8/24 Cubs lineup

The Cubs open a three-game series against the Rockies on Friday at Wrigley Field, part of a 10-game homestand. Here’s Friday’s lineup:
Mather RF
Vitters 3B
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Castro SS
Castillo C
Jackson CF
Barney 2B
Samardzija P


I see that DeJesus is not playing today. Hope that he is okay and wasn’t injured in the collision with Jackson in Wed. game.

who cares if he was… seriously what does it matter?

I care. DeJesus is really good Cub. He is a great outfielder and has been sizzling at the plate. Why wouldn’t we care? It matters because he is part of the future of the Cubs team. He is GOOD.

Dejesus will be on the team for one more year… MAYBE…. if you consider that the future then you are right.

man bringing up jackson and vitters before september has helped this team soooo much….*rolling eyes**sarcasm*…… so glad we did that because they are learning SO MUCH!!!!!!!!*rolling eyes**sarcasm*……….

Jackson and Vitters seem to have been brought up too soon. The only thing they seem to be learning is to be totally embarrassed by their inability. They will lose confidence which may not be regained. At the AAA level they would be learning and building confidence. Rizzo was ready to be brought up – Vitters and Jackson don’t seem to be doing the job.

I agree… have said that the whole time…… expecting 2 young guys to come up and somehow learn to be better against the best competition in the world is ridiculous. They belong at AAA and are doing nothing but developing bad habitats right now.

Great Cubs win today……hope to see more of this in 2013 and beyond…..

Sad day for Mark Grace…arrested again for DUI in Arizona…..looks like he will lose his TV jobs he has with FOX and local Diamondbacks network…………Gracie, you have a drinking problem……time sober up son before you kill yourself or someone else on the road. Check into a Betty Ford clinic and stand up and tell everyone your name and that you are an alcoholic…….very sad indeed.

Did not know about Mark`s drinking issue. Thanks for citing it, Cubs Talk. Am I wrong to infer from your post that this is not the first instance of DUI for one of my favorite former Cubs performers? Any more information you may divulge in regard to this subject will be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like the Dodgers will trade for Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez from the Red Sox for players that were mention in the Dempster trade talks. Dodgers G.M. is on the hot seat if his Dodgers do not make the playoffs under the new ownership.

Will this be the first time that two teams finish a season with 100 or more losses in the same division?

I recently bought a Washington Nats cap to wear. I’m 66 years old, and the Cubs have never been to a World Series in my lifetime. My father lived to be 90, and the Cubs never won a World Series in his lifetime. I raised my son to be a Cubs’ fan, and I see no reason to believe the team will reach the World Series in his lifetime. I hope I’m wrong.

I can identify with your frustration, sir. I am 66 also and have been a Cubs` fan since 1961 because I admired Ron Santo`s game. One does wonder if the club will reach the promised land in our lifetimes.

hendry actually came pretty dang close to getting us to a WS… see “BARTMAN”….. surprised you don’t rip on him too……. give it up

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