7/30 Cubs lineup

Justin Germano makes his first start for the Cubs Monday night as they open a three-game series against the Pirates at Wrigley Field. This will be Germano’s 37th Major League start and first since 2010 with Cleveland. Germano has never faced the Pirates, and last pitched at Wrigley Field in 2008 while a reliever with the Padres. Lefty Erik Bedard will start for the Pirates. Here’s the lineup:

Johnson CF

Castro SS

Rizzo 1B

Soriano LF

Baker RF

Soto C

Barney 2B

Mather 3B

Germano P

— Carrie Muskat


Since Rizzo has come up, the Cubs are playing 622 ball, that is a pace of 102 wins if annualized, maybe the Cubs should not tinker too much and keep all and between now and next year, lets get a 3B, Catcher and a true Number 1 starter, then Garza becomes a #2, Smardjza a #3, Malholm a #4 and Sveum can decide who the #5 is. Super nice if we can get a better 2B too. We can move LaHair, Barney, DeJesus and Soto, Dempster too if we are not going to get a team discount if he stays. Cubs might be interesting. I would keep Soriano for what he is producing, cause to move him will cost a lot of money anyhow.

What do you want from your 2nd baseman?


I agree with you!🙂 I’m wearing his jersey today!!! Ohh Yea!!!

Darwin Barney impacts the game defensively as much as most players wished they could impact it offensively.

Mat and White…AGREED!!! Why Barney is even a target of some people is astounding. The second base postion is typically not a run producing position and what Barney CONTRIBUTES is quite remarkable, especially his defense and being strong up the middle is what matters when it comes to defense. KEEP BARNEY. DUMP SORIANO as keeping him because of “what he is producing” will COST us over the cousre of a season as he keeps up his “stellar” defense by NOT getting to balls a BETTER leftfielder would get to. Improve our run production at 3B, RF, LF and possibly catcher (see up the middle comment) but for the love of ivy, KEEP BARNEY.

2b does not need an upgrade at the time…. lets focus on SP, 3B and C….. can you imagine if we had someone hitting 250 at 3b and C where we would be? I don’t expect a firesale by tomorrow at 3pm… one maybe two trades. I would love to get a true #1/Ace but the only guy out there capable is Grienke and EVERYONE is going to be in on him. IMO we NEED to keep Garza and extend him. Prospects are great but they BUST wayyyyyyyyyy more than PROVEN ML talent. I am all for building a great farm system BUT that doesn’t mean we need to trade away every guy we go to get prospects.

I agree about Garza petrey, but if we don’t trade, him a 5 year extension would be good to see so he can still be around when MAKE TO THE SERIES!!!

Joey, and anyone else, would you rather have Garza or Dempster?

I say Neither…these guys are not part of the Cubs future.

I don’t know…I think we should keep Garza…

Right now, outfield is set……I know, Soriano is out there….he is doing better than most left fielders these days……we need thirdbase and catching help at the position areas……..I believe Dempster wrote his own ticket to miss the playoffs with his buddy Ted……..Dodgers not trading any of their so-called major prospect pitchers for Dempster……and Theo will not help the Dodgers if he is not getting anything in return…….Garza stays also…….still have time to trade him over the winter……Soto has to have a major surge if he does not want to be let go after this season….he will be offer a $500,000 contract with other teams …..several guys like Lake, Vitters & Jackson will be used by Theo as trade bait….these Hendry type of players, not Theo’s prototypes…….right now, 2013 Cubs might look like this…….

Garza, Woods, Samardzija, Maholm, Russell, Rizzo, Barney. Castro, Soriano, LaHair……many open spots…….winter trade period might see Marmol & Garza going elsewhere……a year from now, we might be talking about a Soriano trade happening…..I know Alfonso wants to be on a winner this season, and trying his best to show he still can hit………….paying Garza $16-18 million per year is not in the Cubs best interest…….getting major prospects in return is for Tho & Jed vision of building up this Cubs team……sacrifices have to be made……Garza will be one of them.

Okay I have a question for everyone, in your opinions do you think we should keep Dempster or Garza!?!?!?

Neither…..we are several years away from the playoffs, and both Dempster and Garza will be past their prime to help this team at that time.

Ozzie Gullien sent Carlos Zambrano to the Marlins bullpen.

Isabel, I would rather keep Garza than Dempster and although I wouldn’t MIND keeping Garza, especially if signed to an extension I would rather see them both go in trades to help replenish the system. I wouldn’t go as far as Cubs Talk and say Garza will be past his prime when the Cubs challenge for a playoff spot but Cubs Talk makes a good point.

Yea agreed…I would also keep Garza.

Whooo we cant get rid of Barney! He just did a great homer that’s giving us the lead now!😀

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