8/6 Growing pains

Sunday was a great day for the young Cubs. Monday was more humbling for Brett Jackson, who struck out four times in a 2-0 loss to the Padres. He fell behind 0-2 in the last three at-bats.

“Basically it came down to swinging at strikes,” Dale Sveum said. “I don’t care who you are, if you don’t swing at strikes you’ll have a tough time. When he got two strikes on him, he couldn’t lay off pitches that were quite a bit out of the zone.”

The Cubs may have to live with the outfielder’s free swinging style.

“He’s going to be in [the lineup],” Sveum said. “That was part of the deal, that he’s going to be here to develop and what we see and make adjustments and go from there. Bottom line doesn’t matter unless you’re swinging at strikes.”

Jackson knows it, too.

“It’s something I’m working on cutting down and like I said [Sunday], I’ll keep working with [hitting coach James Rowson] and Dale and keep improving my swing,” Jackson said. “There’s no doubt in my mind we’ll get the ability out of me.”

It’s only been two games, but does he notice any difference in big league pitching?

“No,” Jackson said. “Obviously, the guys tonight had good stuff and made some good pitches, and I chased some pitches that I shouldn’t have chased. I think when it comes to striking out, a lot of that has to do with me chasing pitches that I don’t need to swing at, and missing pitches I do swing at. That’s something I’ll figure out. It’s baseball, and I’m going to keep improving as  a player until I can’t improve any more.”

— Carrie Muskat


hmmmmmm i think I brought up this issue…….. hmmmmm….. where ya at now Joey?

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I’m right here. What’s the big deal? I’ve never said Jackson DOESN’T strike out a lot, the whole world knows that he does and even a few other GENUISES other than yourself Petrey have brought up “this issue”. Wow. Amazing you’re not a GM. All I said, and will continue to say is that Jackson needs to be in the big leagues working on his strikeouts BECAUSE EVERYBODY ELSE WE HAVE SUCKS and his other attributes will help the team in the meanwhile. Now let’s move on, cheer him on like YOU SAID. Duh. OMG. How juvenile can you get Petrey?

I wonder if there’s an over/under anywhere for Jackson’s strikeouts.

even if he collects golden sombreros from now until the end of the season, he’s gonna have a hard time catching adam dunn. incidentally, any team would be happy to have the kind of production dunn brings, even if he does K a lot. bottom line, it’s possible to be a valuable major league player even if you strike out a lot. jackson has a decent career OBP–why do you think he’s been put at the top of the lineup?

i’m glad to see him up regardless. if he doesn’t work out, he doesn’t work out, but at least give him a chance. if nothing else, i appreciate watching him play center. he’s good enough to do that, i’m-fast-and-good-so-i-can-play-shallow-and-go-back-on-deep-flies thing. cub fans haven’t seen that in a while.

I agree, NICE point Insveum, welcome aboard! I guess we know where YOU are too… Nice to know more people than not are glad to see this kid up NOW….God forbid….BEFORE he has learned to cut down on his strikeouts while being wasted n AAA…oh my end of the world!!! The Cubs brought somebody up too soon!!! Call the Men In Black!!! It’s simple, during this lousy season there is more to gain by seeing the likes of Jackson, Vitters, Castillo etc than worrying about ruining their career.
We may not gain in the standings with them but we will know if they are keeper or not just as Castro’s presence did not get us near the NL Central lead but we know he’s HERE TO STAY, and we no longer need worry about finding a SS. Same should be the case with Vitters at 3B and Jackson in CF.

and lets be honest: at this point in the season, there’s more to be gained by losses than wins. right now the cubs are in line for the 3rd pick in next year’s draft; i don’t see any way the cubs can ‘catch’ the astros, but they could conceivably finish worse than the rockies and get the 2nd pick.
if you’re looking at the W-L column it may be a tough couple months for the cubs and their fans, but the long term vision is being helped along both by getting to see what the kids can do and, simultaneously, by getting closer and closer to a high pick in next year’s draft.
this might be tough to swallow for some of the more blithely chipper fans on this site, but it’s the hard truth.

I think looking at the youth is the best thing about this season and frankly it took them long enough to get started. I bet a lot of us fans have grown tired of being thought of as naive and gullable that we could be convinced the Cubs were “trying to win ball games”. It’s about time they treat us like intelligent, understanding fans that KNOW there has to be a youth movement….SO BRING IT ON ALREADY, cut us some respect and we WILL enjoy our Cubs and we WILL be there for our team. Just do it already and stop feeding us lines. The hard truth has been known for quite a while now anyway, let’s get moving already.

all im going to say is 7 K’s in a row…… ur right he is working on the K’s…. what a great idea! Bring him up to harder competition and see if that cures his K issues… give me a break guys……… its like you guys are trying to polish a turd… and getting no where

What harm is being done while Jackson gets his HITS, FIELDS his postion well AND strikes out a lot on THIS team? WHO’S spot on the roster his he denying? NONE. He is gaining much needed experience just as Castro did during his “WASTED” time on a woeful team. Jackson is up because it’s time to truly find out if he is a piece of the puzzle next season more so than he is a great contact hitter. Same thing regarding Vitters and his fielding. Their playing time will absolutley help shape the direction Hoystein will go during the offseason.

7 k’s in a row….

No harm….except for the fact you eluded that Jackson is a turd….NOT NICE PETREY!!

7 k’s in a row…..

No harm….(your turn)

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