8/10 Cubs lineup

Here’s a lineup that should make everyone who wants to see the kids play happy. Josh Vitters and Brett Jackson and Anthony Rizzo are all starting.

DeJesus RF

Barney 2B

Rizzo 1B

Soriano LF

Castro SS

Vitters 3B

Jackson CF

Castillo C

Germano P

* The Cubs are 14-5 in their last 19 games at Wrigley Field, dating to June 25, good for a .737 home winning percentage. That’s third in the majors in that span, behind only the Tigers (16-5/.762) and Reds (15-5/.750).

The Cubs’ .538 winning percentage (28-24) at Wrigley Field is .262 points higher than its .276 winning percentage (16-42) on the road. That’s the largest difference in home and road winning percentage in baseball.

* Alfonso Soriano hit his 20th home runs on Thursday, a game-winning two-run shot in the eighth. It’s his 11th-straight 20-home run campaign, and he joins David Ortiz and Albert Pujols as the only players to record 11 consecutive 20-home run seasons, including this year. Soriano joins Hall of Famer Andre Dawson as the only players to hit 20 or more long balls in each of their first six seasons with the Cubs.

— Carrie Muskat


You are correct Carrie! AND…Vitters and Jackson are down in the order where they should be at this point in there career. Even though the odds are we will lose…we can always hope agains the odds. At the very least this is the line up we should see every day until the end of the year with the exception of Clevenger getting some games in. Unless of course DeJesus is miraculously traded opening the door up for another rookie to have a shot???

“I’m very happy for myself. I’ve never seen myself like a home run hitter, but 11 years in a row, 20 or more, I have to be very proud of myself,” Soriano said. “Be proud because I’ve worked hard to help my team to win.”
So said Soriano after the Cubs “win” vs. the Reds. Help my team win….what exactly?
He’s funny!!!

lol i know nobody likes him because he didn’t perform anywhere near his contract for the Cubs but I still think he’s gonna end up in cooperstown.

you are crazy…..soriano is not a HOF

He’s right!!!!!!!

Soriano will not make the HOF.

Whether he makes HOF or not Soriano has been doing a great job for the
Cubs this year. And he did win the game for us last night! He is well liked
by his team mates which means alot.

I love the cubs but they will never win anything until we have some proven experienced players who could show the young ones how to win. I know that 90 % of the fans are fine with the rebuilding thing, I’m not. The cubs are one of the top 5 MLB baseball team in revenue. There is no reason why we can’t do both. The wool is def not over my eyes. The cubs have added numerous money generating ideas such as the Toyota sign,the expanded bleachers and more. What do we have to show for this? The Iowa cubs. I’m sorry but after 100 years we should demand more. I could understand trading Dempster but why did we trade Maholm a proven #4 or 5 and a experienced 4th outfielder for roll of the dice injured minor league talent. Come on! You are telling me the top teams could not use a Maholm on the starting staff? I’ve played sports my whole entire life. The teams that I have been on with experience players have always beaten the less experienced teams. We should be muscling up the less valued franchise for their major league players and not going after single A players who may never work out. Perfect example is the Aramis Ramirez trade years ago with the Brewers who could not afford him. We should be doing that to 10 other teams. The cubs lose two pitching veterans (Dempster and Maholm) and lose 8 straight. What does that tell you?

Someone who makes sense on this blog! Thank you PG. It’s a hard sell to these people.

I will repeat myself; the winning year (2004) at Boston for Hoyer/Epstein was not linked to the farm club to any great extent. Joeydafish has the right idea just backwards. The Hoyer/Epstein years of success were based on well-chosen pickups from other teams supplemented to a small degree by farm grown talent; they traded for the starting lineup

I think we have them speechless PG…it may show how little they really know about the game and business in general.

