8/8 Castro’s struggles

The crowd was so quiet at Tuesday’s Cubs-Padres game that it was easy to hear Starlin Castro slam his batting helmet in the dugout after flying out in the sixth. He has two hits in his last 28 at-bats, and vowed Wednesday will be different.

“Until he’s willing to make some adjustments, it’s going to be a constant battle to be consistent hitter,” Dale Sveum said of Castro, who led the National League in hits last season. “Everything’s inbetween — the leg kick, all the hand movement and everything. There has to be some adjustments to center baseballs on a consistent basis.”

“It’s very tough,” Castro said. “It’s going to be gone tomorrow, hopefully. This kind of thing never happened to me. I don’t feel too good about it. I don’t know what happened. I was aggressive at home plate.”

From the start of the season until June 10, Castro was batting .308. Since June 12, when Rudy Jaramillo was dismissed as Cubs hitting coach, Castro was batting .226.

— Carrie Muskat


QUIT TRYING TO MAKE THE KID A HOME RUN HITTER!!!! He is a contact hitter…. plain and simple…. forget about the dang homers its not his game and get back to hitting for average. Let Rizzo and Co hit the homers. The FO needs to get Castro some power hitters so he can get back to the Castro we all love…………

Who is making him hit homers? We love it when any of our players gets a homer
but I don’t think we have singled Castro out to be THE HOME RUN HITTER. He is in
a slump and I am sure he will find a way to get back to hitting.

I was wondering the same thing. Has it been documented that anybody is trying to get Castro to hit more homers? As it was the case with Jim Frey and Ryno? If so, who’s the culprit that’s messin’ with Castro? Couldn’t he just be in a slump as White suggests? It is allowed and happens to the best of hitters.

hitting him 3rd or 4th would be trying to make him a power hitter……….. hes a 2 hitter end of story…… could be a future HOF 2 hitter… fits the mold perfectly

Starlin being a very young man has never had to deal with adversity in baseball. He was all ways the #1 best hitter on his team since many years ago. Now he is only into his second year of baseball facing the best in the world. He is going to have to learn patience and listen to his coaches. He is not going to hit 200 hits every year especially at his young age. You can see he is a very emotional kid and this works against him. There is no overnight fix for his problem. He just has to adjust and grind grind every game.

I agree! Very well stated. He is young, needs to learn patience and to control his
overactive emotions. And then, again, that is what makes him a very talented

Not trying to stir up anything, but this is actually Starlin’s 3rd season. He hit .300 his rookie season at age 20 and led the league in hits last season at age 21.

I wouldn’t mind him giving up the sunflower seeds while in the batter’s box either.


I wonder if anyone out there has ever played on a really bad team; it doesn’t exactly make one play to their full potential. The very same thing will happen to Jackson, Vitters and Rizzo, mark my word. This non-sense of treating these kids Epstein/Hoyer like gods standing on their every word as this is crazy; to this point they are one hit wonders and need to earn their stripes and all they have done to date is drop payroll by moving the only performers getting little in return. Sometimes rebuilding only means a reason for excuses and job security while taking advantage of the loyal Cub fans that come out everyday win or lose; try telling your boss we’ll make money in 3-5 years and say good bye to your job. As for Sveum, doesn’t seem to the players are responding to well to his methods to date and must prove his worth as well not to method the several rookie manger mistakes he has made. Wake up Cub fans and stop going out to the park and see how fast this rebuilding mode accelerates.

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