8/26 Cubs lineup

Luis Valbuena is back in the lineup at third Sunday for the Cubs series finale vs. the Rockies:

DeJesus RF

Valbuena 3B

Rizzo 1B

Soriano LF

Castro SS

Clevenger C

Jackson CF

Barney 2B

Volstad P

— Carrie Muskat


Glad to see Valbuena back in at 3rd. I haven’t seen Vitters show any oomph yet. Valbuena gets plays that Vitters doesn’t come close to catching. I hate the days that Volstaad pitches – so nerve wracking. But at least we won’t have Mather flubbing today. Brett Jackson is showing a great glove and his offense is improving tremendously. When he first came up I was negative about him but I am now eating my words and thinking that he is showing that he can do it. Vitters – I am still dubious about. Go Cubs.

No need to eat your words White, perfectly understandable since Jackson is STILL prone to the strikeout. But as I have said all along he and Vitters are up here not so much to showcase their great ability but more so to show if they even have any to warrant another look next spring. They have been around long enough to at least get this short stint in the majors in order to help evaluate where and if they belong. I don’t think their career will be ruined if they are back in AAA next season for more develoment. (see Rizzo i.e.) At least we are seeing a gilmmer of ML talent with Jackson.

I will wait for my opinion on Vitters until the end of September. I know some of the impatient Cubs fans like to express their opinions after several at bats on our young position players.

I am with you on this Cubs Talk, I still say Vitters should be playing everday as we now have nothing to lose and Valbuena will not be the starting thirdbasman next season anyway. So far both Vitters (more so) and Jackson are pretty bad at the plate but even if they continue to be pretty bad through the end of the season some good will come of it for Hoystein’s offseason plans.

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