8/5 Garza headed to DL

Cubs pitcher Matt Garza was sent back to Chicago on Sunday to be examined by the team medical staff after experiencing some stiffness in his right arm. He will likely be placed on the disabled list.
The Cubs had hoped Garza could start Tuesday against the Padres. He has not pitched since July 21, coming out of that game with cramping in his right elbow. He threw in the bullpen on Friday, and again on Saturday.

“It was pretty stiff today so nothing major, but he’s not going to be able to go on Tuesday,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said after Sunday’s game. “He threw two sides and was kind of stiff today. We’re going to back him off and send him home to see the doctor.”

— Carrie Muskat


Does anyone else sense Tommy John surgery here?

Where are all those Garza supporters who want to give this guy a $16 million per year contract now?


Really sorry to hear that Garza is still having problems with his arm. Sure
hope he doesn’t have to have surgery.He should be having time to enjoy
the birth of his new baby, not having to deal with surgery.

Ms. Carrie, do not let those other baseball reporters make fun of what or who you see in your soup. But if “Powerball” numbers do show up in your soup, play them. And if you win, you can laugh away as you sit on a beach on a South Pacific island. I am willing and able to serve your Tropical drinks to you as your trusty servant in a Cubs glass. I am also good on applying sun tan lotion on women and sailing any yacht you might want to own.

You are a jerk!!!!!!!!

Sticks and stones…..

lol thats all you dude. 60+ is a little older than i’d be willing to travel.

I’ve always said I wouldn’t mind keeping Garza as he is a good pitcher and may be one of the better trades the allmighty Hendry “pulled off”. Nobody, not Hendry nor all the fans that wanted to sign him for $16 mill per year can ever forsee injuries so Cubs Talk, I think you are a little too harsh on this one. Besides, I read this blog quite regularly (ha!) and don’t recall reading many comments regarding signing Garza to a $16 mil anual contract…signing him, yes…$16 mil??? Where did that figure come from?

No 60+ would want to touch you rude immature idiots with a 10 foot pole.
Now back to baseball. Garza is a fine pitcher who deserves our respect.
I also repeat – hope he doesn’t have to have surgery. Would like to see
him back on the mound soon.

To understand the value of a player, you must understand baseball contracts, and comparing them to other players similar to Garza and his stats. Garza will be asking $16 million per year for five years when he becomes a free agent. Garza is making $9.5 million this year. Garza will ask for about $12 million in arbitration for 2013. Now if he needs TJ surgery, the Cubs will cut him. Yes, cut him. He will have no trade value to the Cubs if he needs TJ surgery. Many other teams will treat Garza like a Ben Sheets. Offer him $1 million in 2014 if he makes their club. Cubs can offer Garza a contract for long term, but at a reduce rate. Garza would have to risk it. Take the lower contract, or wait for a bigger payday in 2015 or 2016. It took Ben Sheets four years to come back from his arm problems to be with the Braves. Sheets had time with Oakland, which set him back. Hopefully the fans and other scouts can see Garza pitch before this season ends. So Jed can ship him off and get anything for Garza this off season.

I’d turn to sabermetrics to judge the value of a player before I look at their contract. and there is like an 85% successful return rate within one year of Tommy John, which Sheets did not undergo, and hence has a different return rate and time.

did you really just compare Ben Sheets to Matt Garza…. haha seriously? Ok lets see Garza is 28 and just has a nagging injury ( SO FAR) when Ben Sheets got hurt he was what 33 or 34. TJ isn’t as risky anymore this isn’t 1990 even though it may be hard for some of your old timers to realize that. TJ has a 85% success rate and many times pitchers come back just as strong. Proof? See Stephen Strausburg…… 16 mill for Garza would be the CEILING on Garza especially with this recent injury but still 16 mill per year for 5 years of Garza would be an acceptable contract. TORP is becoming VERY VERY expensive. An top of line ACE (#1 pitcher) is 20mill plus! And its just going to keep going up so 16 mill for Garza is a decent deal. Hell Zambrano is getting 18-19 million now THATS OVER PAYING!

Zambrano….ouch. Hendry’s Garza trade looks like a steal compared to what he ridiculously signed Zambrano to. I too do not see a logical comarison to Sheets. Not at this point. Garza shoud still be a good long term pitcher for the Cubs OR another team.

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