7/28 Reed to the rescue

Reed Johnson has heard his name mentioned in rumors so many times, he simply ignores them.

“I’ve had rumors over my 10-year career and never been traded,” Johnson said Saturday. “It’s a situation for me for when you’re packing your stuff, that’s when you believe you’re headed somewhere else. If I stay here, great; if not, I realize that’s part of the game, and I have to move on.”

On Saturday, Johnson drove in the game-winning run with a pinch-hit bunt single in the seventh to give the Cubs a 3-2 win over the Cardinals.

“That was on his own,” Dale Sveum said. “He’s a good bunter, and I remember once in Boston, he did it against us with the bases loaded and it turned into a monster inning.”

Tuesday’s Trade Deadline can’t come soon enough for the players, who are weary of the rumors. It’s not really distracting, Johnson said.

“Once you’re in between the lines, you don’t think about it too much,” he said. “Maybe before the game when you’re in the clubhouse with the guys, everybody’s kind of chipping on each other about getting traded, and you think about it then, but once the game starts, you forget about that stuff. It’s a good release to get out there this time of year.”

He’s had family and friends keep him up to date.

“I feel like my mom could be my agent because she always has an idea of where I’m going to go but I never end up anywhere,” Johnson said. “I might have to fire her.”

Could Johnson, who was batting .448 as a pinch-hitter this year, help a team?

“He’s a valuable guy to a team vying for a championship or trying to get to the playoffs,” Sveum said.

 — Carrie Muskat


Reed Johnson has been my favorite Cubs player for a long while. He has far more grit and intestinal fortitude than anyone else I`ve observed. He summons the most from his baseball acumen and I am grateful for all his contributions over the years.

Mine too. I hope to see him as the captain of this team in the future.

I do want Reed back next season, but am concerned the brain trust (chiefly Theo), wants a roster of bodies all 25 and under. Witness the apparent proclivity to offload Garza who is just 28. He is apparently too old for this team`s future. One caveat I have: if Reed is traded to a contender before the deadline, I can live with that if it means we can see him perform in the playoffs or, may we dream, World Series.

But…but….but…Soriano HUSTLED FOR A TRIPLE??? Wouldn’t that give him the edge over Johnson???? 🙂

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