8/15 Soriano, Marmol clear waivers

CBSSports.com’s Jon Heyman reports Alfonso Soriano has cleared waivers, and is eligible to be traded anywhere, pending his approval. Soriano, 36, has a no-trade clause. He is still owed about $45 million through the end of the 2014 season. There has been speculation the Giants may be interested in Soriano following the news of Melky Cabrera’s 50-game suspension. However, Soriano reportedly told the Cubs he would not accept a trade to the Giants earlier this season. Heyman also reports that Cubs closer Carlos Marmol has cleared waivers.

Soriano said he didn’t think San Francisco was a good fit.

“I saw the news [about Cabrera] — somebody told me,” Soriano said. “I feel sorry for him because he was having an unbelievable year. I don’t know why people take those drugs. They know if they take something, someday they’re going to get them. I don’t know what the Giants want to do. We’ll see.”

The Cubs have not talked to Soriano about any possible deals. What does he think about going to the Giants?

“I don’t think so,” Soriano said. “San Francisco is not good weather to play in. We’ll see what happens. I’ll talk to my family. It’s not my call — I only have 50 percent of the call. It’s my family, too. I’ll talk to them in case [the Cubs] call.”

— Carrie Muskat


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Come on Alfonso…lets sing it together…..a 1, a 2, a 3…

The loveliness of Paris
Seems somehow sadly gay
The glory that was Rome
Is of another day
I’ve been terribly alone
And forgotten in Manhattan
I’m going home to my city by the bay.

I left my heart in San Francisco
High on a hill, it calls to me.
To be where little cable cars
Climb halfway to the stars!
The morning fog may chill the air
I don’t care!
My love waits there in San Francisco
Above the blue and windy sea
When I come home to you, San Francisco,
Your golden sun will shine for me!

UPDATE……Soriano feels that San Francisco is not a good fit……the weather is.too cold……….whatever happen the time when a player wanted to go to a playoff team, when his own team is sucking near the bottom of their division……forget what the family says Alfonso, send them back to Dominican Republic and remind them where you came from……..San Francisco is much better than San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic.

Why is it that all the nasty comments come pouring in when one of our players may be traded? Now you are slandering the country from which Soriano comes. Soriano has every right to decide what is best for his family just as does any other player who is being traded. I would hope that we can give Soriano the respect that every one deserves. He has given us great playing this season – and whatever happens I wish Soriano and his family the very best future.

I am not down grading Soriano’s country….matter of fact, there are some really nice area resorts, condos, neighborhoods on D.R…..then there are the really poor villages….some of the poorest parts of this side of the globe is on that island…..sure Soriano has the right to go to another team….but we the fans do not have to respect these ballplayers….they are entertainers…..we have he right to boo them or cheer for them on the way they play……to these ballplayers, it is not a game, but a business to them……they have a union, and they are the ones who went on strike for more money. Back to D.R., another ex-Cub player, Sammy Sosa took his money that he earned from the Cubs, put into his homeland. Sosa bought Emergency vehicles for his countrymen when they needed help. If I was a ballplayer on a bad team, not seen playoffs for several years, and a team like the Giants wanted me….damn right I would go. So what if it is cold on the Bay. Can’t be that much colder than playing at Soldiers Field in January. In all honesty, does anyone believe Soriano can help this rebuilding club in any other way than going somewhere in a trade? Soriano had his time here, and him with other Cubs players & managers ( Lee, Ramirez, Wood, Prior, Alou, Dempster, Soto, Baker, Piniella) who failed to get us to the Promise Land. Let me repeat, they FAILED. Now it is Theo’s time to rebuild this club. And Soriano is not part of this team’s future. Soriano is more like one of the final roadblocks to clear this Cubs team of the “Sam Zell & Jim Hendry Era”

Alfonso Soriano….$19,000,000 a year player…..2 cents head.


So let me end the night with this song to all of you…….

