8/7 Cubs lineup – UPDATED

Alfonso Soriano was scratched Tuesday because of swelling in his right hand, and is day to day. He injured it in the sixth sliding into second base. Left-hander Brooks Raley makes his Major League debut on Tuesday when the Cubs face the Padres in the second game of their three-game series. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus LF

Jackson CF

Castro SS

Rizzo 1B

LaHair RF

Clevenger C

Valbuena 3B

Barney 2B

Raley P

— Carrie Muskat


So what’s Sveum’s deal? He has a bad case of Quade disease? What is more important the next two months? Finding out if Valbuena can get his average over .200 because HE has a legit shot at being the STARTING third baseman next year or to see if Vitters can hit lefties and righties AND field??? Haven’t we been subjected to enough of this type of managing?

nice young starting line up. maybe add a veteran hitter and leader like Kevin Youkilis next season and we might be on our way to good things. and need too to trade Bryan Lahair let,s get some young major league ready pitching in return

Vitters will probably start Wed vs lefty Clayton Richard. Sveum is trying to put him in situations where he’ll have success. Vitters batted .331 vs left-handers (.290 vs right-handers)

With all due respect Carrie, we’ve heard that before…been there, done that. .290 vs. righties sounds pretty successful. Playing Valbuena ahead of Vitters does not seem logical at this point and is putting players in where they would succeed isin’t cutting it anymore. I wonder if Epstein is happy to Valbueana, a future star playing ahead of Vitters?????

Joey, I completely agree that it makes no sense to call up Vitters and to then hurt his development by playing Valbuena who has had more than enough opportunities to prove he is not an everyday major league player. Makes zero sense!

Castro hasn’t been hitting. I have noticed that every time he comes up to
bat that he is reaching into his pockets for seeds and stuffing them in his
mouth. I know all the guys chew gum, etc. but it seems that his attention
is focused on getting the seeds in his mouth rather than squaring up to
hit. I wonder if he would be better off getting the seeds in place before
getting to the plate. He has always been a hitting machine – just wonder.

Sandberg started out more like 0-34.

Vitters has been with the team for two days (today is day #3). I think it’s a little hasty to be judging what they’re doing for the rest of his career after two games

That is a very good point, Carrie. It’s hard not to get a little jumpy considering the way things have been handled in the not so distant past.

OK…so, why would Valbuena start over Vitters again? Your comment regarding being hasty does nothing to EXPLAIN why on God’s green earth Sveum would EVER start Valbeuna over Vitters the rest of this season, barring injury or illiness. Hasty? That’s all you got Carrie? Dissapointed that you would even go down the “hasty judgement” road. We are talking about a SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER HITTER remaining on the bench when the only reason he is up is to find out HOW SIGINIFICANTLY BETTER a hitter he is than VALBUENA. Or did I miss a DFFERENT Valbuena make the team? Because the one I’ve been watching CAN’T HIT REGULARYLY. Good fielder yes but he is NOT in consideration to start at 3B next year. Please.
It’s nearly insulting for any fan that wants to see Vitter play every last game this season instead of the afterthought Valbuena as being hasty. Really? Valbuena????

yes it is hasty i totally agree!! i seem to remember a young 3rd baseman ( yes, third baseman) named Ryne Sandberg started out his career 0 for 28. so i say give Vitters a chance thats why we brought him up!!

That’s my point Michael Dingle, Sandberg PLAYED becuase they wanted to see what they had in him and there was NOBODY better. Vitters SHOULD PLAY because there is no better option. Are you saying we who want Vitters to play every game are being hasty in judging Sveum when you say yourself to give Vitters a chance? Because he certainly isn’t getting a chance TONIGHT againse the oh so powerful Padres. Besides, there may be no “they” as Carrie eludes, it could be Sveum’s decision to sit Vitters and play Valbuena….I could just imagine Epstein and Hoyer scratching their heads when seeing Vitters on the bench and Valbuena and his sub .200 average playing third. Even if Valbuena knocks out multiple hits
tonight and wins the game….to what end? Valbuena will be in the running for the starting 3B job next year? Right. So, I’m not sure what you mean by agreeing it is hasty and in the same sentance you say to play Vitters???? Who, including Carrie is offering any sense in sitting Vitters for ANY game from tonight until the end of the season?

you misread my comment, i agree with playing Vitters. i have never liked Valbuena

Thank goodness. Another sane cub fan!!! Good to know Michael, thanks.

think Josh Vitters should play. and i read where the White Sox are not going to resign Kevin Youkilis and i think he might be a good additon to the Cubs.

