8/6 LaHair bumped again

Bryan LaHair is the odd man out for the second time this season. LaHair lost the first base job to Anthony Rizzo on June 26, and now has been bumped from the Cubs outfield with the arrival of Brett Jackson.

“It’s going to be tough getting playing time,” Dale Sveum said of LaHair, who was one of the Cubs’ two All-Stars. “Unfortunately, these things happened to him twice with our two biggest prospects coming up in the same season and him getting bumped from a position.”

LaHair batted .194 in 21 July games, and was 3-for-9 in four games in August.

Jackson batted leadoff Monday in his second big league game, which he did for 56 games at Triple-A Iowa. Jackson batted .279 against left-handers at Iowa, and got a hit off Dodgers southpaw Randy Choate on Sunday.

— Carrie Muskat


wouldn’t be an issue if he hadn’t lost the ability to hit.
get mad, bryan! show some fire!

What should the Cubs do with LaHair?

A – Have him as a starter outfielder
B – Have him be a pinch hitter
C – Trade him for pitching
D – See if Lahair can be a pitcher.

or E-Keep him for depth……….. EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lahair is a great piece bc he is cheap and can produce at times. We couldn’t get much for him so why trade him? Please tell me D was a joke…. i think it was

lol wouldn’t that be ‘B’.? on the bench as a pinch hitter. and we have enough cheap players putting out occasional production. I’d rather make room for someone who costs more and produces more.

i feel bad for the guy. i wouldn’t be surprised if he just retired at season’s end.

i feel bad for him too. not being able to hit lefties has really derailed his development in the majors. the manager–and maybe the management–just had no faith in him in those situations, and now he seems without faith in himself.

we are benching a guy with the second highest ops on the team…does that bother anybody else? who cares how much he has struggled lately, let him work through it

It use to bother me and I was a big supporter of LaHair but after watching his ABs latley and seeing him take so many called strike threes….I think he blew his golden opportunity to force himself into the line up as an outfielder. His time came and went and now it is Jackson’s time. Let’s face it, the outfield of LaHair, Soriano and DeJesus will be history soon enough anyway, all are insufficient, incomplete ballplayers with as many deficiencies to their game as there are skills.

Is obvious Soriano and LaHair have plethora of shortcomings; to which aspects of DeJesus`game do you allude; is it that he does not hit enough nor hit for power, or is there more?

jhosk, DeJesus falls short in the offensive category for sure and I would like to see quite a bit more run production from a corner outfielder which he is, except for the brief time when FORCED to play CF to accommodate LaHair in RF. His bat is rather week, his power is non-existant and his defense is good enough for a nice fourth outfielder capable of covering all three spots. He has not enough speed to make him a legit running threat/base stealer so all in all he doesn’t bring much impact to the game and is obviously a temporaty warm body that Hoystein thought necessary, very similar to what Hendry did when he ill-advisedly brought in Byrd.

good looking wife, though…

She would draw more fans to the game if playing RF too! (hey, good for revenue…)

I would play LaHair any day over Mather. Mather isn’t hitting and he isn’t
playing defense all that well. Why do they keep putting Mather in? I still
miss Reed Johnson. I know – so sue me. I really liked his defense AND

I think Mather’s days are numbered, he was only getting in there because he’s right handed and for some reason there have been a string of Cubs’ managers that love to platoon instead of letting the better hitter just hit. Evidently the platoon bug has caught Sveum?

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