8/8 Cubs lineup

Josh Vitters gets the start Wednesday and Brett Jackson will get a break in the Cubs’ series finale against the Padres and lefty Clayton Richard. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus CF

Barney 2B

Rizzo 1B

Soriano LF

Castro SS

Castillo C

Vitters 3B

Mather RF

Samardzija P

— Carrie Muskat


I am glad they are giving Jackson a day off. Could tell how frustrated he
was yesterday. Perhaps he can work with the hitting coach and get his
confidence back. He must feel pretty bad about now.

Sandberg started out 0-34 for the Cubs. His career was not that bad when it ended.

Sometimes it is confounding…not QUADE confounding yet still confounding when Sveum espouses the kids are here to play, we are behind the 8 ball, it’s now about
development….and then we see them on the bench, ALREADY getting breaks. This is the third day since both Vitters and Jackson were called up and not one of the three days did they both start the same game….

Yes they did, Joey. On Monday, Jackson and Vitters both started vs Padres.

Thank you for the correction Carrie. I must have been watching the riveting Olympics.

joey i really wonder if you have ever played a game of baseball above little league. Do you know how frustrating it is to strike out 7 times in a row? The break is for Jackson to rest the mental side of his game. He needs to try and forget about the K’s and refocus….. that sometimes can’t/won’t happen if you play everyday. Relax bro!!!!

Ovious your hatred toward me is endless. So glad that you are now at the point with your obsession with me that you spend your days waiting to reply to my comments, catching a mistake on my part and NOW wondering about my baseball experience. Juvenile on the edge of pathetic.
And, regardless of the amount of exclaimation marks you use in your COMMANDS, I for one will not bow to them and I certainly am not your bro. You may be one frustrated, self-centered and mean individual with a hard time grasping the concept that mine (and other’s) comments are not posted to get YOUR reaction and relaxing may just be the medicine YOU need. Not commanding you to relax of course, having no such authority. This remains fun!!

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