8/18 Soler power

Jorge Soler seems bigger than the 6-foot-3, 205 pounds he’s listed at. One other thing about the Cuban outfielder, who is playing for Class A Peoria: he isn’t overmatched in the Minors. In his sixth game for the Chiefs on Saturday night in Appleton, Wis., he went 4-for-5 with a solo home run, an RBI double, and two singles to beat Wisconsin, 9-2. He’s now batting .391. The home run was impressive as he hit an 0-2 pitch about 400 feet to center. I’ll have more on Soler on Sunday.

— Carrie Muskat


Looks like we see Soler next July?

Hey, Dempster has more personal problems again….skipped his rotation start.

Maholm helping the Braves big time.

that would be surprisingly quick. as much as we need help, i don’t see them rushing soler that quickly. who knows though? he may well be seasoned more than his peers already.

I agree Insveum (man?), IF he is ahead of his peers and there remains an obvious need for better outfielders (you know, the kind that can field very well AND hit very well AND either drive in runs OR steal bases…the kind of outfileders the Cubs currently do NOT have in the outfield….) then it is at least a remote possibilty that we see Soler by the end of next season. Maybe not as early as July as Cubs Talk OPINES but more possibly the Sept. 1 expansion date? Maybe, we’ve seen stranger things. Who knows, Epstien may try an all “rookie” outfield of Soler, Jackson and ??? before he buys a free agent corner outfielder that would be better than either Soriano or DeJesus. That may part of the rebuilding, a year or two of mostly, if not all young players before diving into the free agent market. Buying time for some other more desirable free agents to hit the market as well as evaluating the young guys???

Next July??? Come on man…. he is in Class A right now and you expect him to make the jump to the majors in less than a year? NO way….

If Soler is on a tear next June at Class AA, why hold him back? Theo liked this guy more than Cespedes. Trust in Theo. Or go watch the White Sox.

I’m with ya on this one Cubs Talk, even though July may be pushing it for Soler, I wouldn’t MIND at all. Why indeed hold him back if Epstein and his staff thinks he is ready for the majors. I do trust in Theo, despite a couple of early questionable moves (Colvin for Stewart, trading Maholm too soon) he certainly offers more hope than Hendry ever did.

also when and where did you see that the FO liked Soler more? The Cubs were in the running for Cespedes till the end and from what I been told the A’s just came in and swept him away without the Cubs getting a chance to match the contract.

Cespedes is hitting .286. How long was he in the minors? I say bring them to spring training and lets see what they can do.

Amen brother, at least to spring training and let him challenge…uh…uh…well there really is nobody TO challenge….Soriano? DeJesus? Yeesh, the job is there for the taking.

I see Jackson improving at the plate more and more these days. Hopefully, Vitters can turn it around before the season ends. If not, we have two more guys who might fill in. That is Lake or Baez. Both big guys who play SS, but we all know Castro is not going anywhere. Time to slide off over to 3B for Lake and Baez….look for Lake to get a shot at 3B next Spring training.

not many guys can make the jump from AA to the majors like Castro did. Bringing Castro up that soon is risky… one because he got super 2 status which is why we just gave him a 7 year contract. Lake is very raw and still has a lot of work to do and all you guys out there wanting defense better close your eyes anytime a ball is hit to him bc its rough. Worse than a young Castro rough. Baez could potentially be the stud we need to go along with Rizzo and Castro but he just got to High A which he is adjusting to. The dude is batting 184 at high A and you are already promoting him to AA and the majors in less than a year.

Carrie, What do you hear about Soler’s adjustment to the USA and his mental approach to the game?

400 feet to center! It’s really very impressive!! I hope more success of you. Thanks for the update and good luck for a better future.
power 8

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