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, darling, kiss me

Fill my life with song
And let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you
[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/d/diana_krall/fly_me_to_the_moon.html ]
Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, darling, kiss me

Fill my life with song
Let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
In other words, please be true
In other words, in other words
In other words, in other words
In other words
I love … you

This is getting old quite honestly. No need to bash the man, I want him traded too but the ONLY thing that is bothering me is that he sees Chicago as a BETTER fit for his two remaining years? Come on, Chicago springs are brutal cold man and the Giants have a much better chance of getting to the playoffs the next two years. Money and family and logistics really should not be a factor to a mega millionaire that can travel the country at a moments notice and most of the games are played while the “kids” are out of school. I just hope he keeps an open mind if and when Epstein comes a callin’. This may be his last shot to wind up with a contender because IN TWO years he’ll pretty much be toast. The real reason may be a fear of failing another contender? Because Soriano is certainly playing COMPLETLEY pressure free in Chcagoe and he may not look so good on a team with more demands and expectations….and better players. Just go Alfonso for Pete’s sake, just go.

Thanks for your “let’s not bash the man” reply, Joey. I agree. I too am wondering what Soriano would not like about San Francisco. I am an Oregonian – that is where you get the RAIN. Although we don’t tell out-of-staters about the good days. HA! From what I know about SF – having been there a few times, it is a pretty great place to live. Actually I have never heard anyone who lives there say they don’t like it. As for Soriano’s family, I think they might like it there. We’ll see what happens –

Joey, I’m surprised; you’re falling off the track again. Everyone’s life is motivated by different principles; I cannot know what motivates you and you cannot know what motivates Soriano. I have great respect for a person who values family over business as a job is only a required element to enjoy life, not the other way around. Soriano has no pressure in this game as he will leave a very rich man, whether for the Cubs or not. Anyone who packs up their family for a higher position/salary without great thought is just clueless. Come-on Joey, you’re better than this and Cubstalk just rambles the same tune day after day with little foundation. As for performance, maybe he just decided not to juice-up just to meet fans expectations…good for him.

OK, so Soriano has NO motivation to win a World Series? Because he certainly is NOT going to do so with the Cubs. DUH, I know as much as you Deance that we are all motivated by different principles and am just pointing out how TEMPORARY A “SACRIFICE” (please…) Soriano would be “making” in order to have quite possibly his LAST CHANCE at a World Series appearance. It’s just TWO seasons and his amassed wealth would HAVE to make his and his family’s HARDSHIP OF VACATIONING IN SANFRANCISCO while pursuing a World Series and thereby injecting something of value to what remains of his career….a ilttle more feasable than EVERYONE else out there with different principles. Gosh, I wonder what FINALLY motivated (which principle?) Soriano to play just an adequately defensive LF this season? Took him long enough. I still think he may be avoiding the spotlight because spotlights tend to expose players, which may ironically be happening to Dempster right now in Texas…I’ll decide what track to remain on, thank you. Did I mention performance? No. Just that he may be fearful of playing on a contending team that would actually COUNT on him to produce WHEN NEEDED as he is only producing for the Cubs WELL AFTER his production was needed. So, I assume you think that White is off “your” track as well since he/she and I agree regarding Soriano’s suspect aversion to San Francisco? I don’t think Soriano is fooling anybody with his “gold glove” and “awesome” offsense….The Cubs progress toward being a better team would be well served if Soriano realized he his in the way and would graciously and principley accept a trade. I won’t go as far as to make up songs and MAKE FUN of the man but surely hope he is traded well before his contract expires because IT’S WHAT’S BEST FOR THE CUBS.

You all are fixated on Soriano. Why no comments regarding Marmol? He is going to be a good miss also. I have been fed up with his act for a long while, meaning long prior to this season. I long for a closer who throws strikes and is efficient, two things foreign to Carlos Marmol. Every appearance by that man seemed to amount to an adventure; it was almost expected by him and the fans. I for one will not miss all that drama.

It may be because Marmol is not perceived as blocking the path of progress being just a reliever and there doesn’t seem to be anybody in the system knocking on his door. Whereas with Soriano being a fading one-dimensional outfielder with a heavy contract that pressures the manager to play him he is most certainly interferring with the development and future of this team. Two more years of him being trotted out to LF seems counterproductive to the development of younger players. Obviousy Epstein feels the same, hence the waivers. Was Rizzo, Castro, Jackson, Vitters or Barney put on waivers? I don’t think so, they are perceived as being wanted. Soriano and Marmol are perceived as being unwanted.

