8/26 Jackson making progress

Day by day, Brett Jackson feels he’s making progress at the plate. On Saturday, the Cubs center fielder hit a two-run homer for his first multi-RBI day.

“It’s more relaxing because my swing is more comfortable and I’m having better at-bats,” Jackson said. “It’s not that I’m getting hits — sure, I’m happy about that and I’m producing — but I feel confident at the plate and we’ve made some good adjustments and we’ll continue to work and keep trying to get better.”

Dale Sveum sees progress, too.

“With the strikeouts and everything, right now he’s got a .700 OPS,” Sveum said. “It’s not what you want, but with those strikeouts, he’s still hit three home runs, has a couple doubles, and a triple. That’s the kind of center fielder you’re asking for and when he cuts down on the strikeouts, [the numbers will] get higher and higher.”

— Carrie Muskat 


Huh…who woulda thought….? Not a lock on the CF positon for next season but he certainly is giving Hoystein something to think about. Glad to have Jackson and Vitters up early this season, if for nothing other than an audition. Especially since there are no viable alternatives left for 3B and CF. This is good for all us patient fans that understand the vetting process.

haha you think you understand the vetting process??? haha thats a good one

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