8/8 Welcome to Wrigley

Thursday night will mark the Wrigley Field debuts for Cubs’ top prospects Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters.

“The fans are probably curious to look at the guys who all the hype is about,” Dale Sveum said. “I would think they’re very excited to see all these guys. There’s no mystery now as to what’s going on with the team. As a fan myself, you’re always like, ‘I want to see that guy play.’ I would think they’re probably chomping at the bit to see some of these guys, too.”

Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have stressed the need to find impact players. Could Jackson and Vitters be those guys?

“They could be impact players,” Sveum said. “All you want in an organization is the thought of guys who could be impact players. What they do at the big league level is sometimes up to them, and how they do the adjustments.”

What Sveum likes is that Jackson and Vitters have the tools needed.

“They’ve gone through the development,” he said. “Now it’s just being able to develop at the big league level and do things. These guys can be impact players. They’re two-way players. That’s the one thing you want is a two-way player who can hit balls out of the ballpark, who can run balls down, who can throw, who can steal bases. These guys are hard to come by. You hope with the organization and where we’re at now, these are the guys who have to come through now.”

— Carrie Muskat


I wonder if anyone out there has ever played on a really bad team; it doesn’t exactly make one play to their full potential. The very same thing will happen to Jackson, Vitters and Rizzo, mark my word. This non-sense of treating these kids Epstein/Hoyer like gods standing on their every word as this is crazy; to this point they are one hit wonders and need to earn their stripes and all they have done to date is drop payroll by moving the only performers getting little in return. Sometimes rebuilding only means a reason for excuses and job security while taking advantage of the loyal Cub fans that come out everyday win or lose; try telling your boss we’ll make money in 3-5 years and say good bye to your job. As for Sveum, doesn’t seem to the players are responding to well to his methods to date and must prove his worth as well not to method the several rookie manger mistakes he has made. Wake up Cub fans and stop going out to the park and see how fast this rebuilding mode accelerates.

Again, I am repeating myself…we cannot expect overnight miracles with this Cubs team. it is a work in progress…which means it will take several years to get Theo’s team up and running…….don’t like what you see, the White Sox are on the other side of town……or go to Milwaukee……so take a vacation and come back around 2015.

It will be fun watching young Cubs grow into veterans someday.

I really do believe some of this complaining is from that flaky Wrigleyville crowd who have businesses around the stadium. Less fans means less money for them.

his Cubs team will win. But not this year, or next year…..

Yep, it will be more enjoyable watching the rookies “try out” than watch the former players without a Cubs’ future play out the string. Besides, It’s ok Cubs Talk, it seems that repeating oneself is all the rage….ask Deancee

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