There you go again Joey; every time someone comes forth with clear logic/statistics/facts you come back with absolute nonsense. You step right over the facts and reply with non-analytical opinionated garble and have great trouble understanding what people write while insisting you are always correct . I won’t even waste my time to copy and paste your previous garble just to prove just how much of a no-brain you are….the list is just too extensive. In this case, you insist that everyone is completely motivated by winning and that should dictate their every move. Well that can’t be true because you sit on this blog day after day writing what’s best for all (not having a clue) based on opinion which tells me you most likely haven’t won anything in your life because if so you would have a broader understanding of business/people along better things to do than sit on this blog day after day commenting on every post; you’re like a gossiping old lady. Now let me guess, you will not evaluate this and learn but will defend you to the letter which will only prove the point further. Based on the above, you would not understand there is no pressure on the manager to play him due to his salary but plays him out of respect as a veteran player who is deserving base upon his current numbers being the best on the team along with the top 5-10 LF’s in the NL. If they were as pressured as you claim they would have no issue sitting him if they are willing to eat 35+ million to move him. But as always, you’re right.

You would never dare say this to somebody’s face, deancee. Nor should you. There’s absolutely no reason to write unprovoked in such a harsh way to people. I can see why people would write that way to you, because you’re mean and inflammatory. But what have the others on this blog done to you? Have you ever asked yourself this?
The internet makes people uncivilized and you’re a perfect example. Hiding behind your screen you feel bold, though you’re likely gutless, and as I said before, bitter and unhappy. You should give more thought to what you’re doing to your own heart and mind when you react to the world around you in such a dismissive, spiteful manner. You shoot somebody down in the short term, but in the end who wins? It has an effect, you know. Need proof of the downside of acting this way all your life? Look at what you’ve become.
Now let me guess: you will not evaluate this and consider whether you really want to be this type of person, but instead will continue insulting me and others.
Good luck with the rest of your life. You are truly pitiful.

Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Marmol have cleared trade waivers, reports Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com. Soriano is now eligible to be traded anywhere, pending his approval due to his ten-and-five rights.

Soriano, 36, is hitting .264/.319/.490 with 21 homers on the season, and he’s still owed approximately $45MM through the end of the 2014 season. Heyman hears that Chicago was willing to pay all but $3MM annually of his contract.
Wow, paying 39 of 45 mil….if this is true the Cubs must REALLY want to move Soriano. Good! What an albatross this contract turned out to be. No fault of Soriano’s, he won the lottery basically.

Who is Soriano blocking? I would like a name…. he isn’t blocking anyone. So look at it this way would you rather pay 15 mill per year and get no return or 18 million and maybe get 1 WAR out of him (1 War is roughly 5 mill, give or take)? I really don’t care what happens but using the “he’s blocking someone” gripe is overrated because we have no one in the system ready. Jackson MAYBE…. thats a big iffy MAYBE……. PLUS Jackson has his best value as a CF. Soler is at least a year or two away…. almora 2 or 3 away….. Szczur a year or so away…. I would be all for going out and getting a big bat for LF, just don’t make the statement he is blocking someone

He’s blocking someone.

WHO!?!?!?!? If he is blocking someone then who? Its laughable that you can’t even name a name but INSIST that you are right.

I don’t ever INSIST I am right. I insist on being allowed to express my opinion and nothing more. If that infuriates you to no end, well…maybe this will help you…HE’S BLOCKING SOMEONE.

Soriano could go the Giants….at the right price……for Soriano. Maybe Soriano wants the Cubs to kick in another $15-20 million to his contract.

Oh come on, really? I don’t think Soriano would stoop that low, I wouldn’t think Soriano would hold the Cubs hostage.

seriously dude you got to be kidding me? I literally hope you were kidding

I’d like to know who Soriano is “blocking” too. Dave Sappelt? Tony Campana?

