8/5 Jackson, Vitters to Cubs

The Cubs shifted their focus to the future Sunday, promoting Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters, both No. 1 Draft picks, to the big league team from Triple-A Iowa. Jackson, the No. 1 Draft pick in 2009, was batting .258 with 15 home runs, 22 doubles, 12 triples, and 158 strikeouts in 106 games at Triple-A Iowa. The strikeout totals are high, but Jackson, who fanned 50 times in June, trimmed that number to 36 in July, and has shown improvement. Vitters, the top pick in the ’07 Draft, was hitting .304 with 17 home runs, 32 doubles and two triples in 110 games. The third baseman hit a three-run homer in the eighth inning on Saturday night for Iowa and stole a base. The only questions have been about Vitters’ defense. The Cubs are 0-4 since the Trade Deadline, and the offense has not shown many signs of life. Chicago has scored two runs in two games against the Dodgers.

— Carrie Muskat


Well, well, well – this is going to be an interesting day! Jackson and
Vitters, no more Jeff Baker, Campana to AAA. I hope Campana can get
back up soon. He is great fun to watch on the bases. Wonder who they
will play today. I wish Jackson and Vitters well on the big team.

where’d you hear about Baker and Campana?

oh nice baker to detroit. and for 2 to be named. i was hoping we would do something with them. they have some great pitching in their farm system. some lefties too.

I can’t believe that we took in the game last nite to see my daughter
working at game via IOWA STATE FAIR –and then aw VITTERS last nite in IOWA hit the ball well ( HR) late…
but looked “bad’ in the field … dropped any easy infield pop-up and looked uneasy fielding grounders… he call hit thou!!
Jackson took two called third strikes first two times up( same spot )
but did have a hit and stolen base later.

I have been a Cubs fan since I was a child. I am now 72 years old and I’m about fed up with the new Cubs management. They are trading away good players for “minor league players to be determined”. I can’t believe how they are decimating the team. I am about done with them. How do they expect the players to give their best when everyone but Starlin Castro is availalbe for trade??

lol they are rebuilding. you gotta have a little patience. i’m pretty excited about this team’s future. and the young guys are fun to watch regardless. but im only 26, and I’ve only been watching for about 15, so I guess I can understand your frustration.

Well I am 76 yrs. old and it is really hard to see players that I have enjoyed watching
being traded. I will miss alot of them BUT I know that this is part of the rebuilding
process and we just have to suck it up and greet the new players with enthusiasm.
Try not to be upset and stay a Cub’s fan. I think they are playing Jackson today.
Cheer him on – he must be thrilled to be coming to the big team. Even we older
ladies have to be willing to accept change. Dagnabit!

Hang in there Barbara, take your meds and eat your veggies, and we will see a Cubs World Championship team very soon.

I like Epstein,Hoyer moves, Ivbeen fan since 59,go Cubs go!!!!

Great to see these moves, it’s what I (and Mamma) have been calling for a while. Promoting both Vitters AND the strike out prone Jackson to the bigs BEFORE the sept 1 exapansion. Gosh, who would have thought??? After all wasn’t somebody always commenting that we wouldn’t see either of these guys before Sept 1 and probably not until next season? Hmmm…..who was that? Could it have been… No way, HE’S too smart. I wonder if the Hoystein ran it past….gosh I can’t think of his name….

Dude you’re like soooo smart. you should have your own baseball blog because your opinions are always spot on. I for one saw no reason to bring them up. but with the lack of offense since the deadline and baker getting traded they needed some help. I don’t think they would’ve been called up had Baker not been dealt. but I still see no difference in them coming up now or waiting till later. way to alienate people though Joey. Good for you.

You’re welcome Jerry! I always thought myself and the all the other people sharing my opinion regarding Vitters AND Jackson being called up sooner rather than later as being sooooo smart, turns out…we are! Ha! Duh, of course Baker being dealt had something to do with it as did Campana being SENT DOWN. They still did not have to promote Vitters and Jackson, they could have kept Campana and filled Baker’s spot with just ONE more, “nothing to lose” AAA guy like Valbuena BUT THEY DIDN’T. Instead, they CHOSE to MAKE room for Vitters and Jackson a lot sooner than the 9/1 expansion date, makin Hoystein soooooooo smart, like me! And Mamma!
Oh boy!!! By the way, sorry to have alienated you and ALL the PEOPLE, with my lil ol humble opinion….I don’t think so, DUDE.

if baker was still on the team they wouldn’t be up till Sept 1… lets see how they do… its not that I won’t cheer for them but joey I don’t if you understand how much Jackson strikes out. Stats don’t lie bro…..

I do understand he strikes out A LOT, i get it. I just think compared to the alternatives that exist on the major league club we might as well let Jackson work on his strike outs in the big leagues with the coaching staff that will be responsable for his progress for years to come. Besides his other attributes (defense, power, speed) will also be on the big league team not just his strike outs. I think we’re on the same page with Jackson. Let him play, cheer him on and YES, hope his hi strike out ratio is corrected. Despite his strikeouts he will help the Cubs more so than anybody else that has been trotted out to CF. (or right field for that matter)

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