People, people, people.( my Chill Wills impression)…the Cubs have a long haul ahead of themselves, and players like Vitters, Jackson and others will have their time….so relax…..if you cannot stand the pain, come back in September 2014 and see where are young stars are at……meanwhile, Theo & Jed have to work on collecting pitchers for this team……we will be a last place team in 2013….hopefully, we can sneak into a Wild Card spot in 2014…..

For those who do not who is Chill Wills, he was a character actor…..stared with both John Wayne and Elvis Presley.

yes i know who Chill Wills was. and with Bryan Lahair,s playing demishing he probably will be traded and i hope we get some good quailty young major league ready pitchers in return. just thought with the white sox not resigning Kevin Youkilis he might be a good additon to the Cubs. and with Drew Sutton back in the minors maybe Jed and company can get him dirt cheap

LaHair is under Cubs control for a few more years…LaHair just needs a new approach….plus, LaHair value is not high….I would keep LaHair for awhile.

Please adjust your lineup card…Soriano will be out of tonight’s lineup….look for Mather to take his place.

New Lineup…..

DeJesus – LF
Jackson – CF
Castro – SS
Rizzo – 1B
LaHair – RF
Clevenger – C
Valbuena – 3B
Barney – 2B
Raley – P

i agree with ms. muskat that 3 games (bench, start, bench) isn’t long enough to be completely sure of what the vision is for vitters’ playing time this year. still, one can make an educated guess, and it’s clearly different from what their approach (stated and practiced) with rizzo was. this is the same approach the pirates have taken with starling marte recently–once called up, he plays everyday regardless of whether that affects the playing time of the guy who used to play there.
dale sveum has stated many times about how he knows how tough it is to be a bench player, having been one himself for many years. he talks about how they need to get regular at bats. it’s pretty clear from this that he has a soft spot for the bench guys (johnson, baker, mather) and in this case he’s probably being overly generous with wanting to keep valbuena fresh as well. as joey mentioned, it’s idiocy as far as long term vision is concerned, but this platoon-and-keep-everyone-fresh thing is sveum’s trademark and we ought to be getting used to it by now.
**by the way, this would make a good article, ms. muskat [hint, hint]. i.e., manager dale sveum’s vision w/r/t possible future pieces of the cubs. then, after getting dale’s take on this, you could go and get theo and jed’s take, and you might have yourself a darn good piece. given your access, it would almost be negligent not to do something like this.

Again, the emphasis is to put the kids in situations where they can succeed. Vitters’ numbers vs LHP are better than vs RHP, plus, you may not like Valbuena’s offense, but he plays solid 3B, and they want a good glove behind Raley. Complaining about not starting Vitters on his 3rd day in the big leagues, to me, is over reacting. Today, Vitters got to do early work with Sveum, Listach. He’ll get plenty of starts

“Again, the emphasis is to put the kids in situations where they can succeed.”
is that your opinion, or is this what you’ve been told? i’m not saying you’re wrong, but i’d be interested to hear that statement made by someone who’s in charge of these kids development. hopefully it’s a company line coming down from the FO through to the manager, and if so, ok.
it’s not that i don’t like valbuena’s offense–this is irrelevant. if there were talk of valbuena possibly being the cubs third baseman of the future, then by all means let him play, not vitters. simply put, in a lost season, i would like to see the playing time go to the players that may have a long term future with this club.
if i’m missing something, i’m open to being told what it is.

If putting kids in a position to succeed is the emphasis and motive of Sveum why was Jackson, who is prone to strike out A LOT put in the lead off spot so early in his career the other day…sounds like a position where he wouldn’t succeed. 4 whiffs in a row. AGAIN, I think Carrie’s relentless “explaination” of why Valbuena starts ANY GAME over a player considered to be the leading candidate (at this time, of course) for 3B is not holding water and smacks of defending the organization and Sveum. Can’t rock the boat in other words. And why would a manager need to keep his bench fresh when the team is nowhere NEEDING a fresh bench to win important, play-off determining ball games? They just TRADED their bench! A clear signal that the emphasis should be on development, not keeping the bench fresh. The other day Sveum said you would see him keep kids in certain situations just to see how they handle it….why wouldn’t anybody want to see Vitters at 3B last night to see how he plays? Why wouldn’t starting at third base vs. the “juggernaut” Padres be an opportunity for Vitters to succeed?

please HOYSTEIN don’t sing Youk……… what part of old washed up players do some of you not get?

petrey, you may not like this but…I ABSOLUTLEY AGREE WITH YOU!!!

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