8/13 Mix and match

You’ll see a lot of mixing and matching with the Cubs lineup in the final weeks of the season. Four players are set: leadoff man David DeJesus, and 3-4-5 hitters Anthony Rizzo, Alfonso Soriano and Starlin Castro. Josh Vitters hit second on Monday to get more at-bats. Castro has batted first, second, third, and fifth. Is there a perfect spot?

“The way his approach to hitting is, I don’t think he really knows where he’s hitting in the lineup, so that makes me a little more comfortable with [moving him],” Dale Sveum said of Castro. “He’s kind of a ‘cut and slasher’ [type hitter] so no matter where he is in the lineup, it won’t change his approach anyway.”

What would be ideal?

“What makes sense, the way he hits, not really working counts and working walks, probably in a real world, in a prolific offense, it would probably be more the sixth or seventh spots really,” Sveum said.

— Carrie Muskat


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Since Ryan Dempster left the Cubs, he has given up 19 runs in 17 innings with the Rangers. Any Cubs fan still want him back?

In all fairness only a minority of people commenting on this blog were for keeping Dempster. The majority of us sane, logical people realized the benefit of trading Dempster while he had a miraculous and RARE run of success. The Dempster and Soto battery will not do much to help the Rangers other than rack up a few innings and keep the pitched ball from hitting the umpire. I don’t even recall who we received in the trade….doesn’t matter as if the warm bodies eventually produce it would be a bonus to the available roster spots made by dumping Demp and shipping Soto.

2012 Ex-Cubs Roster

P – Maholm , Greg, R. HIll, Marshall, Downs, LaHawkins, Williams, Lilly, Zambrano, Nolasco, J. Cruz, Marquis, Cashner, Carptner, Farnsworth, Dempster, Gorzelanny,

IF – Cario, LaMahieu, Baker, Ramirez,
McGhee, Theriot, DeRosa

C- Soto

OF – Johnson, Colvin, Pierre, Pagen, Fuld,

I think it’s Pagan. Glad you’re entertaining yourself. Kind of a slow time for Cubs news.

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