8/28 Barney ties NL mark – UPDATED

Darwin Barney tied the National League record of 113-straight errorless games at second base, set by the Padres’ David Eckstein in 2010. The AL single-season errorless streak record for a second baseman is held by Placido Polanco, who went 141 games without a miscue in 2007 for the Tigers. Barney’s 113-game errorless streak at second base spans 910 1/3 innings since his only 2012 miscue at second base, April 17 in Miami. Ryne Sandberg held the previous single-season mark of 90-straight games without a miscue at second from June 21, 1989, through the end of the season. That was part of Sandberg’s franchise record 123-game errorless streak that ran through May 17, 1990.

“When I was younger, I always thought that defense was my weakness, so I put a lot of effort into working on it and getting as solid as I could,” Barney said.

This is his second full season as a second baseman, and he’s worked on making the transition from shortstop.

“We came in with a plan to fix some things and the plays I had trouble with, and we’ve secured that up,” Barney said.

— Carrie Muskat


Let’s hope the kid can learn to hit. Sandberg’s fielding was only part of the reason he ended up in the Hall of Fame. I like Barney, but he needs to start dropping more balls into play “where they ain’t.”

Not very fair to compare Barney or any second baseman for that matter to Sandberg who is a once in a generation type of player. Barney is a very good second baseman, not a HOF secondbaseman. FYI, Castro may be good, he may get BETTER and he is worth his new contract….but he may not become Barry Larkin either. Barney “the kid” knows how to hit, he just is not a .300 hitter nor does he have the body type to slam the homers like Sandberg.

haha so now my question is…. who brought castro into the convo???

I did. But Ii was meant in reply to Jim Marnis under the “Barney ties NL Mark” post. Sorry to have troubled you. Thanks again for the help Petrey.

Let’s HOPE…… More people keep this INCREDIBLE EFFORT on a positive note!!!!!

Like the #1 thing going in a horrific Cubs season…..

Way to go and keep it up Darwin…..

Yes let’s keep this on a postive note – It seems that the minute someone does something really good on the team they start getting ripped apart for what they are not the best at. Barney is the first who would be wanting to get more hits and that is why he is in the batting box on his time off. Go Cubs. Go Barney. Congratulations on your incrediable defense.

Impressive! It’s nice to have some guys on the team who can really wield some leather.

Congratulations Darwin Barney. You are a joy to watch.

Hey Isabel….where are you for YOUR BARNEY?!?!?!

Yes, Isabel, where are you? I have been wondering about you, too. Are you okay?
Let us hear your cheer for Barney!

Isabel, your comments regarding your love and enthusiasm for Barney are refreshing, kind hearted, civil….I too hope you’re ok!!!

Dont worry Im Okay. And thankyou for thinking that about me!🙂

Dont worry you guys!!! Im still here!!! Im here cheering for my Barney!❤ Ive been watching every game And always argue with my dad about him! Thats my man right there!!! I already know he'll do great!!!🙂

Hi Isabel – about time we heard a rah-rah for Barney from you. See how you worry us when we don’t hear from you. I too love Barney and am so proud of his defense. He is a real player with class and his love for the game shows every time he is on the field. Anyway, keep posting, gal.

Hi White!!!
Haha Yes, I felt very special!🙂 And yes, everyone loves Barney!…well I hope…And dont worry I will just for you guys!😀

Holy Cow!!!! Isabel!!! Glad you’re back!!!! Your dad is wrong if he’s arguing the value of Barney.
(uh..no offense…DAD!)

Haha Yes Im here!!! No he just likes to mess with me because I love Barney(: Tonight there at the game but I had to stay home to babysit -_- And now there sending me pics of Barney Because there about 7 rows behind the deck…I was never that close before!!! And im so mad And about to cry!!!😦 but I still at home cheering Barney on!!!😀 haha

OK, DAD! You are forgiven, doing only what a good dad would do!! Keep messin’!!!! 🙂

as long as barney continues to play errorless baseball he is somewhat valuable…. his bat needs improvement… OPS of 667 is terrible

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