8/1 Follow up on Dempster trade

The Cubs would’ve preferred that Ryan Dempster had a dozen teams he wanted to be traded to but the right-hander made it clear the Dodgers were No. 1 on his list, and Theo Epstein said it isn’t fair to portray the pitcher as being selfish in his stance. On Tuesday, the Cubs dealt Dempster to the Rangers for two Minor League players after they were unable to complete a deal with the Dodgers. Los Angeles gave Epstein a list of untouchable players, and didn’t budge. Dempster had the final say because he has 10-and-5 rights.

Two or three days before news broke on July 23 that the Braves and Cubs had consumated a deal, Epstein told Dempster that Atlanta was very interested and to consider that team. The day before, Epstein told Dempster the Braves weren’t going to wait long for a decision. The Cubs and Braves then finalized the names.

“Ryan never got the opportunity for more than an hour to fully contemplate Atlanta with a deal actually in place,” Epstein said. “I feel for him. Instead of having time to contemplate it privately, he had everyone telling him what to do and asking questions about it. I think it’s hard to criticize him.”

Dempster never said he didn’t want to be traded to the Braves. He was holding out for a chance to go to the Dodgers.

“He didn’t say ‘no’ — he said, ‘not now,'” Epstein said. “He said, ‘No, I’m not going to go to Atlanta until I see about L.A.’ Atlanta very reasonably didn’t want to wait around and risk not getting a pitcher. He had a place he wanted to go, and a clear No. 1, which is his right, and he wanted to see that through and I don’t hold that against him.”

Any criticism directed at Dempster isn’t warranted, Epstein said.

“It’s not fair for anyone to criticize Ryan unless they’ve been in that spot,” Epstein said. “It’s a right he’s earned. Do we wish he would’ve had 12 places that were an ideal destination for him instead of one? Sure. That Atlanta deal that we had lined up, I felt was an outstanding deal for the organization. Would we have liked to have executed it? Absolutely.”

The Cubs were to get 22-year-old Randall Delgado in exchange for Dempster. Instead, they were able to still complete a deal with the Braves, sending Paul Maholm and Reed Johnson for two Minor League pitchers.

In the final hour before the Trade Deadline on Tuesday, Dempster was with Epstein and general manager Jed Hoyer to listen to conversations with the Dodgers.

“Once he came into our office and actually heard the conversations we had with L.A., he came to realize, ‘OK, that’s not actually going to happen, let me consider a couple other places,’ and the deal got done with about three minutes left,” Epstein said.

Dempster, Epstein and Hoyer were able to joke about the talks prior to the Trade Deadline.

“I know it started to be characterized in the media as contentious, and it wasn’t at all,” Epstein said. “Had we made that trade with Atlanta, we don’t get [Arodys] Vizcaino for Maholm and Johnson. Everything worked out in the end.”

— Carrie Muskat


“Everything worked out in the end”………only time will tell.

“Any criticism directed at Dempster isn’t warranted”, Epstein said. …you read that part too? Epstein didn’t seem to think he was being disrespected at all.

Jerry, you need to read between the lines. Dempster went back on his word with Theo. Atlanta was #2 on the trade list. Dodgers were #1. Dodgers did not come in with a trade, Theo turned to the Braves. Dempster stomped his foot for the Dodgers. Cubs lost out on Delgado. At the last minute after another fail attempt to send “Crying Ryan” to the Dodgers, Dempster needed to get out of Chicago so he would not get booed on Tuesday night. Braves did not want Ryan. Ryan showed the Braves he was not a team player. The Braves look for players who want to commit in winning, not whining. Ryan became panic in the 11th hour and told Theo send him to any playoff team now. Hello Texas. Theo needs to pamper these 10/5 players. There is another one on the Cubs named Soriano. Once the team is cleared of the “Hendry Boys”, Theo & Jed can go full speed on their Cubs.

Pretty sure he decided on just the Yankees and Texas in the end. and do “Hendry’s boys” not include Castro and Barney, or Baez..? Sounds to me like you’re doing most of the whining.

Hey Cubs Talk Can you give me a source or a quote from Dempster where he said “Atlanta was #2 on the trade list. Dodgers were #1. ”
From all the reports I have read that never happened. Not saying you are wrong but I was looking for this before the trade.
Anyway I wish Ryan Dempster good luck in Texas.

Ryan is pitching tonight. It’s hot here, 107 with a 20 mph wind. Wish him well.

I think a lot of us understand what Cubs Talk means by “Hendry Boys” and can easily distinguish between the many goofy decisions Hendry made and the few Castros that came along. That said, Hendry does indeed deserve some accolades for the few bright spots he left but will always be overshadwed by the many duds he saddled us with.

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