8/15 Cubs lineup

Darwin Barney is getting a day Wednesday, and Luis Valbuena is starting at second base in the Cubs’ series finale against the Astros. Houston has one more trip to Wrigley Field before the season ends — and the team switches to the American League. The Cubs play the Astros Oct. 1-3 in Chicago. Here’s Wednesday’s lineup:

DeJesus RF

Vitters 3B

Rizzo 1B

Soriano LF

Castro SS

Valbuena 2B

Jackson CF

Clevenger C

Germano P

— Carrie Muskat


Valbuena at second??? Let’s see how that one works out!

Easy Isabel, Barney DESERVES a day off every once in a while. Good move.

I agree Joey. Barney does deserve a day off but I sure miss watching him play
on those days off. Hope Valbueno does well.

I hear ya’. With all the attention that Castro and Rizzo receives Barney is truly the unsung hero of this team. Day in and day out he plays the game VERY well. Something that can’t be said about MOST of the other starting players as their “game” lacks in one way or another. This said knowing that Barney lacks “consistent power” but he does have occassional power. Just a very good, instinctive ball player. Instincts….talk about lacking on this team….

Ugh. I’d rather see Cardenas at second when Barney needs a day off.

Ugh??? Do you know that Cardenas is an inferior infielder to Valbuena? His batting average of .214 is not much better than Valbuena’s .204 and that Cardenas has 40 so’s to Valbuena’s 27? I mean really, when we’re talking bottom of the barrel stating that Cardenas would be preferred is just a moot point. At least with Valbuena we will not lose much (if any) defense when Barney rests. Please, let’s be reasonable and not just emotional.

Sorry, Matt B. I let my frustration get the better of me. I fully respect YOUR choice of Cardenas over Valbuena for any reason. My bad.

Don’t worry about it. I don’t know much about Cárdenas but I know I’ve seen enough of Valbuena.

There it is in the nutshell. Another thing to agree upon, I too have seen enough of Valbueana. If he is limited to spelling an inflielder a couple times a month then he has value or as a late inning DEFGENSIVE replacement. If i seem him start 2 or 3 consecutive days….yeesh.

I agree he needs a day off but I’m just hoping valbuena does a good job…

Congratulations to Brett Jackson!! A triple and an RBI!!! Keep it up

With Giants OF Cabrera gone for the year due to drugs, I wonder if the Giants will push for Soriano now? There was a rumor that Soriano turned down a trade earlier to the Giants.

Lets discuss…..

There’s nothing to discuss…LET’S PRAY…

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