8/21 Garza done for the season

Matt Garza is officially done for the year. The right-hander, who has not pitched since July 21 because of a right elbow stress reaction, was transferred to the 60-day disabled list on Tuesday to make room on the roster for pitcher Alex Hinshaw. Although he was not expected to have time to return, Garza simply doesn’t have enough hours in the day to build up arm strength and pitch this year.

“The best move to make is to open up a spot without sacrificing somebody who needs to be up here,” Garza said. “This is for the better of the club.”

The move doesn’t change the pace of Garza’s rehab. He also isn’t real happy about the reality that he won’t pitch again this year.

“I’m not fine with it,” he said. “I’ll never be fine with it but I kind of have to [accept it]. I’ve been getting better and working out and I’ll stay ready and when they say it’s OK to go, I’ll be out there, ready to go.”

He was scheduled for another X-ray in early September. Garza still is not supposed to pick up a baseball.

“I can,” he said. “They don’t want me to. I was throwing before, and they shut me down.”

The good news is he’s making progress.

“It feels better every day,” he said. “Until they give me the OK [to throw], that’s when I’ll know how it feels.”

 — Carrie Muskat


Didn’t I say earlier it was better to shut Garza down for the season?

The scenario on Garza is to get him better, check out the arm, make sure he does well so we can either trade him for prospects or sign him at a discount rate for the long term. But if Garza and his agent wants $16 million plus a year, forgetaboutit. If Garza walks, no problem. Offer him a one year deal to insure a supplementary draft pick in 2014.

16 mill per year is actually a pretty decent contract for Garza…. pitching is expensive plain and simple. If there is one area we SHOULD splurge on its TOR pitching. I have no problem giving him that kind of money. And Garza can’t WALK he has one last year of Arbitration. He is going to be with us next year unless we trade him end of story.

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