8/17 Money matters: free agency & Castro

Don’t expect the Cubs to be offering mega deals to free agents this offseason. The goal is to build from within. During an appearance Thursday night on “Chicago Tribune Live,” GM Jed Hoyer explained their approach.

“One of the problems with free agency is that there is an illusion in some ways that you’re acquiring this great talent,” Hoyer said. “Most of the time, players hit free agency when they’re on the back half of their career. Players peak [at] 26, 27, 28 [years of age]. Free agents [are usually] in their 30s. So, you’re spending a lot of money sometimes for declining performance. It doesn’t mean you don’t do it. It doesn’t mean you don’t seek the right guys out.

“(But) we have to build from within and build young players, because the days of going out and signing young free agents is over,” Hoyer said. “Teams lock up their guys. Look at how many long, multiyear deals teams are signing with their pre-arbitration players. You know that you’re going to delve into free agency, but if you have an offseason plan, or a plan of the future dependent upon those names, I think you’re doing things the wrong way.”

Expect to see more deals like the one they gave David DeJesus. The outfielder signed a two-year contract with a club option for 2014. He will get $4.25 million in each of the first two seasons, and the club option is for $6.5 million, and contains a $1.5 million buyout.

The Cubs also are reportedly working on locking up their young players. Starlin Castro’s agent Paul Kinzer told CSNChicago.com that he has been talking to the Cubs about a long-term deal for the shortstop. The contract could be finalized before the end of the season, and would buy out Castro’s remaining arbitration years plus two years of free agency.

— Carrie Muskat 


thats all fine and dandy but you are going to have to spend some money in free agency to get to the WS. When has there ever been a team that has been totally homegrown? I honestly don’t know so that is a legitimate question. Carrie any help on this? I like how he and the other FO pieces always leave things open though. Its like we are talking to the CIA, FBI, or any politician……..

Good question. Well, considering only about 10% make it each year from the minors to the big show starting lineup, looks like it will be a bit longer than 3-5 years for the contender we look for. Sounds like a song and dance to me but I’m guessing you already were heading in that direction. Stop making sense on this blog it will confuse the majority posting.

I doubt we’ll see a deal as wrong as Soriano’s during Epstein’s tenure. It seems these guys are starting with a different approach but when the time is right they will spend on free agents just not to the extent that the previous owners spent on Soriano. That’s a good thing.

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Saw the free agent list for the next two seasons….all the players are past 31 years old……Cubs game plan is going to be to build this team up from the farm system.

Epstein sounds to me like other teams will be winning and we’ll be building. Come on, not exactly words of wisdom as my wife could have said that. Has it not been about 100 years of game plans? Honestly! Looking at this season being possibly the worst in club history; nice work to this point. Can only look good in years forward. I could care less what they pay just be competitive.

I don’t believe any championship team has ever been completely homegrown. It would be great to see some sort of stats on that if there is a correlation in the modern era. I’m sure once the Cubs establish their core players, they’ll hit the market to fill in the gaps. There’s always a need to fill in the gaps. What Hoyer is saying makes sense though; it’s the sign of the times to lock up young talent through their peak years. Until the organization is well into its transformation that’s needed, there’s no doubt we’ll see more statements like this to keep us occupied.

Castro has supposedly signed a new deal for 7 year 60 mill with a 16mill club option……. pretty sweet deal for the Cubs and a lot of dough for Castro. Next offseason we need to lock up Rizzo…. this offseason we need to add PITCHING

Cubs need pitching?….wow, this is a shocker…..I doubt many Cubs fans knew that.


why don’t you keep googling the cubs and then post stuff in here like you know whats going on… as will ferrell would say,”Shut ur mouth… your sounding stupid right now.”

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