Denace, I am flattered that you hold me in such a postion that my OPINION can be so irriatating to you (as if my OPINION actually had anything to do with how the Cubs were run, or how well you sleep at night) that you feel the need to so gracefully use the mature and civil tactic of NAME CALLING. Although I do not (as you state I do) INSIST that I am always correct let alone claiming I know what is best for “all”. I do insist on refraining from calling other people that comment and express their opinion (whether based on “facts” or not, doesn’t matter TO ME being JUST their opinion) on this blog names such as a “no brain” etc. I appreciate the freedom afforded to you, expressing your opinion of me even though it is a spiteful and hateful opinion, you not knowing me at all, my accomplishments, my “victories” etc. I take some satisfaction, vindication I think too when reading your comments that are filled with such mean spirited words toward another fellow human being….because I am not like you. I appreciate the freedom afforded me as well to choose to respond only to people that are respectful and civil. So….GOODBYE TO YOU.

Insveum, we are on the same page. You are most definatley the counter to people like Deance and I am glad to see you on this blog. I for one will double my efforts in order to not offer any satisfaction to people like Deance and his/her ilk. Your comment comes at the right time and is appreciated. I (and you more than likely) UNDERSTAND what these blogs are about and UNDERSTAND that we may have opinions of ballplayers, management etc that are indeed negative opinions as well as positve opinions. I for one have made it obvious my dissatisfaction with Soriano as a left fielder and a hitter but I have not beat Soriano THE HUMAN BEING to a bloody pulp and asassinate the man’s CHARACTER. Besides, it’s JUST my opinon. Others are VERY happy with Soriano’s defense, offense, instincts, smile etc. I am glad Soriano is “their guy”, it’s part of being a fan! See you around the blog! (don’t forget your opinions!!)

joey you ramble on and on and get no where…. flat out you said Soriano is blocking someone…. WHO????? Thats my question it can be flat out answered with one name… thats its no long paragraphs… one name… even the owner of this blog called you out… yet you continue to annoy most people on this blog because you run on and on. Just give us a name (your opinion which you love to do)

petrey, I think I continue to annoy only a few, not most. In any event, maybe this will help…HE’S BLOCKING SOMEONE.

He won’t because every time one calls him on something he comes back with the poor me; it’s everyone else’s fault routine. He hammers on others using inside remarks but can’t take the heat in return. Take a look back at other topics he comments on and you’ll see the same thing time after time. Just rambles.

he just starts typing and has nothing to back up his opinion… he just grabs it from the back of his head to disagree with someone and have something to piss and moan about…… typical old time cub fan

Carrie, if you think I mean Soriano is “blocking” someone for tonight’s game or tomorrow’s game or next week’s game or that I have a specific player in mind, I beg to differ. I would think you and others actually DO know I mean “blocking” the overall progress of the Cubs moving away from outfilelders with limited skills such as Soriano to more well rounded outfielders. Certainly not Campana DUH! Let me make this clear. Soriano is the most productive left fielder in the organization. I still would like to see him gone because despite him being the most prodcutive left fielder in the organization (just as Ramirez was at 3B he was not conceived as the way to move forward and was not wanted back despite not having a “NAMED” player ready to LOCK DOWN the position. Stewart was not a shoe-in) this his how I perceive Soriano. Would we have been BETTER by keeping Ramirez at 3B? Maybe the RECORD would have been better but the team would not be moving forward in their attempt to gain sustainable success. Yes, if insisting on a name would make some people from wondering what the heck I mean, if it would make it EASY TO UNDERSTAND here are some names: Mr. SAPPELT, Mr. CAMPANA, Mr. SOLER, Mr. A N Y B O D Y, Mr. PLAYER ACQUIRED IN A TRADE, Mr. FREE AGENT. Not today, or tomorrow but in time Mr. SOMEBODY will advance THROUGH THE SYSTEM and that advance will be made more possible with Soriano’s departure. Is it a crime for a fan to prefer a player be replaced? Let’s keep in mind that I am not the only one that thinks Soriano should be gone, allowing room for SOMEONE to advance as it seems to me Epstein and Hoyer are actually trying to trade him (S.F.)? Hmmm… I wonder what NAMED player those to fellows have in mind for LF? Maybe somebody should ask THEM. Glad I could clear that up for ya’.