“We Stinks”

Rizzo is a keeper!!! Jackson and Vitters should be sent back to Iowa
as soon as possible. They are bringing us nothing but strikeouts and

Valbuena would give us solid defense but he would NOT give us an option for 3B next season. LaHair at this point would give us less than Jackson. So what if these kids are bad NOW…we have nothing to gain the rest of the year except to find out if Vitters and Jackson have ANY chance of making the starting lineup next year. They HAVE to play in order to be evaluated…for more than a week. Besides, if they actually are the REASON the Cubs will finish beneath the Astros then they are actually contributing to a better draft pick…I think…Carrie??

They cannot have them look too bad in case they want to use them as trade bait later…think.

how would lahair give us less than jackson? Just curious as to how you are quantifying that. Also there is about a 95% chance Astros end up with the 1st pick they would have to beat us all 9 games that we play against them the next month and a half. Cubs are bad but the Astros are REAL BAD. I get why Vitters is up here but there is no reason for Jackson to be up here. He didn’t do anything this year in AAA to deserve a promotion. You guys can chirp defense this and defense that the fact of the matter is you still need to be able to HIT the freaking ball. If Jackson falls on his face in the next month look for him to be done as a Cub. The fact is if Lahair wouldn’t have peed down his leg the last 2 months he would be in that OF and Jackson would be where he should….. AAA

Right, LaHair is sucking wind latley so if both LaHair AND Jackson don’t hit, Jackson gives us:
Watching LaHair NOT hit does nothing for next season as he wouldn’t be a starter anyway, don’t you think? Hey, are we being civil? I think so, this is good petrey. Don’t you think there is a chance for the Astros to beat us all 9?

Brett Jackson…..nice swing….can’t hit the ball but a nice swing

Let’s not make him look too bad…maybe good trade bait. Put him back to the little farm where he can maybe hit.

Deancee very true! From proven history you win with pitching. I would love to have them sign 120 million new contracts next year but I know they will not do that. So, that being said even though pitchers break down like an American vehicles LOL. You will need to reload on them. You need to keep Garza but he is not a number 1. So, You need to sign a complimentary player like Dan Haren or Goofy Grienke to be the #1. Then fill out your 3,4 and 5 with players like annibel sanchez, mcarthy, T hudson, Dempster. Then your starting 2013 staff would look like 1) Grienke or Haren or James shields 2) Garza 3) Samardzja 4) and 5) would be Annibel Sanchez, T hudson, Paul Maholm, McCarthy or Ryan Dempster, Designate T. Wood to long relief.

Estimated price tag for (3) F.A Starting Pitching=36 million yearly increase–

Starting lineup

Trade–Jackson (strikes out way too much)for Diamondback top pitching prospect Tyler Skaggs
Very unlikely but if the Mets do not tender David wright at 15m then you sign to a long term deal. Same goes for Cano, Granderson and the catcher Ruiz from Phily.

DeJesus RF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1b
Hamilton OF (I would hate to do it but we need a big time player 5 years) 100 mil
Youkilis 3b (1 year 6 milliion + 1 year option) Get vitters some more time
Soriano LF (or if you could trade for Upton AZ)
Castillo C
Barney 2b (or sign Perelta)?

total Signing Players=31 million yearly increase

We are worth a professional MLB top teir roster. This would be going in the right direction.

Finding it hard to disagree with you PG. The only problem is the owners have their hands over cash register. Epstein/Hoyer would love to do what they did in Boston but the Ricketts aren’t willing to part with more of the family fortune. The Ricketts were groveling for public money to modernize Wrigley.
Reasons for the recent trades (reduce payroll) and this 3-5 year farm plan (most profitable plan).
Don’t know if you have read my posts under Good Wood but I think you would enjoy the silly comments I received in return…wow.

How can Visiting team outfielders can catch those wind blown fly balls at Wrigley, and our Cubs cannot?

No one plays very well with their head hanging down, losing game after game. Sad but simple.

Our Cubs swing at 102mph high fast balls out of the strike zone…..

while our Cubs pitchers keep on throwing hanging change-ups to the other side who mash them to the ivy walls.

Is it me, or has Vitters been the last Cub coming to bat in games now?

