, 7 time all-star, he joins Canseco, Bonds, and A-Rod (all future HoFers) in the 40-40 club and I believe he started the 40-40-40 club that same year (the last 40 as doubles), and 2 world series titles (and not off the bench either, he hit game winning home runs in each world series run). And he is one of only a few players to start the all-start game for both leagues at two different positions. He might not get in right away, but I think he’ll be getting a nom in the future. And how is arguing about trade rumors ‘on track and thinking straight’? Who cares if we’re not thinking straight it’s not like anyone here has any influence on what this team does anyway.

wow soriano will not be in the Hall…. what has he done that is worthy of it? I mean come on man… I defend the guy because he has played well this year but the HOF…. forget about it… seriously the lack of baseball knowledge on the blog is ridiculous

I agree, no HOF for Soriano…..he was good, but so was Dale Murphy, 2 MVP’s, and he is not in the HOF. Just because he has two rings and had wining HR’s, does not put him in the HOF…….to judge a player if he is worthy for the HOF, do this test…….take his two best years, and two worst years off his record……..then he should have at least 10 more years showing…..then gauge those years with players who are in the HOF….. Soriano, as an outfielder, has to have great numbers…..just won’t happen for Soriano with more outstanding outfielders who are around and have retired and on the list ahead of Soriano.

Options on Ryan Dempster…..

1 – Do not trade Dempster, keep him to the end of the season
2 – Trade Dempster to L.A. for a low rated player.
3 – Trade Dempster to the Braves for Delgado, plus give Dempster an extra $1 million to take the trade
4 – Offer Dempster the min. after the season to secure a draft pick
5 – Offer Dempster no contract, no draft pick. Let him walk and let other teams he has not much value as he thinks.

The Cubs will have to offer Dempster $12.5 million for a one year deal. Dempster might take it (Theo might fear it) or go for a two year deal if anyone will offer one. Someone might offer Dempster a 2 year deal for $20- 22 million…..or a 3 year deal for $25 million….whoever signs Dempster, loses their first draft pick, if they are not in the top ten teams.

its either the Braves or make him an offer so if he declines we get a pick…. I don’t mind having Dempster on the team I just wish he would have went through with what he said he would do such as accept a trade to LA or Altanta. Its pretty selfish on his part

Ryan Dempster is fast becoming an afterthought who will not be anchoring any team’s pitching staff and at best be only a #3 starter on a legit contender or a #2 starter on an “also ran”. I think he has been too comfortable ruling in hell and will find out serving in heaven is a whole different story. Good luck to him though, no need to punish him but no need to lose sleep over him. It is a surprise to all he has SUCH good numbers this season increasing his trade value so if he had an average Ryan Dempster season???? This idea of getting a great return in a trade would be moot.
I don’t care if he’s a Cub next year or not (not my money to WASTE…) but I would hope as a fan Hoystein realizes 12+ million could be and SHOULD be put to better use than paying RYAN DEMPSTER (should he except the offer). If Hoystein can’t trade him for (now) any DECENT talent….let him walk, save the dough.

you gotta pay to play joey…. we are the cubs not the Padres… if you wanna see an organization try to win with a 50mill payroll go watch San Diego…. If you want to see a big market team do what they can with what they got then thats the Cubs. They have cut payroll since Ricketts became the owner…. the FO hasn’t spent money unwisely. And yes we are going to have a few players that are OVERPAID but thats what this league is now. This is the NFL or NBA with certain payroll limits so the team in the MLB makes a payroll they can make a profit from…. end of story. I think the team will eventually start handing out some big contracts when we are ready to contend and they may be OVERPAID but thats just TODAY’S game. Any team with a payroll over 100 mill is going to have a couple guys who are OVERPAID…. if you think there isn’t please show me proof…. statistically NOT your opinion…. now I will wait for your rant on how i am completely wrong and so and so forth but all I ask is if wanna prove me wrong show me proof… my proof would be Ranger, Yankees, Angels…. all winning teams with high payrolls….

Keep waitng. As hard as this is to believe petrey10 I do not want to prove you wrong and don’t waste time thinking of such things. In fact YOU ARE NOT WRONG. My comment was innocently, and specifically aimed AT RYAN DEMPSTER returning next year for what I think would be a waste of 12 mil. That’s all. Ryan Dempster, 12 million…that’s all I commented about. Not once in my comment did I even come remotley close to complaining about or suggesting that the Cubs can compete with a 50 mil payroll. Yeesh. I suppose you despise me so much that you are now reading into my comments and creating your own argument? I am glad I fill your life with such purpose and remain entrenced under your skin even without effort on my part. I’m flattered. You’re welcome. By the way, opinions are allowed when commenting on this blog and account for the majority of the comments. It’s all in fun for us fans to do so as we are not MAKING roster decisions for Hosytein and need proof of anything. I suppose this will be considered by you a rant nonetheless…sigh.

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