8/27 Minor League report

Chris Rusin struck out seven and gave up three runs over seven innings but took the loss in Iowa’s 4-3 loss to Oklahoma City on Sunday in the last home game of the season. James Adduci had two hits, and Blake Lalli was 2-for-4 with a double and two runs scored. It was Rusin’s 11th quality start. The Iowa Cubs travel to Nashville Monday.

Jae-Hoon Ha hit a RBI triple in the eighth to help Tennessee beat Mobile, 4-3. Ha was 3-for-4 with a double, triple, and one RBIs. Eric Jokisch posted a quality start, giving up three runs over seven innings. Trey McNutt got the win, throwing two innings in relief.

Daytona was off Sunday, and plays host to Clearwater on Monday.

Jeffry Antigua threw seven shutout innings in Peoria’s 10-3 win over Wisconsin. Jacob Rogers hit his first home run, Jorge Soler had two hits and two RBIs, and Dustin Geiger had three hits and three RBIs. Antigua struck out seven and did not walk a batter. He’s 2-2 with a 1.53 ERA.

Jeimer Candelario and Darien Martin each had two hits in Boise’s 5-1 loss to Vancouver. Felix Pena took the loss, giving up four runs over 4 1/3 innings.

Duane Underwood gave up two hits over 2 1/3 scoreless innings in Mesa’s 5-2 win over the Athletics. Ben Carhart and Trevor Gretzky each had three hits. Juan Paniagua picked up the win in relief.

— Carrie Muskat



i know the Cubs are getting the kiddie corps ready for the 2013 season. butwhen lefty Joe Saunders was on waivers, won,t he been a cheap pick-up? like Josh Beckett , who know is in the Dodger rotation, the Cubs missed out on Saunders who now is pitching for Oakland. just looking for some veteran help for our younger pitchers.

I think if that was their objective wouldn’t they have hung on to Maholm? Trading Maholm seemed to have been a little hasty as he was releativley cheap, very good and young enough to stick around if he justified a longer term contract and just old enough to be a veteran presence. I for one certainly miss Maholm more so than Dempster.

yes i was surprised and shocked when the Cubs traded Maholm. that trade did n,t make any sense to me.

The Cubs could reacquire Demp this offseason, and Mahlom was flipped for a high ceiling pitching prospect, which is clearly on top of the list of things the FO is after. I am glad we got younger pitching for both Demp and Maholm, lets face it we wont be competing for a title in 2013, plan for 2014.

yes, when Dempster left he said he has not and would not rule out returning to the Cubs.

That is true, I hope you are right about the hi ceiling prospect for Maholm, then of course I understand but still Maholm would have fit into a 5 year play too don’t you think? I was glad to see Dempster traded while we could still get ANYBODY for him as he WOULDN’T fit into a five year plan.

no i don’t think Maholm fit into our 5 year plan. Not when you could trade him and get a guy that is younger and has a ceiling much higher and a floor around where Maholm should be (4 or 5 starter)….. The guy acquired is going to be cheaper, younger, and has the potential to be much better and we could see him by the middle of next year if he comes back strong

Well the Braves were pretty high on him themselves, they just happen to have a slew of young pitching right now between Minor, Dellgado, and Tehrean. Any prospect that is low 20s (this kid is like 21-22? right now) and can touch mid 90s has high potential. Even if he never fills out to a starter he can be a very valuable asset out of the pen.

While Maholm was good and had great potential of being able to stick around and be a consistent pitcher. It was better to get future value out of him, I know he was the leader on the Pirate staff for a few years, but he is 30, and just came off a shoulder surgery. I would rather take my chances on a 20 year old coming of TJ then a 30 year old coming off shoulder issues. Don’t get me wrong I love what Paul did for us, and hated to see him go, but Theo and Jed have this club moving in the right direction. I would have rather had Dellgado, but the guy they got is a sleeper pick and looking at Theo’s track record, he thrives through sleeper picks (Think Kevin Millar in 2004, Mike Lowell the 2007 WS hero was a throw in in the Beckett-Han Ram trade, Pedrioa was an undersized second baseman) Compared to Theo’s big money spending, JD Drew, Carl Crawford, John Lackey, Dice-K. Some of these were media/fan pressured moves, and most FA never pan out very good any way. The point I am trying to drive home is that no Mahlom wouldn’t have worked as well as what they got for him even in a three year plan, the Cubs risk on this pitcher are worth more than a #3 guy (at best) in the rotation.


also if some of you don’t like the fact he just had TJ surgery then you need to look up the success rate/comeback rate on TJ in the past 3 or 4 years. Its pretty high. Just look at Strasburg. Sure he lost a little velocity but that was due to mechanics changes more than anything. I want to say I read some where there is an 85% success rate but don’t quote me on that.

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