You guys can imagine second guess wish for this or wish for that all you want I have been a cub fan for 60 plus years they are doing the right thing. They need to find out if these guys can play. They tried spending money on free agents and somebody else’s rejects in trades etc…………………it didn’t work look at any successful sports franchise and they do it by drafting well and a trade here and there. The cubs do not need another Soriano deal and that’s what you want; I for one think your nuts. Keep up the good work Theo and Jed

Right on Dennis. Hendry’s “free agent of the year” plan never got us to the promised land he gave it his best shot but what good is a fool’s best shot anyway? These kids may all suck the next two months…or not. Finding out now instead of even wasting next spring training’s schedule makes sense. I am with you, Theo and Jed should be given a long leash to accomplish their goal. Hendry had 8 years why not these guys?

My regret joeydafish, I was responding to Dennis but it seems at times my computer is not allowing me to reply on certain comments, same with the last one to me? My congrats joeydafish as I really feel you’re thinking is getting more realistic since our first discussions. I know of no one or two lucky teams was just to give Dennis benefit of the doubt. I once heard Ted Williams say hitting was 50% talent, 40 % confidence and 10% luck and I think the same applies to winning teams; so luck always plays a part. My only true point from the beginning has been that Epstein’s winning modus has never been farm grown to any great extent. In addition, for Epstein to come out and issue this long timetable is just a little too safe for me and lacking confidence which rolls down hill to the players; I would not hire a ops/Sales manager for my business with such a “safe” point of view being realistic or not because I don’t think this is rocket science. Knowing Epstein’s track record and making only low budget trades last year, trading down payroll this year I feel this must be coming down from the Ricketts; this off-season will tell the tale. But please folks, take the time to really look hard at the Epstein/Hoyer track record as it’s not really hall of fame yet and I don’t think is earning of blind faith without question. Epstein has always been a big payroll guy and has made many free agents (among others including trading for Gagne knowing he was on the juice which is now public knowledge) mistakes along the way to his own admission. As for Hoyer, without Epstein his only claim to fame is trading Adrian Gonzalez and the recent remaining legacy for both is teams with losing records this year. And don’t get married to some of these rookies you’re seeing as they will only be used for trade bait later (most likely for quality pitching…right on PG). Please take a look at this Insveum.

Okay, name what championship teams you refer and l will show the majority of the line-up was acquired via trade (excluding maybe the lucky one or two over many years); Money where mouth is. You folks keep talking about Hendry; get over it…he was just bad at it.

Deance, could you address who you are responding to? I am going through the comments trying to find if I referred to a championship team or if it was somebody else? A lot to read through but I don’t see a mention of championship teams. Did I miss it? Thanks. But I would wonder about the one or two lucky teams that you refer to…which teams are those one or two?
Maybe they were well put together by design and not lucky? Even the hi-payroll, or rosters acquired by trade would have to be a little lucky as well, no? Like avoiding injury, balls hit fair or foul by inches, generous srike zone, an ump making a favorable call because his line of site was blocked etc. I think luck plays a part for most if not all World Series champions and not just one or two. But, yes I would have to say most contending teams, luck or not are put together via numerous trades (by capable GMs) but the finding out which players to trade for starts by evaluating the team’s own talent which is taking place at slow, but well thought out pace by Epstein. I remain glad to see all our kids get a chance with the Cubs before being dismissed or traded. Espescially the higher ranked ones. Have a pleasant day. Go Cubs.

Cubbies didn’t look too good out there today. Maholm did though.

Chico I appreciate your comments but you are drinking too much Kool Aid. LOL just teasing. You have some great points the problem is your are dealing with a week division. The division is up for grabs. You win with pitching. That is why the A’S are winning (pitching) they have taken 10 years without any money as you stated drafting scouting and trading for pitching. They have less money than the Chicago FIre LOL. The cubs have no hope at the minor league level with pitchers. Solare and few others, maybe. This is not the 1970 and 80s where we start from scatch. You are a top 5 organization. Please do not ever compare this city to oakland LOL. That be said go out and buy some pitching. You will always over pay for pitching. You are right in regards to Detroit and Boston struggling, but remember why they are failing.. PITCHING! John lester and company forgot how to work out and pitch, poor detroint has only Verlander.

