8/5 Baker to Tigers

The Cubs continued to deal veteran players, sending utility man Jeff Baker to the Tigers on Sunday for two players to be named. The ability to move Baker helped the Cubs decide to promote top prospect Josh Vitters. Cubs GM Jed Hoyer said they had some talks with the Tigers at the Trade Deadline about Baker, and Detroit claimed the versatile right-handed hitter off waivers. The two teams then worked out a deal.

“I’m happy for Jeff,” Hoyer said. “They wanted him a lot and he gets to go into a pennant race and we get to bring up Josh and give him a chance he’s earned.”

Baker wasn’t surprised at the news. The Cubs now have dealt Paul Maholm, Ryan Dempster, Reed Johnson, Geovany Soto and Baker this week.

“When you see the direction they’re going here now, you knew it was a possibility,” Baker said. “When they made the moves with Maholm, Reed, and Demp, to be honest, I don’t blame them. They’ve got to go young and see what they’ve got and see what they’ve got for the future. I just made up 21 games in the standings, so I’m definitely excited about that.”

— Carrie Muskat


Baker is right, that’s why Vitters and Jackson are up sooner than the Sept. 1 expanded rosters. Baker has a good take on his being traded. I never cared for him taking a roster spot from a kid and it turns out he pretty much agrees. I hope he does well and helps put the Tigers over the top in a role he can actually be useful in instead of preventing the auditions sorely needed in Wrigley. Let me guess, somebody might have a different opinion….what a country!

I like these young guys up now…..let them play……Baker knew he was ticketed for a playoff team……he will help the Tigers……….the Cubs are all about the “youth movement” now…….sit back and watch our kids play.

I hope we get Olliver or Crosby as one of the two. i know i’m dreamin but that would be oh so very nice. hope the prospects do well. grats on getting called to the show. sucks for Campy. hope he can get his obp up i still want him as the Cubs 26th next year. GO CUBS!

Beisbol been bery, bery good, to me


Good luck Jeff Baker. You have been a great Cub, enjoyed watching you.
Hope you have a great future.

A great Cub? This is Jeff Baker…right?

Joey, I think Jeff Baker played the game well. I did enjoy watching him and I wish
him the best. As a utility player he was great. At the same time, I am very glad
to welcome Jackson and Vitters to the team.

Tigers get Baker…..Cubs get a Butcher and a Candle Stick Maker in return.

So what? It’s JEFF BAKER. he could have been released and no harm done. At least some warm bodies are headed are way.

Jeff Baker hit lefties well. That’s all he did well as far as talent. No defense to speak of, just able to hit lefty pitching off the bench. That certainly doesn’t qualify him for playing THE GAME well let alone being a great utility player. I would think a great utility player would be able to hit well and have very good defense in several postions. That is not Jeff Baker.

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