8/7 Soriano scratched

Alfonso Soriano was scratched from Tuesday’s lineup because of swelling in his right hand. He injured his hand when he slid into second base in the sixth inning Monday and into the spikes of second baseman Logan Forsythe. Soriano is day to day.

“I can’t be Superman,” Soriano said.

— Carrie Muskat


How vain can this guy be? Now he has to play up his advancing to second base on a wild pitch and hurting his hand on a slide?? It’s more embarrassing than anything else but I guess he’s not used to such activity anymore. Superman? He can’t even be Aquaman.

Apparently no one reads comments from Soriano’s team mates. To a man they have praised his work ethic and dedication but some “fans” think they know more about him than the players who share the field with him.

ya but joey right …. he knows all………. I with you man Soriano is great in the clubhouse and a has put in the work to try and improve on the field. Him not playing through a swollen hand? What the heck do you guys want from him? He is hurt…. he got hurt sliding into 2nd whats the big deal? You think this is the first person to do so? geeeeeeezzzzzz

I would prefer he not make silly, conceited comments like “I can’t be Superman”. The entire Cubs fandom knows he can’t, does not expect him to be nor want anybody on our team to be as self centered to utter such drivel during an interview. And he is the veteran presence on this team? geeeeeeeezzzzz is right.

Soriano more than likley has a great work ethic and much dedication….with very little baseball instincts and all around skills. He’s salvaged a year with some improved defense and good hitting but is fooling nobody when it comes to playing all around excellent baseball. A 12 year veteran and he still throws the ball more toward the third base coach than the third baseman the other night while all along a good outfielder that KNOWS what he’s doing throws the ball into 2B preventing the batter that hit a routine single from taking the extra base. He had no chance at getting the runner at 3B, the runner at third had no chance of scoring but Soriano still throws to third in what Bob Brenly calls his worst play of the season turning yet again a one base hit into a “two base hit”. The Cubs got lucky the runners didn’t score. Since he came up Soriano has always been a man without a positon, and along comes Hendry and makes him the Cubs’ problem for eight loooooooooooooooooooooong years. Mamma Mia has it right. Dedication and work ethic? Too little, too late!

I agree with Mamma. Soriano continues to be sugar coated by the entire organization in an effort to bury a miserable acquistion and contract and hopefully increase, no CREATE some trade value, if only the baseball Gods would allow! His limited baseball instincts and style of play cannot be offset by all his TREMENDOUS work effort and dedication. He has improved this year but only upon his own standards, not saying much.

still, aren’t you glad the entire organization is doing their best to create trade value? and by improving this year, soriano’s helping with that as well. if we’re lucky, he may get a chance at a pennant race soon.

I am VERY glad about that Insveum. It’s really makes the entire nauseating Soriano situation palatable. That and knowing it is just a matter of time that he is no longer clogging up the outfield and the lineup. The sad thought is he may not want to leave the Cubs during the next two seasons choosing to remain ruling in hell rather than serving in heaven. He may fear being exposed on an actual championship, play-off boune team, you know…where one would expect to perform at a high caliber….

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