This is Chicago, not Miami,oakland, or some second rate city that does not care about baseball. We care. I care.
I actually like many of the moves Theo and company have made. But, they are starting to scare me.

Appreciate you coming up with a specific counter-plan to the current one, PG. The problem is the timing is not right. I’m not saying they wouldn’t be competitive with that lineup consisting of many of the top FA pitchers and hitters in baseball, but it’s certainly no guarantee (marlins, tigers). Also, and this is more of a personal opinion, I find that kind of a despicable way of trying to win a championship; this is why so many people hate the yankees. Having said that, people tend to ignore the fact that in addition to regularly scooping up the top FAs on the market, the yankees have had a strong homegrown core (especially in the late ’90s) of players to build around.

I agree that the club will need to dip into the FA market at some point in order to change a good team into a very good team, and I think that they eventually will. I have no proof of this, of course, and if it happens that in 2-3 years when many of the cubs top hitting prospects are up in the majors they don’t make a big splash or two (or three), I would probably turn on the ownership as well. Right now, though, even though the cubs will be terrible for the rest of this year and lose a lot of games, I–and most others–feel that Epstein and Hoyer are doing the right thing. It requires patience, but I think our patience will be rewarded in 2-3 years time. Until then, feel free to follow the Angels or another big spender if that’s more enjoyable to you.

**lastly, the A’s are a good example of the ownership failing the fans. the GM has done a nice job building a competitive team from scratch, but there’s no money being given to make a push for a championship. the cubs are not in the same boat, and i don’t think they will be when the time comes.

Glad to hear Steve Stone agree with us, wondering why we are not seeing more of Vitters at third base to see if he can play the positon or not, leading to finding another postion (if he hits) or finding another option for 3B (if he can’t field) as he also stated that Valbuena (“a good guy”) is NOT in the Cubs’ plans for 3B. In all fairness he also made light of Jackson’s hi strike out ratio and laughed about it. Can’t argue about that however not many options knocking at the door for next year’s wide open outfield competition…that is if Epstein wants GOOD outfielders that play an all around GOOD game.

Deance is right on the money. I am not agaist going young. But you could go young and bring in experienced F/A and trade for good players at the same time. I am sick an tired of our fans saying we screwed up with the signing of Soriano. When the cubs signed him he was coming off 4o hrs and 40 SB. The only way you get that kind of talent is to overspend. So we screwed up with 1 guy now we should never sign a long term deal again? Come on. Look at the Yankees. Just because one deal doesn’t work, they continue investing in the right talent. After Carl Pavano, and AJ Burnett does’t work out they go and get CC Sabathia, and others. I know you are going to say that they make the money and their payroll is 260 mill, but why is our payroll at 103 mill. Why not bring in some reinforcements and have a payroll of 180 mill? GO CUBS!! If you fall for it takes time try telling your boss that at work. See what he says? LOL

And don’t get married to some of these rookies you’re seeing as they will only be used for trade bait later (most likely for quality pitching…right on PG). Please take a look at this Insveum.

There you go PG! Along with that, many here don’t understand the business side of baseball. One can’t just let these rookies just hang out to dry because they would lose their trade bait status (for quality pitching) later down the road; equal mix of giving them a shot along with holding their market value. Seems simple to me???