I explained that I wanted Soriano gone but to use the excuse that he is blocking someone is…. IGNORANT!!!!!!!!!! Carrie, myself and Deance have been out spoken about that and you continue to retrace your steps….. it just makes it hard to have conversations with you when you continue to do the same crap over and over. If you have an opinion FINE but bring something to the table to back up your opinion and it will be a better conversation. Its frustrating when you say soriano is blocking someone and then we ask WHO? and you say “welll no one but i don’t like him so he should leave”…. maybe we don’t like your comments and you should leave

Good Morning everyone – As I have been reading through all of your
comments yesterday and today I have come to one conclusion. We fans
can sometimes be pretty mean to each other because we disagree with an
opinion. So, if we can all agree, let’s call a truce and get back to what is
really important – our freedom to have opinions without rancor and our
love and hopes for the Cubs – our team. Have a good day.

I will agree with this comment completely. However, surely you understand that an opinion must be based upon (at very least) some sort of foundation or it becomes non-sense. I’m guessing we would not want our doctors, lawyers and politicians to voice an opinion without merit to any degree. When one questions an opinion one should have some sort of substantiated merit behind the opinion or it is just Intuition (the ability to acquire knowledge without inference and/or the use of reason) not an opinion. No educated person should disagree with this.

Oh goodness! Here we go again. I am 76 yrs old, am a very educated person (do
you need a list of my degrees?) I do know what intuition is! Surprise! Therefore I
believe our fans have a right to express an educated opinion OR an intuitive
opinion. Can’t begin to tell you the many times my intuition has saved me from
poor decisions. So, again, TRUCE. Have a good day.

That’s okay, at the end of the day we all know what intuitive opinion means…non-sense.

now getting to your list of players… Mr. Sappelt has a ave of 259 and OPS of 662, that aint gonna cut it! Sorry….. Campana we rode that train for awhile and I think you and most other cubs fans came to the realization that he just wasn’t producing enough. Sure he is blazing fast but you need to get on base to use that speed…..Soler is just getting his timing back and feel of the game. He is only 20 and in Class A Peoria. Granted he is tearing it up right now. But the kid isn’t ready and probably won’t be ready til early 2014 which is Soriano’s last year making a deadline trade pretty simple if he’s healthy. You can’t forecast trades or free agents so thats just not in the equation. As for a trade why would you want to deplete the farm all over again? Granted thats what the farm is for but I don’t think we are ready to start making trades yet. That happens when we are CLOSE to being a contender

Deancee – At the end of the day you have the last word. Your word is
“non-sense”. My intuition tells me that we would not be friends.

Very intuitve White! Are we not fortunate that we are NOT doctors, lawyers or even politicians that would be affected by our opinions? Thank goodness we are just fans of a baseball team and need answer to nobody. I THINK (I have no foundation, facts or anything else to haul to the table, it’s just what I think, call it intuition at your own risk of couse) you are a VERY intuitive person. I like your idea of Deance having the last word, might make him/her happy and we can look for new headlines to opine over! Truce accepted White! You have a good day too. Looking forward to your next intuitive opinion even if it civily and respectfully differs than mine.

Nice response…feverishly erudite

I know I’m asking for it…but just wondering what you thought of Soriano’s instincts kicking in and looking at the play in the outfield as he was rounding 2B instead of picking up his 3B coach resulting in an embarrassing out for Rizzo at home plate. I’m sure his instincts will improve after he’s been in the big leagues 10 or more years…oh wait… I still think Soriano is the most productive left fielder we have, it’s not saying much anymore and this team is starving for a better, all around ball player than Soriano. Certainly can’t be an “Epstein” type of player pulling stunts like that. Same goes for Castro but at least he DOES have time for improvement with youth on his side. But hey, to be fair NOBODY is untouchable as long as it’s a trade that improves the overall progress of the team. You might disagree with me however…..🙂

Just plain bad and it’s not the first time for him…there’s been many over the years (to say the least). I don’t think that would make anyone’s type, certainly not Epstein’s. But I must be somewhat fair by saying it is hard (not excusable however) to stay focused losing day after day. Some can do it but Soriano has trouble with it on good days. Not saying Soriano is the best by any stretch and not worth $19m but at the end of the day he will have decent career numbers and maybe that earns some respect as a player. I would not mind his bank account. Yes, it would be nice to get a young player in that spot to begin the new trend.

Has anyone heard if Soriano is still thinking about San Fran. or if he has rejected the move?

supposedly Soriano said no….

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