8/9 Cubs lineup

Here’s the Cubs’ lineup for Thursday’s game against the Reds:

DeJesus RF

Barney 2B

Rizzo 1B

Soriano LF

Castro SS

Valbuena 3B

Jackson CF

Clevenger C

Volstad P



What is the point of calling Vitters up just to sit on the bench?

he has many days ahead of him to start. Sveum is probably talking strategy and scenarios with him on the bench. a player can learn a descent amount just watching the game from the bench. give them some time.

We seem to be forgetting that Vitters was the one hitting .300 in AAA not BJax. We have seen what Valbuena can do for 40 games straight. Its time to give Vitters 40 games straight to see if we have anything. Otherwise, you gotta figure the brass wants to platoon Vitters and stewart next season so they can sell one at the deadline.

I have to disagree with Chico and whole heartedly agree with anohther idiot (funny!!!).
What is it about Vitters that he needs to be broken in at a slower pace then Jackson?
I realize Jackson has received more attention than Vitters OF LATE but Another Idiot brings up a good point about Vitters being the better hitter. Maybe Sveum finds that hard to believe because of the few years Vitters struggled in the minors? BOTH Jackson AND Vitters should be considered equally flawed (Jackson’s strike out rate & Vitters’ defense) and should be eually given the opportunity to struggle, succeed, fail or CLAIM spot for next year. 40 games straight, you got that right Another Idiot!
But, according to some comments I suppose you, me and others of the same view are all just….idiots.

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