We screwed up by signing Soriano.
PG even admitted we screwed up by signing Soriano.
I would not associate the major screw up of Soriano with never signing a position player to a long term contract. I am all for long term contracts, but for players that actually can play an all around great game, meaning more than one or two tools and actually belong in the NL and at the end of the long term contract…produce. In other words never, ever sign a player SIMILAR IN AGE OR TALENT TO SORIANO to a long term contract. It’s just not good for the NL Chicago Cubs (more wriggle room in the AL with the DH for aging veterans). Leave the long term contracts for players that are somewhat younger and BETTER. Also, I don’t think that by advocating the regular playing time of rookies such as Vitters and Jackson that I or any other advocate is “marrying” them. Yeesh. We just want to find out if THEY ARE WORTH MARRYING and absolutley acknowledge that ANY rookie brought up for auditions can be as big a bust as the “playing more than he should Valbuena”, “why is he on the team Cardenas”, “Blew my chance LaHair” etc. but THESE two guys whether great or terrible are the Cubs most heralded AAA players and their time is now to either put up or pack up as A and AA players need to advance to AAA as well and room on the roster needs to be created for advancement at all levels. The major league team will certainly have room next season in LF, CF, RF and 3B to say the least. Let the auditions begin and continue in earnest. **Don’t see a mention of the championsip referal**??

Joeydafish, look above and you’ll see that was not intended for you (Dennis) along with my regret for the mistake and a compliment. The getting married comment was not just for you as there are other folks on this blog who read all comments…not so personal please. I think we need to all get over the Soriano thing as market value at the time was paid, they were clearly aware of the long term ramifications, the decision was as much as Tribune as Hendry, they had a short term winning objective so the Tribune could sell the team at a nice profit; this all worked out for the Tribune because the Ricketts paid a hefty price; seems like many here forget the business side of baseball. My congrats to Soriano for getting what the market was willing to pay. Let’s not go backwards here.

Oh, I see Dennis up there now and should have seen that before, thanks Deance. I Still don’t read a reference to the word championship. Successful yes but not championship. I do appreciate you clarifying who you were addressing though. I also know that you did not target me when commenting about being married to the rookies but I do fequently advocate playing them all the time (since they are called up, might as well…they are HERE.) which one can easily be confused as being married to them but I did mention any “other” advocate realizing there is indeed more than myself (silly me, being so vain and personal) advocating the same thereby actually reading all comments on this blog. I concur that the absolute terrible signing of Soriano was as much the Tribune’s fault as it was Hendry. Funny thing at the time Hendry was the front man and would never once give an opinion to the downside of signing Soriano, company man and all. Soriano and his agent did take advantage of the market doing an excellent job getting what could be the most lucrative AND ill-advised free agent contract the Cubs organization has ever signed. Should they be congratuled? Sure, no problem with that. If a contract has long term ramifications..it’s not a good thing. Turned out to be true. I think there will come a day when we are all past Soriano, rather have that day be facillitated by a trade than a contract expiring. But as you point out regarding getting over the Soriano thing…it’s what you THINK
and this comment is nothing more than what I THINK. What a country!!!

It’s my understanding the Tribune paid $20.5 million for the Cubs and sold it at around $900 million; was the Soriano deal really that bad from a business point of view…really!!!

Cubs Sam Zell signed Soriano and other free agents to attract a buyer for the Cubs. The Cubs did overspend, when the Mets had a $80 million + offer for Soriano. Those dark days are almost over, we have new people in charge. Wait until 2015 to judge Theo & Jed. By then, this Cubs team should be a playoff team.

Thanks Cubs talk; sorry but had to explain this to others. I agree excluding the 2015. It sounds like you’re a reasonable person so I must say only time will tell if the Ricketts are in it for the money as well; taking advantage of loyal Cub fans by putting a poor product out there knowing they will make money anyway. To date, the poor product is winning out…just a fact, not opinion.
I’m not talking world winners but the team must be competitive, in it until the final days of the regular season by 2014…a solid playoff contender…period.

You are so reasonable Cubs Talk. I completley agree, the dark days are almost over and we shall not see another counter-productive contract like Soriano’s for a long time if ever. Wow, 80 mil to 136 mil. Sounds like the Tribune co. and Hendry were playing hard ball and were hell bent on getting Soriano and if were going to overspend…did with style!!

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