7/27 More Dempster rumors

CBSsportsline.com’s Jon Heyman reports Friday that talks between the Dodgers and Cubs are at an impasse, and that the Dodgers are looking at other options. The Dodgers have reportely offered pitching prospects but Heyman said the Cubs were asking for Allen Webster. The Dodgers have the leverage in talks as Dempster has rejected a deal to the Braves, and was believed to only be willing to go to the Dodgers. Matt Garza was another option but he may be a difficult trade candidate because the right-hander won’t get a start until the end of the week. He came out of his last start last Saturday because of cramping in his right elbow.

— Carrie Muskat


Cubs did not dig themselves into a hole…..Ryan Dempster did.
Ryan can watch his old good buddy Ted Lilly from the stands this October.
Theo can offer $12.5 mil to Ryan, but I doubt he would take it and come back to Chicago to another losing season and all those boos. We can get a draft pick when Ryan signs with the Dodgers. Do not blame Theo & Jed for this mess. This was all on Ryan Dempster. The guy who was shown respect by Theo and the Cubs, who then disrespected the Cubs. Ryan will get his deal for 3 years and $24-28 million when it is all said and done. But not with the Cubs.

Exactly. While I can respect the 10/5 in principle, I am not so crazy about it lately. Dempster should be a Brave

AGREE… Unless Hendry is made GM this offseason….then Dempster may get even more….and a mint on his pillow.

Here is a crazy trade rumor that is out there in the media ……Soriano, Soto, LaHair and lots of $$$$ to the Rays…….for 5 players including ex-Cub Archer.

Hard to believe. But that would be a dream come true. Got a source for that?

Phil Rogers on Baseball is the source.

Crazy….you had me at Sorinano!!! I’ll take it. Wouldn’t matter who we get in return as it would improve the Cubs just by opening up roster spots.

Looks more and more that Garza and Dempster will be around after next Tuesday. But a few other Cubs may not be. Theo got back stabbed by Ryan Dempster. No doubt the Dempster Foundation will suffer due to Ryan’s selfish actions. There are people out there that will turn away from the Foundation based on Ryan’s actions.

I hope that is not the case. People should be able to seperate the two and continue supporting a good cause.

Zack Greinke to the Angels

White Sox Dragon in tears tonight.

Now that the Angels made their move, the Dodgers need to step up and acquire Dempster. Marlins Johnson asking price is too high. Hamels is off the market. Rays will not trade their starters, still in the Wild Card race.

The pressure is on the Dodgers now.

Report from Texas late tonight is that Rangers are in panic mode and may gamble on Garza. Rangers willing to give up very good prospects for Garza after the Rangers failed to obtain Zack Greinke.

sounds good, but i won’t hold my breath if it’s all the same to you…

seriously don’t hold your breath for anything to happen…. rumors are rumors… i could make up a rumor.. Garza is going no where…. its probably too early for a Soriano trade but why wouldn’t a contender want one of the best options for DH on the market… if not THE BEST DH on the market… makes sense… Soto makes sense but Lahair doesn’t for me. Even if he isn’t a prototypical starter the dude produces and is SUPER CHEAP…The dempster deal i think could actually get done but its still a long shot

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