8/14 Cubs lineup

Chris Volstad will try for his first win since July 2011 on Tuesday when he takes the mound against the Astros in the second game of this three-game series. Dale Sveum said Tuesday during an appearance at the WGN Radio “Cubs Corner” that Josh Vitters should get more playing time. Sveum wanted to see Vitters at third to gauge for himself how the third baseman is doing. Vitters is in there Tuesday. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus RF

Vitters 3B

Rizzo 1B

Soriano LF

Castro SS

Castillo C

Jackson CF

Barney 2B

Volstad P

— Carrie Muskat


the Astros are hapless surely Volstad can beat them. cann,t Lahair play left filed to get him some more abs? maybe even put Dejesus in left to get Lahair in there.

Vitters and Jackson are not getting hits. Why put LaHair in? He’s not
getting any hits either. We need offense!

Why do we need offense? To win…what? Meaningless games? We need to find out if LaHair is capable of rebounding so he can have a shot at the outfield next season or if he has any trade value. No team would want him after watching Sveum bench him the rest of the season.

I for one do not think any game the Cubs play is meaningless!! Just because we are
behind game wise doesn’t mean that we should just shut down and give up. If you
think the games are meaningless maybe we should just shut Wrigley down for the
season, send the players home and call it a day. I look forward to the game every
single day and root for a win. LaHair has had time to rebound. If he does or doesn’t
I care more about the rest of the team and their will to win games.

Winning these remaining games are not the priority and if Svuem plays guys that are not a part of next years roster just to have A CHANCE of winning a game while actual candidates for next season’s roster ride the bench he is doing a dis-service to the general manager. I never said shut down and give up, evaluating the rookies is in fact NOT GIVING UP it is MOVING FORWARD.

I understand what you are saying but LaHair is not a rookie.

Agreed, he is no rookie but relativley “new” enough to be grouped with the younger players that have showed some promise and are in contention for a roster spot next season. Hell, if they just throw LaHair by the wayside I won’t toss and turn at night but I still would like to see the “kid” get some steady abs for a last chance so to speak. If not, well he can be lumped in with the likes of the Jake Fox’s that shined brithghtly, cast off by management, succeeded for a few years elsewhere and then sputtered. 15 minutes of fame I guess. It’s not like we have some great bats on the bench that can actually produce offense anyway. Definatley not an argument here, White.

I am very very tired of watching Castro spit sunflower seeds when he is up
at bat. His concentration seems to be on spitting rather than hitting!!!

I am very very tired of watching Castro spit sunflower seeds when he is
on the field. His concentration is on chewing not catching.

Hey White, how about some signs or tee shirts….”HIT…don’t SPIT”. Hard to say if his eating, spitting, chewing, whatever it is that Castro does with the seeds is affecting his hitting and or fielding BUT, it certainnly is not something that screams maturity and concentration. Especially when we would be hard pressed to come up with very good hitting and fielding major leaguers that have the same practice. I would hope management works with him on cutting down if not eliminating this practice. This is relativley new for Castro? I mean just this season? Or has he always done this but to a lesser extent?

Good idea!! I am going into the “Tee Shirt” business!!! I have noticed the seed
stuff more this year than in the past. Interestingly yesterday he only got a hit
when he was chewing gum. Seems he switched from seeds to gum at some point
and ended up on base. What does that tell you?

It tells me the Wrigley Gum Co. is missing out on a great ad campaign!!

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