8/15 Jackson making progress

Cubs fans may see lots of strikeouts now by Brett Jackson. The rookie outfielder sees progress. Jackson, promoted from Triple-A Iowa to the big leagues on Aug. 5, entered Wednesday’s game with 16 strikeouts in 28 at-bats. He totaled 158 Ks in 100 plus games this season in the Minor Leagues.

In the second inning against the Astros, he picked up his first pro extra-base hit and RBI when he hit a RBI triple. Jackson also doubled in the sixth.

“Every day, [hitting coach James Rowson] is challenging me,” Jackson said. “It doesn’t change overnight. You’ve got some things built into your muscle memory that are hard to break. It may take a while, but I’m working every day to knock that out. I have the talent, I have the ability to be a really good hitter in this league.”

Jackson, who was the Cubs’ first-round pick in the 2009 First-Year Player Draft, is trying to simplify his swing, shorten his bat path and slow down some of the moving parts.

“I’ve always gotten away with movement because I have really fast hands, so I could move and still catch up to balls but it also leads to a lot of swings and misses and foul balls and a lot of strikeouts,” Jackson said. “We know that’s my favorite area of the game to talk about.”

He was laughing about strikeouts being a favorite topic. They’re not. We’ll move on.

The coaching staff has been working overtime with Jackson. He appreciates it.

“They’re really willing to be hands on and let you know the game’s hard and we’ve all been there and we’ve all struggled in baseball,” Jackson said. “Not that they’re going to be wiling to let you struggle but with hard work, we’re behind you. There’s comfort that I feel they’re behind me. I’m doing everything I can every day to improve as a player to help this team win right now and hopefully for years to come.”

— Carrie Muskat


Gotta give credit to management for bringing the kid up BEFORE the Sept 1 date as some have called for, giving him more opportunity in the majors should be more helpful than more “seasoning” in AAA. Same with Vitters. These two guys much more so than LaHair for example are critical to next year’s roster decisons.

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ya give them credit…. they haven’t done anything yet the guy is still K’ing more than a starter should

Yes, I give them credit for promoting and EVALUATING some homegrown talent in order to rationally and logically decide the future of the team, not for intentionally DESIRING a player that strikes out a lot. Jackson is being looked at in order to determine if he will BECOME a starter for crying out loud. He wasn’t promoted to BE THE STARTING CENTERFIELDER. Both Vitters and Jackson HAVE done something, they have shown that they have at least SOME promise, shown SOME defensive skills AND have shown Epstein, Hoyer and Sveum that they MAY NOT be the answers for next season. MAY not, COULD be. The only thing they haven’t shown is that they are INSTANT success stories, something REASONABLE people would hope for but NOT expect. (Soriano is blocking someone).

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